FIFA 16: FVPAA Final Player Rankings – Team/Utility

Part 2 of the 5 article series now turns to Teams and Utility players. The qualifications for both are specific so I will explain them before I begin. But even before all of that, there will be more defenders than the original 20 I was going with originally. It’ll go up to 25-30 depending on the quality of players.

Team – I don’t care if they were the same players under a different team name, each team will be individualized for their performances throughout FIFA 16. Example: Most Decorated and Viva Futbol will count as two separate teams.

Utility – Must have played 2 or more positions at an extended period of time and obviously prove their worth at BOTH positions, not just one.

First I will start with the teams:

1.) Viva Futbol – Viva played in 2/3 ACL tournaments this FIFA but were a force in both of them. They came away with a title in ACL XI and narrowly lost in the semifinals of ACL XII.

2.) Never Unlucky FC – When they returned in ACL XII no one thought they would be the force they are now. With winning a title in their comeback season and making it to the Semifinals this last season in ACL XIII, they deserve their high (literally) rank.

3.) Most Decorated – The psuedo-Viva team was a force to be reckoned with in ACL XIII. They only played one season under this name but won the title with it. They were certainly a dominate team and had one of the best defenses the FVPAA has ever seen.

4.) Eclipse CF – Eclipse played in seasons XII and XIII and their change was dramatic. They first qualified in 8th place and scored an upset over #1 seeded FC Phoenix en route to a semifinals appearance then ended up in the finals of ACL XIII. They are serious title contenders come FIFA 17.

5.) FC Phoenix – They had a crazy turn of events this FIFA but longevity is something to commend as they were one of the few teams to play all three ACL seasons. They got as far as the semifinals and had a 1st place regular season finish.

6.) FC Dragonz – They were a one-season wonder but in ACL XI they made it all the way to the finals while finishing in 2nd place. Dragonz eventually changed to Empire Football but they left their mark and almost got a title.

7.) Revolution FC – Revolution was also only around for one season and they got to the semifinals before losing to eventual champions, Most Decorated. They were formed in ACL XIII and full of members from FC Serenity.

8.) American Outlaws – As I said for FC Phoenix, longevity is something to be proud of. AO only made playoffs once but almost upset FC Serenity and played all 3 ACL seasons.

9.) Artistic FC – They may have been poor at scheduling games on time and always having numbers on to play, but they were a quality side that played all 3 ACLs.

10.) Xplicit FC – Only played one season and finished 6th but the talent on this team was immense and was in 3rd/4th for the better part of ACL XII. They almost upset Viva in the first round and could have been amazing had they stuck together for more than one season.

Utility Players:

1.) Viva Pony – Was it really going to be anyone else? Outside mid, CB, DM, anywhere you put him, he will be one of the best players to play it. The best weapon in the FVPAA.

2.) FHz Ozil 11 – ST, Outside mid, DM, CM, he can do it all. Elite on the both ends of the field, Ozil was huge for Serenity and Revolution this FIFA and is one of the best midfielders the FVPAA has.

3.) Luka Lockup – He was the most efficient player this FIFA, and was able to his damage from ST, outside mid, and a hint of DM. He is elite defensively and his passing is among the best around.

4.) NotMikeD – He played Outside Back at the beginning of the FIFA but ended up converting to a Winger and playing some DM. He has improved well on the offensive end and was able to produce more because of it.

5.) Boateng x – Boateng is the best overall attacker on this list. He’s able to play ST, CAM, and outside mid and has done them all at some point this FIFA. His stats may not always reflect his performances but his twitch channel is the most lit stream in the FVPAA.

6.) Pulisic l 22 l – He is a man of many positions and could play everywhere on the field if he wanted to but mainly played anywhere in the midfield and even played in net and was one of the better GKs when he played it.

7.) ll Foehammer ll – Foe dabbled in DM, outside back, CB, and even GK this FIFA. His versatility was highly valued and has become a very solid GK, someone to look for in FIFA 17.

8.) young tilt lord – Another player whose versatility goes unnoticed but he is able to play Outside Mid, CB, and ST at a very high level. He also has one of the best Gamertags in the FVPAA so that helps his case.

9.) HIGHCLASS17 – Highclass had a very good FIFA even thought it went a little unmentioned. He played CDM, CB, outside back, and had an amazing season in D2 at ST. Highclass would be a good D1 pickup for any team next FIFA.

10.) Luggy x – Luggy played a plethora of positions this FIFA but was solid at all of them. He played ST, CB, CDM, and CAM. Some tough positions to move around a lot with but he managed to do well.

Also please ignore the no-so-updated image. See you guys tomorrow for the defender rankings!