FIFA 16: FVPAA Final Player Rankings – GK

Welcome to the last Player Rankings of FIFA 16 and as we transition into FIFA 17, a lot of people have left their stamp and had an excellent FIFA, while some others had a year to forget. Before we get started, the format will be a little different this time. It’ll look like this:

Monday – GK (10)
Tuesday – Teams/Utility (10 & 10)
Wednesday – Defenders (20)
Thursday – Strikers (10)
Friday – Midfielders (10 OM, 10 CAM, 15 DM)

***DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that while stats may be helpful, this isn’t a way to fully evaluate a player, so I’m using my opinion from how I’ve seen players play and how much value they bring to their team.***

Without further ado, here’s the Top 10 GK:

1,) Ikerinhoooooooo – Say what you want about his sample size of what he has played, but he has proven he is the best. He has the highest Clean Sheet rate of any GK and his skill at the position is unmatched.

2.) zUh Oh – Coming off a rough FIFA 15, zUh Oh has shined throughout this FIFA and not only improved tremendously, he also won himself a title along the way.

3.) That Bottleface – Bottle has an amazing FIFA 16 by making it to all 3 ACL Finals and won the World Cup with iFVPA USA. Bottle played well and showed his worth this FIFA.

4.) Itz Hotpants – Hotpants could very well be inside the top 3 but his defense didn’t give him any support in the last ACL which caused his own performance to suffer as well. Take nothing away from him though, he still an elite level GK.

5.) Viva Tracy – Tracy didn’t have the amount of games played that he normally does but he is still a solid GK and could be on just about any team and make them better.

6.) Walter vF – Walter easily could have been on the utility list but his performance at GK should be commended as such. He has vastly improved and could be a name to look out for in FIFA 17.

7.) FwC Kahn – Kahn hasn’t been playing in the USA much but is a well known GK throughout the Mexican League, and he played behind eventual champion, Most Decorated, this last ACL. He could easily be higher on this list with more games to see him play.

8.) Joker l 1 l – Joker once again makes this list, a consistent GK who hasn’t found his top form this FIFA, but can bounce back next FIFA. For now, he’s #8 and hoping to find his old form.

9.) CAMBALACHE11 – If he had a decent defense in front of him, he could be a lot better but at the same time, he wouldn’t have nearly the amount of action he normally does if he had a better defense. Camba is Arrechos’s lord and savior and he makes the list for very good reason.

10.) Luisinho l 17 l – Luisinho finishes off the list here for the GK’s and he may not be very well known but he has above average skill and could also be another name to look out for come FIFA 17. He could make a huge jump.