FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XVII Power Rankings Week 4

Fc FiFa HoLiCz has gotten a firm grip on their first place spot, and the rest of the league are chasing them. Chaos and Viva Futbol played the game of the season so far with a 3-3 draw, and American Outlaws have finally figured out their early season issues. There’s not much movement, especially at the top; but next week has a ton of huge games and this upcoming week will be huge for the 6th-11th place teams.


1.)  Fc FiFa HoLiCz – It took 4 weeks, but someone has finally held the #1 spot for more than a week. FHz has been nothing short of spectacular so far. They still sport the best defense with only 11 goals conceded in 18 games. They play Elusive in a fight between the first and second place teams. That game will be a must watch.

Previous Week: 1


2.) Elusive – Their offense may not be as elite as once thought, but their defense has been extremely impressive with only 15 goals conceded thus far; which strays away from the Elusive format of old. Elusive Elmo has been one of, if not the best, GK of the season so far.

Previous Week: 3


3.) Chaos – They choked a 3-0 lead against Viva Futbol and eventually drew 3-3, but man they looked good for the first 75 minutes of that game in what was a domination up until that point. They play a very important game against Elusive on Tuesday and they have a lot more on the line than points. Could be a huge morale boost and really set things straight.

Previous Week: 2


4.) Viva Futbol – Still locked in at 4 and showed some kinks in the armor. This Viva may not be as intimidating as the Viva teams of old, but they have a strong bite when they get it rolling. They are still missing consistency to their game even though Gringo ST 7 hasn’t shown any signs of slowing up.

Previous Week: 4


5.)  American Outlaws – The league woke a sleeping giant. They came back last week with a vengeance and have found their lost form. Their offense failed to score less than 3 goals last week and their transfers have made an instant impact. Ao l Messi has brought himself back into MVP conversation with this week alone.

Previous Week: 6


6.) Flow Futbol  They seem like they had a reality check and have come back down from the clouds a bit. Their defense has been struggling as of late and now they are in a position where more games become crucial and they need to get points every single night. Previous Week: 5


7.) Elite Exile FC  eLeX Lazer will carry this team to playoffs and I firmly believe that, The rest of this team should buy him a new Xbox if they make playoffs. 22 goals and 7 assists for Lazer so far, I can’t make this up. Now if only he could play defense to stop them from letting up 2 goals a game.

Previous Week: 7


8.) Never Unlucky FC – NUFC finally got some things rolling and currently sit 7th in the table. Their defense has been stellar and has kept them in a lot of games, but their offense is taking steps in the right direction. They will catch up to Flow and maybe AO if they keep playing well.

Previous Week: 8


9.) Soul Futbol Pre-season Soul Futbol has finally showed back up and they too are making things interesting. They look like they will be in a fight for the last couple playoff spots, but they are defensively sound enough to hold the spot down.

Previous Week: 11


10.) Fatality – Last week was a rough one, but included a 1-1 last second draw to Chaos. 1-1-4 is not the way to get into the playoff race. They lost all the games against the teams they are fighting the last spot for, and look like they can’t keep up.

Previous Week: 10


11.)  Paranoid– They are extremely inconsistent. They can look like a playoff team some games, and then a future D2 team the next. If they can pull some tough results together and string a few wins in a row, they can get themselves right back in the playoff race.

Previous Week: 14


12.) CF Tigres – If they ever figured out their defense, they could be a contender for playoffs. Until then, they will not be taken seriously and will sit mid-table or relegation.

Previous Week: 16


13.) JoGalona– It’s not too late for them to make playoffs, but they will need to pull out some good results against the playoff teams to get there. They have the team to make a push, and it would make for a good story if they could pull it off. Previous Week: 17


14.) Legacy FC– 3 points last week will be the killer for them this season. They went out of form at a detrimental time of the season. Offense and defense both stopped clicking. It will take a strong effort for them to get back into playoff discussion.

Previous Week: 10


15.) Arrechos SC  Their offense just hasn’t been able to play well all season and it looks like it will be the killer for them. Avoiding relegation should be the aim for them.

Previous Week: 14


16.) Meet the GOATS– So when will we actually meet the GOATS? I feel like I haven’t been formerly introduced yet.

Previous Week: 16


17.) Prime Futbol – You’d think they would have known how to play defense by now, with all the clubs games they have played. Maybe they’ll figure it out next week… Or not…

Previous Week: 17


18.) Intense City  Hey, they won a game! That’s pretty Intense!

Previous Week: 18