FIFA 16 Pro Clubs: FVPAA – VPN Awards for FIFA 16

FIFA 16 has come to a close and as we put this to rest, we must give out the awards to commemorate the great performances this FIFA. We will also take this time to review the best stories of FIFA 16. The last few seasons have been very memorable to most as I hope these awards are.

Never Unlucky FC – The Revival

Let’s go back to FIFA 15, Never Unlucky are playing ACL Season X, the last season of FIFA 15. NUFC finish in 11th Place, end the FIFA in yet another disappointment and just like that, one of the longest standing clubs in the FVPAA decides to fold and go their separate ways in FIFA 16.

So the new ACL season arrives and all the NUFC players are on different teams, and they feel a little awkward in these clubs. No NUFC player had made it past the first round of playoffs.

So ACL Season XII comes around and NUFC decide to make a comeback. They bring back a lot of the older guys like Unlucky Dblock, Unlucky Diggs, etc. But the thing that made this team special was the new players Lovelady09, Unlucky Masters, and Unlucky Dustin brought in. Enter zUh Oh and Africa aR.

zUh Oh just came off a stellar season with American Outlaws and almost went back but believed in the NUFC guys, Africa on the other hand just got done tearing up D2 and learning the strings from Viva Calvo in AVL. No one knew what was in store. Not many people predicted what was going to happen with NUFC this season, but not many thought they’d even make playoffs, including myself.

NUFC takes the league by storm and goes into the transfer window in 2nd place and lead the league in scoring. A playoff spot was certain, but they needed another piece to win the title. Enter Lectural Cheeky. Cheeky was the reigning ACL Assist Leader and was given the boot from first place team, FC Phoenix. Good player but how was he going to gel from an unusual CDM position? He didn’t waste a second and fit in perfectly. Never Unlucky were on fire in the second half. Cheeky added his expertise and NUFC finish in a very shocking 2nd Place, just 2 points behind another surprise team, FC Phoenix.

Never Unlucky had to turn up for playoffs though and they did, barely. They squeaked by Empire Football in the first round 2-1 on aggregate, and they completed an incredible comeback against Eclipse CF 3-2 on aggregate after being 2 goals down, but their real test was in the finals against FC Serenity. The Serenity/Viva dynasty was in full effect and the FVPAA expected Serenity to grab another title and continue the dynasty. Never Unlucky refused to let that happen and were able to knock off Serenity for their first title together and complete an ultimate comeback. They gave community much-needed hope to challenge Viva and Serenity and they showed that they can be beaten by the community. Never Unlucky’s victory was the most unlikely but the sweetest victory of all, and on the biggest stage, they won the biggest game the FVPAA has ever seen.

Pony vF Cannot Stop Winning

Viva Futbol/Most Decorated just wrapped up another 2 titles winning in ACL Season XI and ACL Season XIII. That means Pony vF has won titles #6 & #7. Pony still has the most titles in the FVPAA and he just keeps on going. Pony has proven time and time again that not only he can win, he can be a dominate player while doing it. He was known as one of if not the best CB in the FVPAA in titles 1-5 but now in #6 and #7 he played in the midfield and still was just as dominate. He is a top player in any position he plays. Teammate, Rewind vF, had this to say about Pony’s versatility and how important he was to his team’s success, “He is a huge part of Viva, don’t think there’s one player who could play multiple positions at the same level like Pony did for us.” Pony is amazing for Viva, I think the sky is the limit with him. He’s already got 7 titles, how many will he end at? Pony truly is the most decorated.


Most Improved Player: Lee l 7 l

-Honorable Mentions: TheNatural21, l Batman x l

Rookie of the Year: Africa aR

-Honorable Mentions: l EvO l, Dangles l 23 l


Now it’s time for us here at BigBad to announce who we have chosen as our Ballon D’Or (Player of the Year). We have gone through every stat, every eye test, and any other factor we could think of to come up with this list and the order of it. This list is full of people who we think had at least an outside shot at this award and these players have all proven they are among the FVPAA’s best players and deserve some sort of recognition. Congratulations to everyone on this list for a marvelous FIFA and you all have earned your spot on this prestigious list as we count down the players until we reach the winner…

