FIFA 16: FVPAA Final Player Rankings – Midfielders

And now for the grand finale! The very complex, very sensitive, and very impressive midfield selection. I will select the midfielders based off of the role they play in the field. Some will be CAMs, some will be CDMs, and others will be outside midfielders. Anyone who plays the CM role will also be classified as a CDM. Let’s get this show on the road at start with the CAMs.


1.) Andressi vF – Andressi once again tops the CAM list and it’s a surprise to no one. He may play a bit like a striker but I don’t think he or anyone on Viva cares as long as he plays on the level that he does.

2.) FaintFoal128729 – Another player who is on top of the CAM list again. No emerging CAMs have come through so Balo’s rough starts to FIFA is a little overshadowed but the fact the FVPAA’s weakest position is something he is better than almost everyone at says a lot.

3.) Lectural Cheeky – Cheeky once again showed his versatility by play CDM and CB for his first ACL title at Never Unlucky but his CAM play is far superior and is one of the best FVPAA has. Cheeky shows many strikers gold.

4.) EcF Marvinho – Marvin has drastically improved his game at CAM and is #4 spot on this list should be a surprise to no one as he led his team to the ACL Finals once and played a very good CAM in the process.

5.) Unlucky Dustin – Dustin is a transformed winger and he has proven that no matter what attacking position he is in, he will always be a good player and a threat to opposing defenses.

6.) IGI Dom l7l – Dom played a little bit of ST and outside mid this FIFA but he mostly played CAM and it’s probably his best position. His passing and dribbling are his main attributes and he does them better than most.

7.) Viva Ideen – Deen may or may not have cheated his stats and may be a terrible manager, but he is a damn good CAM. His vision and ability to start counters are vital to his team Artistic and he is a leader on the field.

8.) l EcuaDt 10 l – DT quietly does his business and performs well on a poor team. Makes you wonder how good he would be and what kind of stats he’d put up if he decided to play on a title contender.

9.) Air Ronaldo – Ronaldo is one of the streakiest players in the VPN but his highs outweigh his lows most of the time and he can be a special player when is playing in-form.

10.) SHIEK l 10 l – Shiek rounds out the list at #10 and he started off this FIFA very highly but slowly declined as time went on. He’ll look to rebound come FIFA 17.


1.) Vallejos vF – Vallejos finally won his elusive title and now he gets to be on top of the rankings as well. Vallejos stepped up his game and really proved to the FVPAA why he is the best current DM right now.

2.) TGxCFD15 – TG will always be TG and near the top of this list every time I produce one. TG may not have had his best FIFA but even then he is still better than just about everyone. He could be even deadlier in FIFA 17.

3.) Rewind vF – Rewind is the last of the top tier of CDMs in my eyes. Him, TG, and Vallejos are the elite of the elite and honestly could be interchangeable and Rewind is the best attacker of the 3.

4.) OP KNOCK – Knock isn’t too far behind the front 3 and really had an incredible rebound from a woeful FIFA 15. He now sits at 4 and Never Unlucky are truly blessed to have a CDM like Knock.

5.) EcF Alonso – Alonso has been another delight this FIFA and has almost come out of no where. He has evolved as one of the FVPAA’s better CDMs and has been Eclipse’s rock in the midfield.

6.) Paul l 5 l – Paul is the silent killer. Holds things down defensively, comes up with some crazy killer pass, gets Never Unlucky the win and goes about his day without mumbling a word. Truly a great player.

7.) Kante x 7 – Kante had a FIFA to forget in terms of the teams he was on but on every one of those teams he was a catalyst and arguably their best player. He is defensively elite and has improved his passing in a big way.

8.) Clutch l 14 l – Clutch, like Kante, is defensively elite but offensively is still developing. He has made strides forward and is making progress attacking. I expect him to be higher come next rankings.

9.) EcF Romero – Romero started off average but ended up really coming up clutch for Eclipse when needed and provided steady ground for their midfield. Him and Alonso are a good duo together.

