Korean Rumors

Korean Rumours


With the recent rumours going around of teams in Korea disbanding I just wanted to say the little bit I do know,as well as thoughts,  about the situation in Korea as well as the Brood War scene right now. When you look at the Starcraft 2 scene in Korea the viewership is reportedly really low as well as many players not being able to participate in many tournaments which puts them in a bind to be able to show off the team’s sponsors. This with the fact that Brood War honestly has a lot more viewers in Korea (which is all that would matter to a Korean company) why would they keep funneling resources into Starcraft 2? I am not saying the scene will be completely gone in Korea, but from everyone that I have asked about it they have said it has honestly been dead for a while and as soon as region locking was announced most players gave up. Rain has even said a little bit about this on his stream (http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/brood-war/514376-rain-quits-commentating-sc2-and-starts-streaming-bw) and most people agree with his statements.

BW Afreeca

Random “Ex-Pro” Bw streamer list *Live at time of Screenshot


People keep saying that Proleague is going back to Broodwar and I can say pretty firmly I do not think this will happen unless they move the SC2 pros back to Broodwar. Why is this you may ask, and well the answer is pretty simple. We all joke about “Kespa jail” but it is kind of serious most of the people who still play BroodWar and are good enough to compete are decently popular streamers who make more streaming and having fun then they would on a team anyway as well as living however they want to live. I am sure many of you can recall Jaedong not too long ago talking about enjoying life and just not wanting to grind out the game anymore which is why no one ever foresaw him returning to Kespa even when he came back to Korea.


The biggest question I am left with is what happens now if this all does happen? Korea is where this all started, and has been the Northern Star of Starcraft everyone wants to be the GSL champion, everyone wants to see what the Koreans do, and up until recently Korea seemed like the place the dream would never die. Without this region what will happen? I mean the possibilities are endless some of them could go to foreign teams like ForGG did, as well as just trying to return to brood war as many of them were at least semi pro in brood war. The thing that scares me the most is seeing that the big name teams like SKT and KT are the ones disbanding and moving on, how are the “smaller” teams going to be able to carry on.
The last thing I want to say is whatever reason all of this happened is debatable. Think about the last time you went to walmart and bought a Hot6, well I can honestly say I have never done that nor is it even possible to get Hot6 or a lot of the things that are advertised on the GSL streams in the U.S. so no matter what happens if this is the game you love continue to support it. (Someone has informed me that I am wrong about the last paragraph)