FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XVII Power Rankings Week 3

Mid-season has already arrived and this season hasn’t gone exactly as planned. Flow Futbol has stayed in the top 5, and upstart team Chaos has rose all the way to second place and only sit 3 points behind leaders, Fc FiFa HoLiCz. This week is when the transfer window opens back up, and teams will look to reshape after tough starts or upgrade positions they already have. This season has already shocked most throughout, I expect the same to continue through Week 3.


1.)  Fc FiFa HoLiCz – They have found their playoff form now, look out everyone. An impressive 3-1 win over Chaos capped off their 5-1-0 week and they are rolling at the moment. They got games against 5th place Flow Futbol and 4th place Viva Futbol next week so they will be challenged for their top spot. As for now, they are undoubtedly the best team in the league at the moment.

Previous Week: 2


2.) Chaos – Out of the top 5, they have the worst Goal Differential (+8), but they have been winning games and played well. They lost to FHz 3-1, but they had a 2-1 win over impressive Elite Exile and shutout AO 1-0. They could afford to score more and blowout the bad teams, but they are getting results which is what matters.

Previous Week: 5


3.) Elusive – Elusive has been just as good as Chaos this year, but are below because of the H2H match-up. They have been offensively dominant and are defensively sound to this point. They had the huge 1-0 win against Viva this week and once again proved they can handle any challenge you throw at them. Ryan l 21 has arguably been the best player this season thus far.

Previous Week: 4


4.) Viva Futbol – They would have repeated as #1 until Thursday night where not only did they lose to Elusive, but they lost to CF Tigres. That’s very unlike the normal Viva who dominate the easy win games. Either way, they are the best offense team in the league with 38 goals scored and are still a dominate team.

Previous Week: 1


5.)  Flow Futbol – They fussed about their ranking last week, but reality set in and they dropped down like I knew they would. They are still a very talented team and still a talented side; but they do have their issues. Monday will be crucial as they face #1 FHz and #2 Chaos back to back. If they can pass those tests, they can beat anyone and be in the title race when it’s all said and done.

Previous Week: 6


6.) American Outlaws They certainly don’t look like the 3-time defending champs, aren’t winning the big games and still slipping up against opponents they should smash. Their defense has still been good but the offense hasn’t shown up when needed. Something clearly needs to change. The transfer window can help that.

Previous Week: 3


7.) Elite Exile FC  eLeX Lazer has been insane. Nubsy004 has been great. The rest of the team? Needs improvement for sure. Relying on two players for your offense will cost you games. There needs to be balance. Their defense hasn’t been bad, but they need to step up in big games.

Previous Week: 9


8.) Never Unlucky FC – NUFC still haven’t figured it out and apparently there is a lot going on behind the scenes as well. I still believe they will be in the playoffs by the end of it, but somethings gotta give with the players and management of this squad.

Previous Week: 7


9.) Legacy FC Legacy hasn’t been bad at all this season. The are right where you’d expect them to be. They will cause problems for some teams this season if they keep playing well.

Previous Week: 13


10.) Fatality – They needed to step up last week and they did just that and moved themselves back up to 8th place. They still need to get better offensively but their defense has seemed to figure it out and are currently playing very well for them. Their defense will keep them in a lot of games where they struggle on offense.

Previous Week: 15


11.)  Soul Futbol – Soul was another team that needed to step up last week and they also did and moved themselves up to 9th place in the table. They started to find their rhythm defensively but only 15 goals scored will kill them eventually if they don’t start scoring here soon.

Previous Week: 14


12.) Meet the GOATS – They also sit at 3-4-5 like three other teams, and they too, have struggled to find the back of the net. They are still a solid team overall and don’t seem to have too many issues defensively. It seems like it’s a lack of leadership and chemistry.

Previous Week: 11


13.) Arrechos SC– Arrechos are that team that has the capabilities to pull off huge wins but constantly lets you down when you start to put trust in them. Perfect example: A shocking 2-1 win versus Elusive and a 2-0 loss against Jogalona in the same night.

Previous Week: 12


14.) Paranoid– For being in 16th place on the table, they really aren’t a bad team. Their defense is lackluster at best, but they do know how to score and have some decent playmakers. If they get relegated though, it will be because of their defense.

Previous Week: 10


15.) Prime Futbol  When you score less than a goal a game, and give up more than 2 a game; it’s no surprise you’re fighting to stay out of the relegation zone. Also, losing a game 9-0 qualifies for automatic relegation in itself.

Previous Week: 8


16.) CF Tigres– Speaking of bad defenses, we now slot CF Tigres at 16 for the second straight week. They had a huge 2-1 win against Viva, but have still given up 26 goals so far. That’s unacceptable.

Previous Week: 16


17.) JoGalona – They had one good night but that was it. They are still a mess and even they don’t know what their best XI is yet, which is not good.

Previous Week: 17


18.) Intense City  2 points in 11 games… D2 is inevitable at this point.

Previous Week: 18


MVP Watch

Ryan l 21 – Elusive (9 Goals, 4 Assists)

eLeX Lazer – Elite Exile FC (12 Goals, 6 Assists)

Aztecass – Fc FiFa HoLiCz (6 Clean Sheets, 4 Goals) 

Gringo ST 7 – Viva Futbol (11 Goals, 9 Assists)

Acardy – Chaos (3 Clean Sheets)

FHz Ozil 11 – Fc FiFa HoLiCz (6 Goals, 5 Assists)


Predicted Playoff Bracket

Fc FiFa HoLiCz (1) vs Never Unlucky FC (8)

Viva Futbol (2) vs Soul Futbol (7)

Elusive (3) vs American Outlaws (6)

Chaos (4) vs Flow Futbol (5)


Biggest Impact Transfer

FunCandy1726001 (NUFC —-> American Outlaws)

  • His impact will help a very disappointing offense so far. They need creativity and he will be there to provide it in midfield. He may have to play uglier than what he wants, but he can get the job done.