FIFA 16: FVPAA Final Player Rankings – Defenders

Over halfway done! Now it’s time for the defenders. The amount of good defenders has increased but a lot of the top names have remained with only one big breakthrough. The defenders on this list have all earned their spot and are all great players.

1.) Aztecas vF – Aztecas is coming off of a Ballon D’Or so this choice was obvious. Aztecas has an impact on the game that is unmatched, and he arguably is as good on offense as he is defense. Aztecas has earned this #1 spot.

2.) Ramani x – Ramani comes in at #2 and he once again proves that he is one of the best defenders in the league. He is on a Viva defense that is undoubtedly the best in large part to how well Ramani plays.

3.) Unlucky Masters – Masters rolls in at #3 making a HUGE leap from our last player rankings. Masters is the mastermind behind Unlucky’s defense (Buh Dum Tss)and he is the one of the biggest reasons Unlucky broke through for a title.

4.) Pep vF – Pep took a break from FIFA but came back just as strong as ever. He is still part of the amazing Viva defense and will still be a top defender come FIFA 17.

5.) l Marsbars11 l – Mars may be the most mentally unstable person in the world but he is one hell of a defender. Mars have proven that even though he is a locker room disaster that his defending is a huge reason why teams he’s on are successful.

6.) Dont4getHarambe – Another candidate for the best GT in the VPN, he is always one of the best defenders in the FVPAA. He may not always be on the best teams around him but his talent is undeniable and his meme game is even better.

7.) ZPK v2 – ZPK may be the most silent, elite player in the FVPAA. Yes, I said ELITE. He is a class defender and he was another member of the magical Unlucky defense that won in ACL XII and first place side in ACL XIII.

8.) Fiddleton – Fiddle is the most dangerous snake in the FVPAA but he managed to slither his way into the #8 spot on this list. He was consistently high up on the Clean Sheet leaderboard and is still an amazing defender even though his return in FIFA 17 is in question.

9.) DoN l 2 l – Don sneaks up on this list and made his presence known this FIFA and has the opportunity to continue amazing performances come FIFA 17. Don played on a different team every season but was vital to every defense he played on.

10.) Gordon23 x – Once again Gordon shows up on a defender list and was apart of the incredible Serenity defense of ACL XI and ACL XII. He was apart of a defense that carried Serenity to the finals in ACL XII and was able to only allow 18 goals that season.

11.) Walker l 2 l – Walker struggled at times this FIFA but he was a lot more good than bad this FIFA and had moments of brilliance. He is streaky but overall, a top outside back and a quality CB as well.

12.) Van der Duke – Yep, he made the move to CB and has already found MAJOR success. He finally made his move over to a higher quality team and was able to shine next to Masters and ZPK. Has he even reached his ceiling yet?

13.) James l 15 l – James didn’t play as many games as he would have liked but his quality is still the same as usual. A very solid CB and he will always get the job done. James should definitely be apart of another title contending team come FIFA 17.

14.) EcF Godin – Godin was the main defender at Eclipse and he was the CB that got them through their good and bad times. Godin is a very good defender and with a little more composure, he could rise to an elite level.

15.) LoCoTrAcK5tAr – Loco is another CB who quietly does his business but does a damn good job at it. His quality took a little bit of a hit but is still a top defender nevertheless.

16.) Briggzyy – Briggs is definitely the most annoying person in the FVPAA, but if he wasn’t any good, it wouldn’t mean anything. Briggs won an unlikely AVL title and was apart of a disappointing Clown Fiesta squad but he is still a quality defender.

17.) HELIX l 7 l – HELIX, like Loco and anyone on FC Dragonz defense from ACL XI, took a little bit of a dip in skill but like the others in the defense, he is still a good defender and should rise back up again in FIFA 17.

18.) Lvl 0 arcanine – Arcanine won an impressive MVP in ACL XII and led the league in Clean Sheets that season. Then he joined FC Phoenix and was apart of that disaster but I still think he is a very good defender with a ton of talent and now a chip on his shoulder.

19.) Lee l 7 l – Lee is a very much improved defender and got Eclipse into the finals this last ACL and his improved play has made him a more respected defender. Lee is definitely on the rise come FIFA 17 and could break into the top 15 or even top 10.

20.) Logsdon l 24 l – Quietly had a very good FIFA defensively and since he has moved to outside back, more teams shifted to a 3 back formation but he also proved that he is one of the best outside backs in the league.

21.) Smalling l 12 l – Smalling didn’t have an ideal ACL XIII but he has improved very much so as a defender as is another name on the rise. He has very slowly improved, but has improved which is the good news.

22.) Unlucky Owen – Owen hasn’t gotten the play time he probably would prefer but he is another player who could be very good on a playoff team and his change to CB has been a very good one for him.

23.) Nick l 5 l – Look out everybody, he is, in my opinion, the next CB on a HUGE rise and could be a star CB for a playoff caliber team come FIFA 17. His rise has been very commendable and should only be improving.

24.) TheePastorDave – Pastor took a minor hiatus which hurt his rank but he is a very good CB with loads of potential to make a huge rise on this list if everything goes right for him on FIFA 17.

25.) FP l Alaba 27 – Alaba took a little bit of a step back and that may be due to a lack of play time on Eclipse but having a defender of his quality come off the bench is never a bad thing at all.