FIFA 18 Pro Clubs: ACL Season XVII Preview

Wait…. Bigbadesports is writing again? Darn right we are, glad you asked! We took a little hiatus, but we are back rolling again and we will be writing more frequently, consistently, and our content will be much improved.

So a lot has happened with FVPAA recently:

  • American Outlaws have won not once, not twice, but three times in a row in ACL competition throughout FIFA 17 after being 8th place heroes in prior FIFAs.
  • AVLs have continued their declining interest and will more than likely soon be an after thought.
  • VFO was an idea that never transpired and gave false hope to the FVPAA community.
  • iFVPA USA lost the World Cup Final to Mexico and once again choked when it mattered most.

FIFA 18 will bring a new challenge though. The lack of talent has been more apparent than ever. More teams have been created and folded quickly, the depth of the league’s good teams has deteriorated, the same guys who were the best two FIFAs ago are still the best with no new generation of skill, and quite frankly, the FVPAA community’s ego has caught up to itself and now everyone is confused on the next step. The lack of concrete leadership and finding a new challenge combined with the lack of community growth has made the FVPAA regress a lot faster than ever imagined. Change has to be in the future for the community to survive on such a game mode filled with enormous potential.

So this upcoming ACL will welcome old teams with new faces, and a lot of the same old faces with new teams. Some of the big news heading into the season include:

  1. Fc FiFa HoLiCz makes a return but with few of the old players. Streets l 22 l, Draxler x10, TGxCFD15 are just some of the big names on this star-studded squad. The are already a title favorite without playing a game yet.
  2. Almost half of the D1 teams have never played a D1 game in their team’s history. Take that in for a second… Mind-blowing.
  3. The relegation battle will be a lot more interesting than the race for playoffs.
  4. AO will be looking to join Viva Futbol as the only 4-time ACL Champion.
  5. There is somehow a team called Meet the GOATS in D1.

Ones to Watch


Chaos Isco (Chaos) – The biggest mouth of the FVPAA has the chance to prove everyone wrong this season since he’s managing a team this go around. This season could very well define him as a player.

Wanyama x (Fatality) – Another manager, but he took a break from the game and left as one of the better CBs around. How he plays could determine the success or failure of Fatality.

ForeverShiek (Never Unlucky FC) – The former Rare Footage manager finds himself trying to lead the NUFC offense. Can he help NUFC get to their former glory?


Meet the GOATS – They may have the worst name in FIFA Pro Clubs history, but they don’t have the worst roster. They could sneak into playoffs but also fight to not be relegated. Quite the interesting team.

Soul Futbol – Pre-season champions and fifth place finishers last season could see them have an outside shot at going all of the way for such a relatively quiet team.

Elusive – The most bi-polar team in the league is back and they seem like they are here to stay. Legitimate shot at the title this year if all their egos don’t get in the way.


Golden Boot: Ao l Messi

Most Assists: Draxler x10

Most Clean Sheets: Hotpants vF, Viva Futbol defense

MVP: Ao l Messi

Fc FiFa HoLiCz will breeze their way to the semis where they will knock out other title favorites, Viva Futbol,  and meet-up with American Outlaws in the final, and will claim the throne again knocking off the three-time champions led by a high pressure defense and clinical attack.