FIFA 17 Pro Clubs: ACL Season XIV Week 1 Power Rankings

And we’re back for another season of ACL in FIFA 17, and it has a LOT of potential! I feel like I say this every ACL season, but this could be the most competitive. That is probably due to the talent pool being deeper than ever but it still hasn’t stopped Viva Futbol from winning ACLs.

Lots of older teams coming back but also lots of newly formed ones as well come into this season with high hopes. We have well known, great teams that have made a comeback like Unleashed and Dumptruck, and new teams like Clockwork and D2 Champions, Bang Nation. This ACL though is mostly about teams that once shined bright, quit, and now are back at it again.


Unleashed CF and Dumptruck CF, Will They Be Legit?

Let’s take a moment and put ourselves back into a time where dinosaurs were still roaming the planet and the ACL was just still a thought. Dumptruck were a lethal team full of great players, who all now mostly have stopped playing out side of a few talented players. Dirty l 6 l and his team eventually made a team in the league known as VIFA, had success, and then when ACL came back around after a short hiatus, he renamed the old Dumptruck name into Intense Futbol and Dumptruck was simply used as a holder club name for small search matches. And now 5,396 years later, and many FIFAs later, they are back and looking much different. Dumptruck now sits in a place where they could be reaching their full potential and be led to the glory they once had with the T-Rexes, or they could be a huge bust and die a brutal death. They have plenty of talent to make a run, will they accept the challenge and be great or falter into a shadow of their former selves?

Now we back in time to ACL Season 10, not nearly as far back as Dumptruck, where Unleashed CF has just been embarassed in the ACL Final by FC Serenity and the fallen giants could not get back up from defeat even after a “One Clubs League” title and winning ACL Season 6. Now with new life, Viva Calvo has brought back his former club and reignited them for another championship run to find success again. They are locked and loaded for another shot, but they do have some questionable characters on the team. Calvo has the ability both as a player and a manager to make things work, but it won’t be easy considering how strong the ACL competition has become.

Take Notes… On How to Win Illegitimately?

ACL… A league that we all have come to know and love. And yet, some people still don’t know what it means. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it. It stands for: American Clubs League. One more time for you people in the back: AMERICAN Clubs League. Let’s count how many Americans are on this Take Notes roster… 1…2… And that’s it… 2, count it, 2 Americans on a roster for an American league. WOW, I know that Take Notes (Serenity) has relied on some British people in the past but this is next level. I’m not saying they are untalented by any means because they are clearly talented and always are; but at what price do you want to get carried, as an American. You basically sell yourself out accept that you won’t win with all Americans in an American community. Don’t get me wrong, I can accept the occasional Brit or two, but at some point it becomes ridiculous. Don’t get me started on the lag issues this could potentially cause along with scheduling issues it could cause.

Either way, I think about it like this: If they win this ACL, how do we look at it later on or even now? British players won the American league, how do we prove who the best Americans are? By making a league.. Oh wait… How do we prove who the best American team is? By making a league… Oh wait… It’s just a revolving door of the same answers. My solution, set a limit on how many non-Americans you can have or you can’t participate. My number would be 5-6 but either way we need to set a precedent. This is bad and distasteful for the ACL. British people winning the American league… Leaves a sour taste.

Teams to look out for this ACL:

  • Quality Futbol – They have quietly built their team into a good position to give teams a run for their money led by Air Ronaldo and TheNatural21 up top.
  • Bang Nation – The D2 champs are out to prove that they mean business and belong in D1. They are an offensive team that will need some good defense for good results.
  • Clockwork – On paper, they look deadly. Key results against top teams will be their rise or downfall. Offensive consistency could be an issue for them.

Players on the Rise:

  • cW DeToX – Clockwork
  • Fatal Enjoyment – Bang Nation
  • Sheffy l 8 l – Rare Footage
  • quenchingfir834 – We Have Heart


Power Rankings:


1.)  Viva Futbol – As long as they keep winning, I’ll put them #1. They are always in the mix to win as long as they participate. It’s the same cast as it was on Most Decorated and as you have guessed, a new FIFA doesn’t mean they have gotten worse. They are still the team to beat.

Player to look out for: Aztecas vF – The Ballon D’Or winner looks to carry over his momentum from last FIFA and go back to back. It all starts this season though where he actually still might be a Golden Goal threat while winning Clean Sheet Leader.

2.) Never Unlucky FC – NUFC comes back again for their 95th ACL title run. They were able to win one last FIFA, and look like they can win another on a new game. They brought in Thibeault x and hope to keep their scoring habits up. They are certainly a team that can win it all again.

Player to look out for: OP KNOCK– Knock had an incredible FIFA 16 and can easily keep his form up with the best supporting cast around him than in previous seasons.

3.) Eclipse CF – Holy cow this team looks massively upgraded. They made the Finals last season and got better. Their defense is 100% different now with Nick l 5 l, former MVP lvl 0 arcanine, and HELIX l 7 l. Alos having TGxCFD15 in the midfield is a huge upgrade as well. They are serious title contenders this season.

Player to look out for: NeNe – NeNe didn’t have the best ACL last season but looks to bounce back with a lot better attacking options around him.

4.) Take Notes – Well… I wish I could say I knew a lot about this team but they are all from foreign land. They are all some of the UK’s top talent and then there’s Gundo7 x. This team will ride or die on their defense seeing as their offense is already in mid-season form.

Player to look out for: Dylshkin67 x – Dylsh is back again for another ACL and is still one of the most efficient attackers in the FVPAA. One of the only consistent UK players in the ACL.

