FIFA Pro Clubs: FVPAA League of Regions – Power Rankings


As FIFA 16 winds down to an end, FVPAA will be hosting its final competition of this FIFA, League of Regions. LoR is a competition that is held at the end of every FIFA. The name speaks for itself. The United States is broken up into separate regions and players living in those regions can play for their respective teams. For example, players living in New York will only be allowed to play for the New York team. It will be quite interesting to see how this all pans out because there are a few regions that look like top caliber ACL teams and some teams that would struggle to hang in Division 2.

After high demand, I present to you the LoR Power Rankings. I have ranked the “A” and “B” teams separately even though all teams will be participating together in the same league. Who will claim the ultimate prize?


League of Regions A Teams


1) VPN New York

Super Team? Definitely looks like one when compared to other LoR teams. This team looks like it will be raining goals with Draxler x10 and Unlucky Dblock up top. The midfield also looks very strong with Paul l 5 l and Zephy l 7 l partnering together at the DM position. The defense will be the least of Draxler’s worries since he has five very capable defenders to choose from. The goalkeeper position looks a little shaky and it could be a worry in crucial games. With 4 Never Unlucky starters on this team, it will be interesting to see if this team adopts the same play style Never Unlucky have found success with in ACL.

Player to watch: Draxler x10 – Draxler will be looking to end the ACL victory party early and begin work on what is expected to be a title from this squad. Drax will be running the show like always and the team will look to him to make things happen.


2) VPN Southeast

This team should have absolutely no trouble scoring. In fact, I am willing to bet they will finish as top scorers in the league. Africa aR will be leading the charge fresh off his ACL golden boot run. Viva Suarez will be pulling the strings in midfield as usual from the CAM position. This team has a fortune of midfield talent available at their disposal. The defense also looks very solid with ACL clean sheet leader Van der Duke right at the heart of it. The goalkeeper position may end up being a problem but the self-proclaimed best player in the VPN, l VitiGod l, will probably be putting the gloves on.

Player to watch: Africa aR – After winning the FIFA 16 MVP award, the pressure is on Africa to perform one more time and bring home the LoR title for his region. His goals will be needed in order for them to win because it seems as if Viva Calvo may have lost his poacher touch.


3) VPN Mid-Atlantic

Team Thibeault will be looking to take the league by storm with its eye-catching cross-and-pray play style. Unlike other seasons, Thibeault x has two of the most dangerous wingers in the league, EcF Griezmann and Midget l 23, providing him with the service that he thrives on. Magan l 21 l and Redskins l 21 l will be one of the better CDM pairings in the league and they will need to be on the top of their game because it seems as if l The Donald l is more interested in blessing the team with his abundance of political knowledge rather than focusing on the game of FIFA. The only apparent weakness I can identify on this squad is that they lack a recognized GK, but EcF Godin is more than capable of filling that void.

Player to watch: Lectural Cheeky – Cheeky will be looking to return to winning ways after a disappointing first round exit with Envy in the previous ACL. He will be the focal point of a very stacked midfield and it wouldn’t surprise me if he racks up a lovely amount of assists.


4) VPN New England

This is one of the most balanced teams in the league. It is hard to identify any significant weaknesses in this team if Rewind l 7 l can get all his players to show up. With several ACL winners on this team, they definitely have the talent and experience to go all the way. The only clear problem I can see is if whether l Isco l or better known as “Magikarp” can stop dribbling out of bounds. On a serious note, we will have to see if crucial French international G x TheWaLL can pull all-nighters to help his team out in the defense. Without him, they may struggle to find grips on defense.

Player to watch: habsguy11  – Hopefully he will have fully recovered from his penalty kick miss in the ACL finals by the time LoR starts. Habs will have to carry the scoring load on this team but that shouldn’t be too hard with EcF Marvinho and FaintFoal128729 feeding him the rock. If habs can put up the same performances he did in the previous ACL, this team should have a field day on offense.


5) VPN NJ & PA

This team’s success will be dependent on whether FHz Vallejos 8 and Dylshkin67 x will be available to play. Ramani x has shown time and time again that he can put anyone at defense beside him, and he will make that person look good. This time around he will be looking to make Vendi l 5 l his new protégé. A key aspect of this team will be whether That Bottleface can keep his batteries charged or not. This team has a lot of midfield prowess and I see them running a midfield-heavy formation to utilize all their players. I can also see this team becoming cancerous very fast if egos are not managed.