25.) Midget l 23 – 38 Goals, 38 Assists, 0.52 PPG

24.) FaintFoal128729 – 18 Goals, 35 Assists, 0.52 PPG

23.) l The Donald l – 10 Goals, 17 Assists, 0.53 PPG

22.) That Bottleface – 55 Clean Sheets, 0.44 PPG

21.) Paul l 5 l – 9 Goals, 11 Assists, 0.13 PPG

20.) OP KNOCK – 4 Goals, 7 Assists, 0.09 PPG

19.) Unlucky Dustin – 51 Goals, 18 Assists, 0.55 PPG

18.) zUh Oh – 51 Clean Sheets, 0.42 PPG

17.) Lectural Cheeky – 32 Goals, 48 Assists, 3 Clean Sheets, 0.57 PPG

16.) HYPE RAZOR – 61 Goals, 37 Assists, 0.98 PPG

15.) habsguy11 – 33 Goals, 34 Assists, 0.67 PPG

14.) Unlucky Diggs – 53 Goals, 27 Assists, 0.59 PPG

13.) EcF Marvinho – 32 Goals, 37 Assists, 0.67 PPG

12.) Pony vF – 16 Goals, 13 Assists, 0.30 PPG

11.) Ramani vF – 13 Goals, 15 Assists, 65 Clean Sheets, 0.65 PPG

10.) iFarrell – 60 Goals, 33 Assists, 0.80 PPG

9.) TGxCFD15 – 5 Goals, 5 Assists, 0.09 PPG

8.) Rewind vF – 19 Goals, 11 Assists, 0.28 PPG

7.) Unlucky Masters – 9 Goals, 27 Assists, 57 Clean Sheets, 0.64 PPG

6.) Andressi vF –  47 Goals, 52 Assists, 0.66 PPG

5.) Draxler x10 – 50 Goals, 51 Assists, 0.69 PPG

4.) FHz Vallejos 8 – 43 Goals, 35 Assists, 0.52 PPG

3.) Viva Calvo – 68 Goals, 30 Assists, 0.77 PPG

2.) Africa aR – 63 Goals, 34 Assists, 0.87 PPG

and the winner is… Aztecas vF

Aztecas wins a very close race over Africa aR and Viva Calvo for the Ballon D’Or. Aztecas got 26 Goals, 21 Assists, and 61 Clean Sheets; all are amongst the top 3 out of all the defenders. Aztecas proved to be a very valuable defender by leading his team from CB. Every ACL team he was on throughout this FIFA, his team gave up the least amount of goals during the season including being under 20 goals conceded twice. He also has proved to be an offensive threat for his teams and has provided plenty of goals and assists. Aztecas has always been considered within the Top 2-3 defenders in the FVPAA since he broke through, but you could make the argument that he is the best overall player in the FVPAA. Aztecas has proved that this FIFA and is BigBad’s Player of the Year. Congratulations, Aztecas vF, and every other player this FIFA that has made it so memorable!

Plenty of great players to choose from for the Team of the Year and so many times we choose one player over another, it’s about the little things. The BigBad Team of the Year was a very difficult decision in almost all the positions.

BigBad Team of the Year:

GK – zUh Oh

DEF – Unlucky Masters

DEF – Ramani vF

DEF – Aztecas vF

CDM – FHz Vallejos 8

CDM – Rewind l 7 l

RM – Midget l 23

LM – Unlucky Diggs

CAM – Andressi vF

ST – Viva Calvo

ST – Africa aR

Utility – Pony vF


Last but certainly not least, I want to give a special award to one member of the community. The award is the Sportsmanship Award. This award is similar to the award the NFL has called the “Walter Payton: Man of the Year”. Essentially, it is given to a member who has done a countless number of things for the FVPAA where he puts the community above himself. The player chosen for this award is so obvious to me that I’m even going to name this award after him for every FIFA Awards from now on. That player is Lovelady09, or as many know him as Jonathan Lovelady.

He alone has done more things for the FVPAA than 95% of the community has combined. He’s the classiest guy in the FVPAA and I couldn’t think of a more deserving guy for the award. The choice was unanimous among other members of the community I asked about this award. Lovelady has done things like putting countless hours into making this website as a media outlet for the FVPAA, managing a team every ACL season, helping many members with their issues that normally Admins would have to do, and the kid goes on and on. Lovelady has done just about everything for this community. Congrats Lovelady, you have won an award and now have it named after you. Hopefully you inspire others to be apart of something special for the FVPAA.

Now just because he won the award it does not mean that members who have truly helped the community will go unnoticed. Admins like Lectural Cheeky and That Bottleface have been there through the FVPAA hard times and good times. TGxCFD15 and l Batman x l may have left the Admin position but they do a lot of behind the scenes work. JimmY x JoneS and Vahllstrom have done numerous media jobs for the FVPAA site. AntDP425 and Zephy l 7 l hep with the occasional Community Shields. And many more people have done their part to make this community grow. Thank you all.


Thank you so much to every one in this league who makes it special. Everyone from Admins, to Managers, to even the casual player. Everyone means something in this community. Together we have made something special and it’s a privilege to write for anyone who reads these and appreciates the work I do and everyone else on this website. FIFA 16 was fun but it can be better on FIFA 17. See ya there.imageimageimageimage