Afreeca Starleague Sponsors

Afreeca Starleague Sponsors


There is good news for Broodwar fans everywhere as the Afreeca Starleague, which has been a professional level Starcraft: Broodwar event put together by AfreecaTV and shown on the GSL Twitch channel, announced two sponsors for the event. Jeju Air and KT Giga have recently decided that they would like to help ensure that this event continues to happen in the future, and considering many of us were unsure of what would happen after the first season is  now able to rest easily knowing that there will be more to come.


For anyone out there who has not yet checked out the ASL event I strongly urge you to do so, whether you have never played Broodwar before or if you have played it your whole life there are plenty of things to enjoy about this event. Throughout the event, Tastosis and others have done a great job at casting and covering the game at a level that people who have never touched the game with a basic knowledge of how RTS games work can understand. On top of that, some of the games have just been absolutely crazy and so much fun to watch. I am sure I am not alone in learning this game and seeing everything as brand new for the first time even with this game being as old as it is so I can only hope that if you have not given it a shot to please go pull up a vod or tune in to the next broadcast.


With all of the new life around Broodwar I can honestly say I am super excited to see where this game goes. With there being rumours of a proleague switch over to Broodwar as well as new tournaments popping up there will be plenty to watch out for over the next couple of months, as well as new players hopefully trying the game for themselves to maybe see some small online events potentially pop up. For anyone who is interested, I had recently posted about a Discord server for people interested in learning about Broodwar, as well as discussing and playing the game, and the server has recently surpassed 100 members with around 20 extremely active users if you are looking into trying out the game or having a place to talk with people you can find that server HERE (  .


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