Player to watch: Dylshkin67 x – Just give this man the ball, and get out of the way. When this guy does decide to play he is one of the best in the game. It will be his responsibility to facilitate the offense for his team and he has previously shown that he has no problem filling that role.


6) VPN Great Lakes

Great Lakes have one of the best defenses in the league with Fiddleton and HELIX l 7 l reuniting from their WSL days. Fiddle will be looking to recapture the form, which almost saw him clinch the clean sheet leader award in the previous ACL. The midfield, defensively speaking, is also very solid, but the Lakes do not have a reliable distributor at the CAM position. Without a reliable CAM, the Farrell brothers will not be getting the service that they will be allowed to thrive on. I see this team struggling on the offensive end, but I hope they prove me wrong because I really want to see them do well. Unfortunately for Fiddleton, there will be no option to snake away from this team.

Player to watch: Cpt Juizo – Looking at the current roster, Juizo will be stuck at the CAM position and will be forced to pull the strings for the team. If he is not able to put his will on the game, his team will be struggling dearly. With the Most Improved Player award under his belt will he be able to handle the pressure?


7) VPN Mid-West

This roster has some very tasty names on it. If Viva Pony decides to play defense, this defense may seem to be unbreakable. Defensively speaking, this will be the best team in the league and if Pony, Aztecas l 8 l, and Unlucky Masters don’t sound tasty enough for you, two of the best CDM’s in the league, TGxCFD15, and FHz Ozil 11, will be anchoring in front of them. I don’t see much offensive power from this team and I think that will be their weakest point. If you do find a way to get past this midfield and defense you will have to beat the self-proclaimed best GK in the league, Ikerinhoooooooo. Sounds tough, doesn’t it?

Player to watch: Aztecas l 8 l – Defend or attack, this man can do it all. The team will have to rely on Aztecas to chip in his fair share of goals if they are to make an impact in this league. With his track record of scoring clutch goals, I wouldn’t bet against him.


8) VPN South

Who is going to play striker for this team? If this team had a recognized striker it could easily be contending for the top place but I don’t see anyone capable of filling that void. They have a top 5 defense along with 2 top GK’s, and an extremely strong midfield. Maybe Pulisic l 22 l can flash his LVM golden boot one more time and lead the attack for the team. If this team can solve its striking problems, then we could easily see them push for the title.

Player to watch: l EvO l – The crosses will have to be on point from this man if this team is to have success. Evo has shown that he has perfected the crossing game and I think that manager Pulisic will recognize this and adopt the cross and pray play style for the team.


9) VPN North Pacific

I am not sure how to feel about this team. If everyone shows up then this team could give people a run for their money, however, I see availability being a massive issue for this team. Besides availability, Mars wanting to start a new career at the striker position will not help them either. The attack is solid at best, with Angel Daczko and Redinho 9 leading the charge. The midfield is actually quite good, but the defense and goalkeeper position leaves them with something to be worried about. This team will be looking to outscore their opponents because I do not see them holding very many clean sheets.

Player to watch: l Marsbars 11 l – I believe this team’s success is dependent on whether Mars plays CB or not. Mars is a top 5 CB in this league and needs to step up and help his team out, because without him there, they have nothing to show for on the defensive end. Hopefully, Mars can think about this and let it sink in when he is at his next bleach drinking session.


10) VPN California

I honestly cannot tell if this is an A or B team. Alex AK47 Life will be looking to continue his solid LVM clean sheet performances and put the defense on his shoulders but will that be enough to help this team? My sources confirm that Team Cali will be utilizing the infamous 5-back formation but that will not help this team from shipping away 3-5 goals every game. With that said, l Pulga l aka Trivela will be looking to revive his career and continue his mission of scoring own goals every time this team goes down 4-0. Reek HD/DUBmeKING will be aiming to show people why he is worth the hype and HYPE RAZOR will be providing a “good time” in the team’s game chat.

Player to watch: HYPE RAZOR – Hype will be looking to continue his solid performances throughout this FIFA and come through for his region one last time. Although the extremely defensive formation will hurt the team offensively, I can see hype scoring a few goals with the help of tactical genius, Lovelady09.



