FIFA 17 Pro Clubs: ACL Season XIV Week 2 Power Rankings

Another Week 1 in the books, another shocking week. Might actually be the craziest week in ACL history if we are being honest. Prestige Futbol is somehow in front of the pack, American Outlaws are looking as good as Blacklisted did a few seasons ago, and the current champions stumbled out the gate again. But have no fear, balance shall soon be restored… Right?

1.)  Never Unlucky FC – They were the only top 5 team I had that lived up to first week expectations and that started with a nice 2-1 victory over Viva Futbol in the first game. This week should be a nice little test for them to see if they can hold their top spot.

2.) Eclipse CF – Eclipse comes in at #2 and although they aren’t in the position they’d probably like to be in, they certainly aren’t in a bad position by any means. They are of the few top tier teams that had a good week. Eclipse should have a bounce back week and could easily be on the top by the end of it.

3.) Clockwork – Well their week was predictable. Draws, a couple wins with offensive struggles and defensive dominance. Only 5 goals scored is going to be a huge problem in the future but only 2 goals against is nice too. Their offense needs to improve though.

4.) Viva Futbol – Viva struggling in the first week?! Where have I seen this before? Oh right, every season. Calm down everyone, they’ll dominate again here soon. They can still score well and have the 2 leading assisters in the league.

5.)  Rare Footage – Like I said last week, they are a talented squad and #10 was a bad placement for them. They sit in 2nd place at the moment but got a couple tough games this week that will show if they are real or not as true contenders.

6.) Prestige Futbol– So… If I told you that Prestige Futbol was going to be in 1st place at the end of week while beating Viva 3-2 and Take Notes 2-0, I would have never been allowed to talk about FIFA ever again. I would have been fired. Let’s see some consistency before I hop on this bandwagon.

7.) We Have Heart  Only 4 games and one of them being a 3-0 loss to Eclipse, but they looked extremely solid in the other 3, including a 2-0 against Take Notes. They start their week with  2 of the top 3 teams in the standings but then ease out the rest of the week. They could make a huge jump in either direction this week.

8.) Bang Nation – Bang Nation, welcome to D1. Got a tough test from everyone and seemingly handled Dumptruck like they were nothing. I questioned their defense and they answered and actually the offense is why they don’t have more points at the moment. They’ll take 7th place after week 1 though.

9.) Take Notes How did their week 1 go? Imagine the Revolutionary War. That’s all you need to know.

10.) Unleashed CF – I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt because it was their first week since the rebirth and it was an absolutely brutal week. That defense better wake up though or they have a long season coming.

11.) FC PredatorZ – They are in 5th place and I might be being extremely harsh on them right now, but I want to see more of them before I make any strong judgments. May be hypocritical but I am keeping my thoughts reserved about them.

12.) Primitive FC – They have actually sported a good defense through the first week. They could improve on offense and put a couple more goals in but 9th place for them is a very good start.

13.) Futbol Fino – 3 goals scored, they NEED more goals. The defense has done their part with only 6 goals against but they will be falling fast if they do not score more.

14.) Carnage FC I wanted to put them higher, I really did, but their defense has given up 11 goals, which is tied for second highest in the league. They have also scored the second highest but inconsistent teams like this never fare well.

15.) Dumptruck CF – Well I said they would be a defensive minded team. I didn’t realize that they forgot how to counter an attack if they play that defensive. My bad.

16.) Quality Futbol  Another team that is struggling on the offensive side of the ball. That seems to be the theme early on with most teams, but 3 goals in unacceptable. They can bounce back but they can’t afford to lose much more ground.

17.) Chosen Few FC – They have only played 4 games so they could easily look respectable again but their two match-ups they rescheduled don’t look favorable so here they are.

18.) American Outlaws They might have had one of the first weeks of any team in ACL history. It doesn’t help that it has boiled over into their locker room and other players have refused to play now. It’s all gone wrong for them.

Player of the Week: Taco Bale – Prestige Futbol: 7 Goals in 6 games. Take a bow.