FIFA Pro Clubs: FVPAA League of Regions – Playoff Preview


As the League of Regions regular season comes to an end, we have seen some very interesting things. Whether it is from “B” teams handing massive losses to their respective regions “A” team or people acting like divas and causing their teams to fold mid-season. Fourteen out of the sixteen teams will go into playoffs and battle it out for the ultimate prize while the two teams who folded during the season will be watching from the sidelines. I hope everyone enjoyed the regular season and here are your LoR first round playoff predictions. Enjoy!



VPN Mid-West (3) vs. VPN New York B (14)

This should be a walk in the park for the Mid-West. New York B only managed to pick up an astonishing 2 wins out of 15 games and I really can’t see them causing any sort of trouble to their opposition. Pony vF showed why he is one of the best players in the VPN by leading the Mid-West team in goals and assists. He will continue to ball out and have his way with New York’s weak defense. This should be a walk in the park for Mid-West and I see them coming out with an easy victory.

Prediction: VPN Mid-West wins 3-0


VPN New York (4) vs. VPN California (13)

California was predicted to be the worst “A” team and that definitely showed throughout the season. The man main Draxler x10 pulled the strings for his team throughout the season by leading the team in most points (goals+assists) and will be looking to continue doing that in playoffs. Big players show up in big games and this will be no different this time around for Draxler. I think New York’s strong defense will completely shutout California’s mediocre attack and come away with a huge win.

 Prediction: VPN New York wins 4-0


VPN NJ & PA (5) vs. VPN South B (12)

These teams split the points in the regular season with a 2-2 draw and I can see it being an intense game once again. NJ & PA will have to play solid defense because they only kept 2 clean sheets in the regular season and that could be a worry for them if they struggle to break down their opposition. This will be a case where NJ & PA will have to outscore their opponents to win because I cannot see them holding a clean sheet.

Prediction: VPN NJ & PA wins 3-2


VPN Great Lakes (6) vs. VPN Mid-West B (11)

Great Lakes overcame management problems early on and finished of the season strong. The Farrell brothers (iFarrell & xMasterChief15x) carried the team scoring 16 of the teams 22 total goals. The aim will be to just feed them the ball and let them do their work. If Mid-West B can shut out the brothers then I can see them coming away with the win but shutting them out is a long stretch. This will be a closely fought defensive game but Great Lakes will knick it by 1 goal.

Prediction: VPN Great Lakes wins 3-2


VPN North West (7) vs. VPN Southeast (10)

North West came away with a 1-0 win against this team in regular season by using the infamous 5 back formation. They will continue to use the formation that has found them success and look to score a lucky goal and put the bus in park. Southeast will struggle to score if Africa aR just continues popping random shots as soon as he gets the ball. They will have to be patient and look for the extra pass in order to break down the North West bus. I am predicting this to be the lowest scoring game out of all the playoff matchups.

Prediction: VPN North West wins 2-1


VPN Southeast B (8) vs. VPN Mid-Atlantic B (9)

This is the ultimate showdown of the two best B teams. This is the hardest matchup to call since these two teams were only split by 1 point in the standings and they also tied 2-2 against each other in regular season. Southeast B definitely have the better team on paper but that doesn’t always translate in to results on the field. Taco Bale will have to continue his high-octane offense is Southeast is to advance to the next round.

Prediction: VPN Southeast B wins 4-2


Thank you for reading and I hope to bring you more articles next FIFA!