FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XVII Week 2 Power Rankings

Week 1 provided some sparks and has now shown what potential the rest of the season may bring. Defedning champions, American Outlaws, sputtered out the gate but looked in top form by the end, Flow Futbol is currently proving me wrong in all sorts of ways, Chaos vs Elusive will now be a must-watch game later in the season for their rematch, and 2 teams have already changed their team names. There has never been a week that emulates the ACL like this one. Can’t wait to see what Week 2 brings to the table.


1.)  Viva Futbol – Viva came out swinging in the first week and looked much like a potential champion through most of it. They only tripped up against surprise upcomer Flow Futbol but overall have the best week of anyone. Their highly anticipated rematch against American Outlaws this Wednesday could be potential game of the season.

Previous Week: 2


2.) Fc FiFa HoLiCz – They haven’t looked as dominant as they should be but I’ll assume it’s due to the first week always being a growing pain. They are still 5-0-1 and have looked dominant defensively with FHz Belgian and Risxn fitting into the squad nicely. NExt week they play tough opponents every night so they could really show their dominance this week if they get on a roll.

Previous Week: 3


3.) American Outlaws – Their offense stuttered out the gate but they were able to find it late in the week and have a little bit of momentum going into Week 2. They go up against Viva, FHz, and Chaos in a brutal three game stretch mid-week so they’ll have their work cut out for them. The defending champions should be up to the challenge.

Previous Week: 1


4.) Elusive – Supposedly, my player to watch for Elusive (Peanut l 10 l) has already been benched and more than likely transferring clubs when the window opens up, so my pick was clearly a bust. The team though sits at 5-0-1 which includes an impressive 2-0 win against FHz. They should be able to keep up the same form through next week.

Previous Week: 4


5.)  Chaos – They started out the season on a tough 3-1 loss to Viva and gave JoGalona (Formerly Old Guard) their only point on the week but recovered well win 4 straight wins. Their Wednesday is probably the toughest night any team could have this season with AO and FHz on the schedule. They can prove if they are real threats or not with points from those two games.

Previous Week: 9 


6.) Flow Futbol Probably the most shocking and impressive week in a long time for any team in recent memory. They thrashed AO 3-0 and capped their successful week with a surprising 3-1 win over Viva. I’m still not convinced they are top 5 worthy but they currently sit in 2nd place at 5-0-1 so anything can happen.

Previous Week: 13


7.) Never Unlucky FC  At 2-2-2, they just haven’t clicked yet. They lost to the teams they should have, beat the teams they should have, but drew two winnable games. Dropping easy points this early doesn’t help later in the season but they have a good chance to recover next week, but do have games against Chaos and Flow Futbol.

Previous Week: 6


8.) Prime Futbol – (Previously known as A1 Futbol) Forn their first week in ACL ever, it could have been worse. Their defense hasn’t been up to par allowing 13 goals so far, but overall, sitting in 9th after 1 week is no loss.

Previous Week: 10


9.) Elite Exile FC If Flow Futbol weren’t doing so good, they’d be the surprise team so far. League leading goal scorer eLeX Lazer has led them so far with 7 goals. Narrow losses to Viva and Elusive show that this team may not be all there yet, but they can compete, which is a good sign for week 1.

Previous Week: 16


10.) Paranoid They may not have their offense rolling yet, but their defense has only allowed 8 goals so far and that’s not bad at all. They will keep dropping points though if they can’t find the back of the net, and they need to be taking advantage of their defense playing well.

Previous Week: 14


11.) Meet the GOATS – They are in the same boat as Paranoid; terrific defense, but a stagnant offense. Only 4 goals in 6 games is concerning to say the least, but they too have only allowed 8. l Murked l needs to light a spark in his offense before it’s too late.

Previous Week: 11


12.)  Arrechos SC – As I said in week 1, they would probably struggle to get it going because of all the new faces and that seems to be the case. Can’t fall behind too much but they are more than capable of getting it all together.

Previous Week: 12


13.) Legacy FC – Legacy have done well to start the season 2-1-3. Their defense could be improved and the offense has been steady to this point. Crucial points against tough opponents this week could prove them to be a playoff contender when it’s all said and done.

Previous Week: 15


14.) Soul Futbol– They may have won pre-season, but since then they have done nothing and have been embarrassing. They really need to do some Soul searching this week (I hate myself for saying this) and refind their lost form before they become a real threat to miss the playoffs and dig too deep of a hole.

Previous Week: 5


15.) Fatality– I blame myself for their drop; I had too high of expectations. That doesn’t excuse their poor play though. I’m not ready to give up on them, but they really need some points this week, and they need them badly. This week will be crucial for how the rest of their season goes.

Previous Week: 8


16.) CF Tigres– I had Tigres at 18 last week, but they have been playing well beyond that expectation. They currently sit in 11th and have played well even in their losses. They will be a tough opponent to out on any given night.

Previous Week: 18


17.) JoGalona – They have the talent but with new management, new lineups, and all the other change on this team; it’ll hard for them to find an identity with only 1 point so far through 6 games, Their time is running out already after 1 week.

Previous Week: 7


18.) Intense City  They can’t defend, look lost in attack, and frankly they don’t even look talented enough for D1. They need to step up and prove they are here to stay or else they are going back to D1 faster than they came up.

Previous Week: 17