FIFA 17 Pro Clubs: ACL Season XIV Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 2 has sure been hectic and with one of the more quiet transfer windows occurring, this ACL sure takes things to different levels. It almost feels like teams are run much more different this FIFA than last FIFA. Week 3 will certainly be a make-or-break week for a lot of struggling teams.

1.)  Never Unlucky FC – Still #1 for me because they are back on top of the table like I thought they would be. They haven’t miss a beat this season and look like a very viable option to finish in 1st in the regular season again, even though they didn’t make a splash in the Transfer Window. Although, did they really need to make a move. Previous Week: 1

2.) Viva Futbol – Viva certainly got back to their winning ways this last week and climbed back to 2nd in the standings. Draxler x10 is putting up MVP-like numbers with 4 goals and 10 assists thus far. Viva goes as he goes, and if it stays like this, they will win yet again.  Previous Week: 4

3.) Rare Footage – I had my doubts about them, but they have proved that they are certainly title contenders. They may not play pretty or look good on paper, but they sure do get results. Their place on the table has them growing in confidence with every point they get. Can they last the whole way or will they fall short?  Previous Week: 5

4.) Prestige Futbol – I want them to go all the way, I really do. Think of how amazing that would be and how much this league would change. That is still a long way to go, but a guy can dream right? Also, Taco Bale is becoming a legend. Previous Week: 6

5.)  Clockwork – Clockwork are slowly getting it all together. The results aren’t fully there yet, and neither is the offense; but they are still doing good and making progress. They are becoming quite the dangerous side even though they lost Clutch l 14 l. They will still be fighting for a title when it’s all said and done. Previous Week: 3

6.) Eclipse CF Eclipse aren’t dropping because they’re bad or playing bad, other teams have just been getting results that are better. Eclipse has all the tools to finish in the top 3, now they just need to play like it. Adding l Marsbars 11 l doesn’t increase or decrease their chances of doing so. Previous Week: 2

7.) FC PredatorZ  PredatorZ would be in the playoffs right now if the season ended. I guarantee my Week 1 ranking of them will come back to haunt me. Either way, they are one of the many crazy stories this ACL. I’m sure it’ll only get crazier. Previous Week: 11

8.) Bang Nation – Bang Nation is still going. They are hanging tight in 8th place right now but they still have much room for improvement, and that is a little scary. This squad looks like could be in for the long haul if they can keep it going. Previous Week: 8

9.) Primitive FC Primitive is still a hard team to read. They just can’t seem to figure it out defensively. If they could, they would be in a much better spot; even though 11th is pretty good to being with. Previous Week: 9

10.) Dumptruck CF – Dumptruck was living up to the first half of their name in the first week, but the second week was a lt better but they still have a lot of work to do if they are going to make a run to playoffs. Picking up Aclrian and Regista XI was hardly an improvement. Previous Week: 15

11.) American Outlaws – Comparison of Week 1 to Week 2? No wins at all to going through a week without a loss. That is astounding. Good on you, AO, for not giving up after one bad week. Previous Week: 18

12.)  Quality Futbol – Quality has actually been… Quality, lately. They have found their struggling offense and their defense is still solid and they are fighting off some tough opponents. Previous Week: 16

13.) Carnage FC – Carnage can score, they can really score. But they also can’t defend, they really can’t defend. It’s really a shame. Previous Week: 14

14.) Unleashed CF– I want this team to succeed and they are just not doing it. They can’t play good enough defense and their offense becomes non-existant when needed the most. Everything that can go wrong on this team, has. Previous Week: 10

15.) We Have Heart – They have seemed to have lost their heart. Their offense has been bland and their defense has been sloppy. They need to improve or else they could even fall into the relegation zone after just looking like a playoff team. Previous Week: 7

16.) Futbol Fino  They still are having trouble scoring. They won’t be going anywhere if they can’t score at all. Good thing they’re defense is still solid. Previous Week: 13

17.) Take Notes – Benedict Arnold didn’t die for this. Play more games please. Previous Week: 9

18.) Goat Touch They are taking the spots of Chosen Few FC. Good luck, lads. Previous Week: 17

Player of the Week: Unlucky Diggs – 8 goals and 4 assists so far has helped NUFC to first place so far.