FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XIV – Race for Playoffs!

First, let me start off by saying: Sorry for lack of Power Rankings, I had some family issues occur last week and I was unable to get them out in a timely manner. My apologies to all 3 of you that enjoy these.

Now then, we are so close to playoffs! There are more shocks in this season than there are in an electric chair. Rare Footage is in FIRST, yes, that’s not a typo. Prestige Futbol is in 3rd, and I still feel like an idiot for putting them so low. Oh, and We Have Heart might get relegated due to lack of heart, ironic. These Power Rankings are going to be a little different this time. Without further ado, here’s a summary of all teams and where they current stand looking towards playoffs:

Locks to Get in:

Rare Footage – First place by a wide margin. They have the most explosive offense and a more than stable defense. They are more than capable to win it all and look like they will. iJackson x9 has 13 goals and SHIEK l 10 l has 10 assists. Very impressed with this team and I hope they are the next team to join the FVPAA’s elite.

Never Unlucky FC  – NU is still elite, last FIFA wasn’t a fluke. They will be a tough out for any team and they can score at will. Their defense has actually been a lot better than some may think and that’s the main reason they are having so much success. They could easily win it all again.

Viva Futbol – They are Viva, I don’t care what place they are in (5th in case you were wondering). They haven’t technically clinched but I mean…. They’re in… Defense is still the main key for them. They can score in bunches and are still the most talented team; they have just had slip-ups. They will be the team to beat as defending champions. FHz Ozil 11 has been a huge addition for them providing 11 goals so far. As if they needed the help.

Eclipse CF – This could be one of the best defensive units we have ever seen. Their team defense is second to none, but their offense is still a little shaky. They can hold teams off but they need to score more if they are going to make a long run again.

Barring a Miracle

Dumptruck CF – Yep, they climbed back and proved me wrong. I’m sure they are more than happy to let me know about it too. They haven’t lost a game in over two weeks. They are streaking at the right time and have hit their stride. 4th place is a great position for them and could even move up as well. I’ll be more than surprised if they don’t make it into playoffs.

Prestige Futbol – They’re in 3rd and I’m still trying to figure out how. Taco Bale is making a STRONG case for MVP and he has led this squad into quite the position. Prestige has easily been shock of the season. Good for them.

Still Some Work to Do

Clockwork – 20 goals in 22 games but only 13 given up. I’m not gonna say I called it, but I was spot on… They should get in with their talent but if they can’t score, I don’t see how it can happen.

Bang Nation – Again, only 20 goals scored. Wake. Up. Offense. If you want to be a D1 contender, score some goals. I didn’t start the #BangBros for this. Although I am mighty impressed with the defense, the offense remains a huge issue.

American Outlaws – They currently sit in 9th place and guess what? Absolutely no one is surprised! They have a -3 GD which is looking ugly and could cost them a playoff spot in the end. They have the talent to get it, but it’s AO… You never know with them.

Unleashed CF – Horrible start but they are fighting and clawing their way back led by Viva Calvo. I would absolutely hate to see them in playoffs if they make it. That’s a trap game waiting to happen. Their experience could be the reason why they make it in. they are too talented to miss out…. Or so you’d think…

FC PredatorZ – Their manager promised they were going to make playoffs. As reality sets in from their amazing start to the season, they looking less and less like a playoff team. Their defense has been huge and offense has been efficient enough but they might need to go above and beyond to snatch a playoff spot.

Relegation Looms Large

Carnage FC – Ride l Murked l into mid-table and survive. Literally, you have one job. Get him the ball and play SOME defense. That’s it.

Primitive FC – They are in a scary spot. 29 points in 25 games. Their position in the table (13th) is a little mis-leading since they have played more games than everyone. They are in some deep trouble and this week they NEED points.

Quality Futbol – Whatever quality they have, it isn’t scoring. 26 goals given up isn’t bad, but 19 scored is an issue, You just wonder when they will put it together. They better do it fast or else they are going to D2 next season.

We Have Heart – 20 goals given up in 21 games. That’s pretty awesome, but then you look at their offense. 14 goals scored. 14. One more time, 14. You almost deserve to be relegated at that point. How has a squad with this good players been so unbelievably stale on offense? You got 2 weeks to figure something out.

Futbol Fino – Again, not a bad team on paper, but on the field just awful. 14 goals scored. Terrible, just awful.


The Replacements – Well… At least you tried…

Take Notes – R.I.P.