Fantasy LCS Week 8: Lineup Advice

Follow @bigbadesports The LCS is heading into week 8 of the 2016 spring split, which means your fantasy team has only two more weeks to bring home some wins and secure your fantasy LCS league title. As always, I’ll go through who to start, who to bench, what sleeper to look out for, and help

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Top 5 Teams in Dota 2 Breakdown

Follow @bigbadesports Kicking off the Dota section of BigBad eSports with a top five team breakdown. The 2016 season is already in high gear with the addition of the three major tournaments (one for each season), with the Fall major aka the Frankfurt Major concluding in November. These rankings are based off of TI5 (The

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eSports: A Look into the Booming Industry

Follow @bigbadesports Playing video games is looked at as a “childish” activity by many, but the professional video gaming industry (eSports) is booming out of control and is far from childish. In this article, you will find exactly why eSports continues to grow each and every day and why there is so much noise around it.

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Mario Kart say hello to eSports

Follow @bigbadesports Mario Kart is one of the best games ever made.   The game can be as competitive as you want it or as low key as you want it.  Of all the companies to ride the eSports wave, it was Disney’s TV show, Disney XD.  Check out the full Article below. Article

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ACL XI: Saves of the Week – Week 2

Follow @bigbadesports Top 5 Saves of the Week from the 2nd week of ACL XI. Congratulations to all that were chosen! For more information on 11v11 Clubs, check out Follow @bigbadesports