10.) B1end x – Blend is consistent as can be but just hasn’t taken the next step yet. Once he does though, look out FVPAA, he could be extremely dangerous.

11.) Cpt Juizo – Juizo is coming off a TOTS performance, and he has been the most improved person on this list. Juizo is offensively and defensively sound and is rising up this list in a hurry.

12.) DeToX l 22 l – Detox is another new guy moving up this list fast and has quickly made a name for himself. He has played a little bit of everything in the midfield but has been extremely nice as a CDM.

13.) o2DaTruth3o – Truth took a little bit of a step back this FIFA but he is still very talented and poised for a breakout year in FIFA 17 with hopefully a full season in D1 this time.

14.) AriAS l 22 l – Arias is another Never Unlucky DM that rotates but is still a great player to be splitting time. Arias could be higher on this list with more game time.

15.) Huether 10 – Huether, like Truth, took a step back this FIFA and he is a victim to being so versatile he couldn’t gain consistency and momentum in one position. Hopefully FIFA 17 sees him rise up again because he has loads of potential.

16.) Matic 21x – Matic didn’t get to play as much as he would have liked this FIFA and if he did, he’d be a lot higher on this list. He is a definite player to watch when the new season rolls around.

17.) Barrack87 – Barrack is a newcomer who bounced around clubs a bit but has made a positive impact everywhere he has been at. He has a lot of potential to be a solid DM in this league.

18.) l Vieira l – Vieira was a late bloomer this FIFA but after an extremely impressive season at Prestige Football this season, he has a lot of momentum going into FIFA 17 and could be this list’s biggest riser by next rankings.

19.) BIRD l 28 l – Bird gets the nod at 19 and arguably should be higher but his time in D2 and playing CAM hurts his case but nevertheless he is still a sound DM who could help a lot of teams next season.

20.) Flailinhooo – Flailin rounds out this list and he didn’t play a whole lot until later on but he played extremely well for a below average team and didn’t get much help out.

Outside Mids:

1.) Omar vF – Omar once again tops an Outside mid list and for good reason. The FVPAA hasn’t seen a play maker like him from a wide position and is bound to make an impact on every game he plays.

2.) Unlucky Diggs – Diggs is back from the dead and now playing out wide has really hit his stride and become a dominant winger in the league. Diggs has a style that is unmatched by the other wingers on this list.

3.) Midget l 23 – Midget had a tough act to follow after his incredible FIFA 15 but was able to produce moments of magic throughout the FIFA that remind us of how good he truly is offensively and even defensively.

4.) EcF Griezmann – Griezmann finally was able to produce enough games played and excellent results that made me able to put him high on this list. He was vital to the Eclipse offense as most of their goals come from his side of the field.

5.) l EvO l – Where did Never Unlucky find this goldmine?! Out of thin air Evo comes in and changes the whole dynamic of Never Unlucky and is really a star in the making for the FVPAA.

6.) Franc11x – Franc may be sliding down this list and its due to his lack of interest and love of the game but don’t get it twisted, when he plays and plays with some heart, he’s easily top 3.

7.) Viva Oscar – Oscar is also a guy who took a step back but still has loads of talent in a surprisingly deep outside mid this year. He is looking to have a better season next season and prove to everyone why he is one of the best.

8.) l Batman x l – I feel bad putting someone so consistent down here at 8 but like I said, it’s a surprisingly deep talent pool for outside mids this year, or at least at the top. Batman is always going to produce good stats, and that’s a fact.

9.) MLedda – Kind of out of position here but he did play it a fair amount so I’m giving him the nod. Ledda was the engine of Artistic as it was rare when he wasn’t involved in any of their goals scored.

10.) l Isco l – Yes, I did it. Isco IS indeed on this list. Hate him or not, he had a pretty good season even though his team got relegated. 10 goals and 8 assists is nothing to scoff at. He also isn’t a bad DM either. But let’s be honest, we all hate him in our own way.


Thank you to everyone who came back to read all of these no matter how much you disagreed with them. Be sure to look for my rivalry article coming out next week! Happy FIFAing!