5.)  Unleashed CF – Calvo brings back his old club from the dead and is looking to regain his old success after his worst season yet at FC Phoenix. Calvo brings along True Suarez, Dont4getHarambe, SwainAFC, Walker l 2 l, and WarMachine199. They have plenty of potential and can be a title threat if they start out well.

Player to look out for: FC Violent – Last time we saw Violent, he wasn’t particularly successful even though he is still a decent player. He will have to up his game is UCF are to be successful.

6.) Clockwork– streets1014 has been around forever but has recruited a team that certainly raises some eyebrows. This team is the ultimate wildward. They have great players, high risk players, and plenty of questions. They could either be a title contender, or an implosion turned to terror.

Player to look out for: cW Shake – Shake makes a return to the FIFA scene and if he can reform himself into the old Shake, Clockwork won’t have many goals conceded.

7.) Dumptruck CF  Again they are back from the dead, and Dirty l 6 l looks to lead them to their former glory. Most likely, like most Dirty led teams, they will be defensive minded, concede little goals and counter. They will be a tough out and will be be run by egos.

Player to look out for: Luka Lockup – Luka, if playing full time, is one of the biggest difference makers in the game. His performance will directly affect Dumptruck’s performance.

8.) We Have Heart – We Have Heart is sneaky good. They have good talent everywhere, but not so much elite. TheePastorDave is a really good CB, Kante x 7 is an extremely good defensive midfielder, and manager Cheeks Mcfly is one of the better playmaking midfielders around. They will sneak up on a lot of people.

Player to look out for: l Marsbars11 l– We all know his story, and his mentality. He is an amazing CB but is always a questionable guy.

9.) American Outlaws AO is back again and look to get back into playoffs again. DiLo has recruited the likes of HYPE RAZOR, IGI Dom l7l (yes, again), Cpt Juizo, and o2DaTruth3o to help that cause. They are good enough to beat some of the top teams and make some noise this season

Player to look out for: Skrillex l 1 l – He has been away for a while but if he is back in-form, his a great GK. Hopefully his near-post is covered this time.

10.) Rare Footage – I hate putting this team this low because there is a lot of talent on this team and they could be so much higher. They have DoN l 2 l, Unlucky Owen, and Lee l 7 l leading the defense and iJackson x9 and SHIEK l 10 l to lead the attack. They are a very dangerous team and could sneak into playoffs and cause a lot of teams trouble with their counters.

Player to look out for: U90 l Robben – Robben is one of those players that have been hyped up by everyone has performed no matter what. He is growing into quite the player and could be key for RF.

11.) Quality Futbol – Quality is another team that is sneaky good. They are decent on paper and their role players are going to be their key. They have known names but the unknown ones will have to step up or else they will finish poorly.

Player to look out for: TheNatural21 – Natural, the former MVP candidate, is back at it again and playing with Air Ronaldo at CAM only makes his chance to have a good season better. He will be leaned on a lot on this squad.

12.) Futbol Fino – Don’t sleep on this team. The former Arrechos team looks to rebound after last season. They are going to be good once again. I think they’ll miss playoffs in the end but they will give teams a tough test and ruin some other teams’s playoff chances.

Player to look out for: lL lA lK lE – He is a growing and developing CB and is slowing turning into one of the better CBs the league has to offer. His play will be important to this squad.

13.) Bang Nation – #BangBros are the next D2 champ to try their efforts into D1. They are offensively gifted and defensively a big question mark. Their midfield can make things happen but are normally able to to be countered badly. They need a good start to the season to stay in D1.

Player to look out for: Fatal Enjoyment – Fatal is the manager and leader of this squad. He’s one of the best D2 scorers the league has ever seen and he hopes to keep that going in D1.

14.) Chosen Few FC– This is where all the teams become relegation fighters. Chosen Few have the experince to stay alive but do they have the talent?

Player to look out for: Lx Ricky xL – Ricky is key because they are going to be facing a lot of shots this season and he’ll need to be the one that stops them.

15.) Primitive FC – Primitive is another team that will be fighting HARD for relegation. Their team is molded of a whole bunch of D2 players formed into one team. Should be interesting.

Player to look out for: Insane Abate – He made D2 TOTS and is seeming to find his old form before his hiatus from FIFA. He will be a good defender for them.

16.) Prestige Futbol  Prestige survived the drop this last season but I don’t think they will be so lucky this season. They don’t have the talent to keep up anymore but they can be lucky.

Player to look out for: Taco Bale – Bale has been a good scorer the past few seasons and he’ll need to keep it that way if they are to stay in D1.

17.) Carnage FC – Carnage is a nightmare on paper. I see about 3 to 4 good names on there and the rest are disappointing. They seemed destined to go to D2.

Player to look out for: Highclass XN – He is a fantastic player on such a poor looking team. How??

18.) FC PredatorZ Well PredatorZ, I like you guys a lot. But D1 is D1, and you have choked in D2 playoffs twice… Good luck.

Player to look out for: xxKRONERxx – He is their best player by far and is a great defender. He will be their saving grace this season.


MVP – Dylshkin67 x

Golden Boot – Dylshkin67 x

Assist Leader – Andressi vF

Clean Sheet Leader (DEF): Ramani vF, Aztecas vF

Clean Sheet Leader (GK): Walter vF

Finals: Eclipse CF (2 seed) vs Viva Futbol (1 seed)

Have a great season, everyone!