FIFA 16: FVPAA Final Player Rankings – Striker

Almost to the end of it now and we are now at the goal scorers of the league. Strikers are the most commended for their work and also the most criticized if things go wrong. The FVPAA used to be very deep in terms of talent for strikers but now it has thinned out and only the best have survived. Here are the top 10:

1.) Draxler x10 – Draxler as a top striker? Tell me if you’ve heard that one before… Draxler once again being a dominant presence in the league and he is arguably the best player in all the FVPAA. Very deserving of the top spot.

2.) Viva Calvo – If ACL XIII wasn’t a thing, Calvo would be #1 hands down. Sadly, FC Phoenix and Clown Fiesta produced his worst season by far but he did also experience his best seasons in the prior 2 seasons.

3.) Africa aR – He talks the talk but unlike many others, he walks the walk as well. Africa may be public enemy #1, but that’s a good thing; its confirmation of his relevance.

4.) HYPE RAZOR – His style may not be ideal and different from everyone else, but holy cow it gets results. He is the striker you sometimes just can’t stop and he will always make a run. Either way, HYPE has the stats, now it just needs to lead to team success.

5.) iFarrell – Yup, Farrell is a top 5 striker again. He’s so consistent it’s actually annoying. Even in a rough season, he will still be near the top of a scoring leaderboard, and still get no love.

6.) habsguy11 – Habs started this FIFA off extremely rough but boy did he bounce back. He may be the best passer of all the strikers and has been a huge boost for Eclipse’s rise to success.

7.) Thibeault x – I feel like a broken record player when talking about Thibeault. D2 hurts his ranking. Tremendous talent though regardless.

8.) streets1014 – Still a fantastic player, but he’d be the first one to tell you that he had a FIFA to forget. He can be elite again come FIFA 17.

9.) Unlucky Dblock – Dblock, unlike Streets, had a FIFA to remember. He FINALLY got back to his old ways and became the great player we all knew and loved. But will it carryover into FIFA 17?

10.) TheNatural21 – One of the most improved players in the FVPAA and he has proven he is always a threat to score against anyone. He just needs a better supporting cast to give him some help.