FIFA Pro Clubs: Personal XI

Welcome everyone to a new series! Every Friday I will be posting a “Best XI” series covering the best players every participant has played with in their FVPAA experience. This week, Walker l 2 l (the brains of this article idea) and TGxCFD15 are the participants this week to kick things off.

First we have TGxCFD15. He is a good candidate for this because he has been around since the very beginning of all of this. Not only that, but he has remained at the top level during that time as well. He has played with a numerous amount of talented players and his list will probably look like the best team on paper throughout this series. Here is TG’s list:


LS – Dylshkin67 x (FIFA 15)

RS – Air Japes (FIFA 15)

CAM – Ortegon vF (FIFA 12)

LM – Whitegravy757 (FIFA 13)

RM – Omar vF (FIFA 14)

LDM – Diego l 11 l (FIFA 17)

RDM – Vallejos vF (FIFA 13)

LCB – Pony vF (FIFA 13)

CB – Pep vF (FIFA 14)

RCB – Aztecass (FIFA 16)

GK – Birgerk1ng (FIFA 15)


Dylshkin67 x: Didn’t always make games, but when he did, he was a level above everyone else. He had the best skill moves I’ve ever seen to create space in the box.

Air Japes: Controversial, but I always rated him highly. Very intelligent player and had elite skills as well. Too bad his availability was also sketchy – we should have won something.

Ortegon vF: Dirty and I built our VIFA teams around him. I’ve had the privilege to play with some amazing CAMs, but Ortegon on FIFA 12 was a cut above. He would literally win games by himself.

WhiteGravy757: Best two-way outside mid the league has ever seen. Perfect positionally and elite in the buildup phase. Could also slot in at striker when needed and score goals.

Omar vF: When he was in the mood to play, he was lethal. Insane dribbling ability and also had an amazing final ball. He’d probably be a beast if he made a comeback.

Diego l 11 l: Controversial, but I rate him as the best DM last year (tied with Kangre). Intelligent player. Some DMs tend to press too high or sit too deep, but Diego gets the balance just right.

Vallejos vF: Probably the best all-around player in our community. Elite at pressuring the ball and also contributes a lot offensively.

Pony vF: Before he moved to outside mid, he was an alright defender.

Pep vF: There was once a time when Pep was decent at FIFA.

Aztecass: Not many CBs can impact the game offensively as well as defensively. He is amazing from set pieces and has elite distribution from the back.

Birgerk1ng: Annoying to deal with, but for about a year, he was consistently making insane saves that no other GK was capable of. Confirmed my suspicion that all GKs are freaking weird.


And now we go to Walker l 2 l, who also has been around since the beginning of VIFA. He has played with many players throughout those years, including once with fellow participant, TGxCFD15. Now we willt ake a look at Walker’s list:


GK – Hotpants vF – ACL Season 9-13

I had the opportunity to play with Hotpants for many seasons. Every season I got to play with Hotpants I was always somewhat high in the defensive clean sheet leaders and I have attribute that to him.

CB – Rejectum – ACL Season 9

I only got to play one whole season with Rejectum and I wish we could have played more together. Rejectum was a vocal leader of the backline making sure we all knew what each other were doing. He doesn’t play 11v11 clubs anymore but many of the Vets will remember him. And there’s a reason Viva offered him a spot.

CB – PSG Fiddle – ACL Season 11

ACL Season 16 Our very own professional FUT player. Fiddle has to be one of the best scoring CB’s to ever play. And it’s not just corner kicks you need to worry about him, he will make a run up the field in open play and score a goal.

CB – VIP of Ireland (aka Helix) – ACL Season 9,10, 12

Second CB from Phoenix season 9. Helix and Rejectum started their career together on AVL QPR and continued their dominance into ACL with Phoenix. Helix stayed on Phoenix for another season then came back after a season with Dragonz.

DM – Ao l Truth – ACL 7-11 Back in the day Truth wasn’t a household name but he is now. He hadn’t won three straight ACL’s. He wasn’t a vocal person, he just did his job and did it well. A couple of times when I managed AVL, I was able to get Truth for 500k which is an absolute steal for the player he was. I’m glad he has been able to win a couple of ACL’s and people now know how good of a player he is.

DM – TGxCFD15 – ACL Season 4

I played half the games for Superior but when I did TG was an absolute beast. I mean people would jokingly say that TG’s pro was hacked because he was so good.

OM – Midget l 23 – ACL Season 8-13

The reigning ACL and AVL champion but let’s not take any credit away from his bot in that ACL final. Midget has been on many TOTS’s putting up great stats. But he also plays great defense. He would always help me out on my side, and let’s be honest, I need a lot of help.

OM – Viva Oscar – ACL Season 13

ACL Season 16 I believe one of the true outside mids in a 3 back. His offense ability and his defensive ability go hand in hand. You’d expect him to be a good defender since he started as a defender when his GT was Valuable v2. Let’s see how many of you remember that GT.

CAM – Ao l Cheeky – ACL Season 11-12

The man that doesn’t shoot, the man that if you follow him he will show you gold. There’s a reason he has played with three golden boot winners, he knows how to get people goals.

ST – Aclrian – ACL Season 9-10

Back when pro’s weren’t broken, Aclrian was one of the few strikers to play tall. In one of Phoenix’s best seasons, a lot of that was because of him putting up 30 goals.

ST – Ao l Thibeault – ACL Season 7

Another one of the few to play tall and play it well. I was able to play with Thibeault for one season and he scored 37 goals which completely blew out second place by 16 goals.


Keep your eyes peeled for the next version of Personal XI’s, where we find out who Ao l Cheeky and Evooo vF choose as their best 11.