FIFA Pro Clubs – FVPAA Rivalries

Yankees/Red Sox, Real Madrid/FC Barcelona, Bears/Packers. Who doesn’t love a good rivalry? Some range from the beginning of sport, and others are being built by current games played today. A rivalry can be filled with competitiveness mixed with friendliness, or it can be filled with rage and pure hatred for said rival. And just like in any sport/e-sport, the FVPAA is no different. The FVPAA has many different team rivalries. Highlighting each rivalry in our league would take a while so I’ll just stick with the main ones.

***I will be using current Gamertags for newer players/readers reading this***

Exodus vs. Superior Futbol: ACL Season 4

Still regarded as the best, pure rivalry the FVPAA has ever seen, this rivalry only lasted one ACL, but anytime these two played, it was the game. FIFA was also a lot different in terms of game setups. While it was only one season, friendlies were taken very seriously and the trash talk was on a whole different level. Superior, the bully of the league, full of players like OBoyle l 14 l, Pony vF, TGxCFD15, and others as well. They were known for their lockdown defense but their offense was deadly as well. The offense had EcF Kevinho, WhiteGravy757, Gringo ST 7 and the mastermind, streets1014. Exodus on the other hand, was the offensive juggernaut with Viva Calvo, Andressi vF, and Max Munozz. They were dominate on defense as well led by Pep vF, DoN l 2 l, cW Rodriguez, and Dirty l 6 l.

Before the ACL season even started, they rivalry already was fueled. Throughout many friendlies played against each other, they played against each other in the Pre-Season final. They knew each well up to this point and goals were going to be hard to come by. The final was highly contested and it led to the most ridiculous result the FVPAA has ever seen. It went into 6 Overtime games, and it ended with Superior coming out on top. When asked about the game, Exodus CDM, Janye l West said “Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever been a part of, we should have won on a 3 v 1, but we didn’t finish the job. After the 4th OT, we just wanted someone to lose, we didn’t care who. But it just showed how evenly matched we were as a team. It was a confidence builder for us.” Superior won that match-up but there was still more to come from both sides.

During the regular season, their games were the best ones played and the ones with the most meaning. Superior finished the season at 20-5-1 with 65 points and I’ll give you one guess on who prevented and undefeated regular season… Yep… Exodus. Both of their games were hard fought and end up being a 1-1 draw and a 2-1 thriller with Viva Calvo scoring in the dying moments of the game to push Exodus through. Exodus finished at 20-4-2 but fell one point short against Superior so they got the #2 seed for playoffs.

Exodus may have won the regular season but Superior would have the last laugh in ACL and end up beating their bitter rival in the final and taking home the title. To this day, their season is considered one of, if not the, best season by one team in ACL history.

And in these two’s last hurrah they both entered a VPN Champion’s League which included teams from the Mexican League, Honduran League, etc. Of course being as good as both were, they met once again in the final destroying every team in their path, it was destiny. This time though, Exodus would come out on top and get the final last win. It may not have been an ACL title they longed for, but it felt damn good for them to beat Superior in the final.

This rivalry was the FIFA version of a bloodbath. They had everything you’d want. They trash talked each other, had success in their own right, but more importantly, provided some of the best Pro Clubs games ever witnessed. The two were so much better than everyone else that it wasn’t even fair. It’s a shame Twitch wasn’t able to capture all of this games. Did I mention this all happened over the course of one season? Madness.


Viva Futbol vs. FC Serenity ACL Season 9-ACL Season 13

There are some old faces in this rivalry that are similar to the eXo vs. Superior rivalry, but a lot of fresh ones as well. Viva is full of more older faces like Pep vF, Andressi vF, and Pony vF but they have a few newer players that have played in this rivalry like Aztecas vF, Ramani vF, and Viva Oscar. Serenity is led by FaintFoal128729, TGxCFD15, and Dylshkin67 x. The core group for Serenity have had their moments but there has also been a lot of snaking between these two clubs, particularly on the defense. When Serenity were at their best, Aztecas vF and Ramani vF were playing CB, and now both see themselves representing Viva.

This has been the rivalry with a lot of close games and a lot of meaningful games. This last season they were playing under different club names but everyone knows that it was another Viva/Serenity match-up. Serenity has had the edge in the playoffs winning twice; once in the finals and once in the semifinals. Viva has won one of the match-ups against Serenity in the semi-finals. Viva as a whole have won more titles in this time though.

The Viva/Serenity rivalry has the same type of quality to it as the Exodus/Superior games did, but this type of rivalry is different because this one is friendlier. Exodus/Superior had people playing against each other who went at each other’s necks, while Viva/Serenity are friends on and off of the field. Viva Pony even went as far to say: “Definitely a friendly rivalry, we could play a playoff game vs each other and don’t matter the outcome, we would be in a party playing 2k together.” This rivalry has had it’s moments of bad blood and particular players don’t get along with others but they are definitely as Pony said, friendly. Almost too friendly, which potentially takes away from the sparks of the rivalry. Either way, on the field they can make magic happen.


Eclipse CF vs. Never Unlucky FC: ACL Season 12-Present

This rivalry hasn’t fully blossomed but if things keep going at this rate, this will definitely turn into a must-see game. They are different beyond compare. Never Unlucky has been around since the age of dinosaurs while Eclipse made their entrance to the ACL in Season 12. NUFC has been led by Unlucky Dustin, Unlucky Masters, Unlucky Diggs, and Lovelady09 while Eclipse is led by EcF Marvinho, EcF Godin, habsguy11, and EcF Alonso. These two play totally different styles, but both come up with amazing results.

Let’s start with ACL Season 12 Champs, Never Unlucky FC. They were split up and miserable going into FIFA 16 with most of the players on the team seeming to have had their peak performances in previous FIFAs. After a forgettable season for most of them in ACL Season 11, they rejoined together and added a few new faces to adapt to the new game style. What they accomplished that season was magical and had the biggest win in FVPAA history. Along they way, they controversially beat Eclipse in the semifinals en route to the title.

Eclipse CF was formed from a lot of good players leaving teams to form one spectacular one. They were able to sneak into playoffs as an 8 seed but everyone who had played them knows that an 8 seed for them doesn’t match how quality they actually are. Eclipse knocked off #1 seed FC Phoenix, then were stopped short in the semis by NUFC. Eclipse would get their revenge though the following season in ACL Season 13 where once again they met in the semifinals and this time it was Eclipse who came out on top in a very hard fought match. Eclipse lost the final but they got through NUFC and it was a step closer.

This obviously isn’t a fully developed rivalry but it definitely has the potential to be the next best one. EcF Marvinho when talking about the rivalry said, “I don’t think Eclipse as any enemies, but I would say that being close to the NUFC guys and playing them twice in the semis made our a games a bit more interesting. It’s more of a friendly one, we always want to make sure to be ahead of them but at the end of the day it’s always fun to see them succeed. Could of said the same things about Phoenix as well.” The rivalry could potentially reach the heights of Viva/Serenity or Exodus/Serenity if both teams continue the path they are on. Only time will tell but as of right now, enjoy it while you can.

*Sidenote – I didn’t include USA/Canada due to the illegitimacy of former iFVPA competitions even though it could be worthy of one.*