Xbox Invitational: Open Bracket Review

Follow @bigbadesports As SWC began today, behind the scenes of the opening ceremony and the grand stage, was the Open Bracket for the fourth and final spot in the Xbox Invitational. While the Open Bracket may not have necessarily been worthy of being broadcasted on Twitch or shown on the big stage, it was definitely

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Team Breakdown: Aware Gaming EU

Follow @bigbadesports Well Ladies and Gentleman, the time has come. SWC is upon us as we kick off the first of four days to crown two world champions. So to begin the day, I want to release the third and final preview of the qualified Xbox Invitational teams. Time to learn about our boys from

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ACL XI: Saves of the Week – Week 3

Follow @bigbadesports Top 5 Saves of the Week from the 3rd week of ACL XI. Congratulations to all that were chosen! For more information on 11v11 Clubs, check out Follow @bigbadesports

The Best of the Best in the Back

Follow @bigbadesports   As FIFA 16 becomes inevitably closer, teams have begun their recruitment process for ACL XI which is otherwise known as: Snake season. But before we let snake season take over our lives, I think it is very important to address who the best players are, what their plans are for FIFA 16

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Follow @bigbadesports As the Xbox One official release of Smite comes even closer, the competitive scene is continuing to grow. Luckily the ESNLA (eSports National League Association) has taken it upon themselves to host the provisional “SPL” for the Xbox One. The ESNLA currently hosts a two tiered league with a Premier League who boasts

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