League of Regions B Teams


1) VPN South B

To say the South region is loaded would be an understatement. Led by Fc PredatorZ manager Zlexe, South B can field a roster that can rival a good amount of A squads. Sleep on these guys if you want, you’ll catch an L way before you realize what just happened. This team is full of talent ranging from D1 regulars to D2 players on the cusp of breaking into the D1 ranks. This is the best all around B team and definitely a team, which you should watch out for.

Players to Watch: x Echi x – A player that has the great ability to dribble through opponents, impressive vision when attacking, and a great knack for finding the back of the net. Given enough room, and he’ll punish his opponents.


2) VPN Mid-West B

Perhaps the 2nd best well-rounded B squad, Mid-West B looks to leave their mark on the competition. Managed by #NoodleSquad founding member l BIRD l, Mid-West B looks to gain the respect of their opponents and not give them an easy way out. With attackers like Everest l 42 l, Fatal Enjoyment, and NinoRT9, this squad could give teams trouble if they can learn to work together. Their hardest task will probably be figuring out the best way to capitalize on their strengths. If they’re able to do that, look out LoR.

Players to Watch: Everest I 42 I – Everest is highly skilled when the ball is at his feet. He can pick wingbacks apart if given too much space, and can finish with the best of him. With a good squad around him, he’ll be able to do damage in the midfield, he’ll be able to capitalize off of their support.


3) VPN Southeast B

Looks like we have quite the assortment of players on the roster for Southeast B. Looks to be a good mix of older and newer faces. On paper, this team by far has the strongest defense of all B squads and several A teams. In all honesty, if these guys can get it together, they’re easily the best B squad and could give a few A teams the run-around. With experienced defenders like xxKRONERxx, Not A Big Deal, Mr Upper 90 and lToniGl, Southeast B could look to hold their own. I’d be willing to bet though that the team goes as l Sir Marcus l goes. Not sure what position he’s playing or whether or not he’s playing at all. That remains to be seen, but if he’s participating, look to see a pretty strong team.

Players to Watch: Dangles I 23 I – Can virtually control the midfield when playing DM. Great IQ, can intercept passes and change the momentum the other team’s attempt to build, and pressure heavily to keep the opponents on their toes. Be sure to not let him find his rhythm.


4) VPN Great Lakes B

A relative newcomer, the Aussie, NYEWHAM has put himself in the position to turn heads by taking the reins of the Great Lakes B squad. If he can get help from old heads like XxSmarTz, Rossor986 & Sugabetes, perhaps they can help him organize the team into something that may surprise a couple of teams. There are a couple of strong personalities on the squad, let’s hope nobody butts heads. Nobody, in particular, stands out as far as leading the team, but there are a few D2 players on the squad that have had success in D2 that may carry over to their performance in the LoR.

Players to Watch: Ben I 6 I – Here is a player that can definitely set the tone in the midfield when given the opportunity by his opponents. Skilled on the attack, and dropping back, be sure to lock him down!


5) VPN New York B

Out of the shadows, Laing has returned to lead the New York B squad. Laing brings a wealth of pro clubs experience to the table. While that doesn’t often translate on the pitch when Laing is involved, New York B could be the anomaly. A quick glance at the team you may miss anything worth fearing, but there’s actually a good amount of experience floating around with the newcomers. VIFA legends, D2 winners, and an FMVP winner lie in the midst at New York B. Probably the hardest team to gauge, I’m willing to say New York B could be one of the most organized teams in the tourney, and if they work together and utilize the FIFA trainer correctly, this team could prove to be troublesome.

Players to Watch: Bauer I 43 I – Coming off a great ACL season, and getting his team promoted into D1, he’ll definitely prove a point that he’s a force to be reckoned with! He can play virtually anywhere on the pitch, and with his leadership abilities, he’ll help his team out greatly.


6) VPN Mid-Atlantic B

Led by the least known manager of the lot, Mid-Atlantic B will have their work cut out for them. Not much is known of some of the players on the roster, but I feel the team will need to lean heavily on players like Chuck of Norris and Air Reus in order to get their attack going. The best thing going for them is the mystery surrounding the team. One of the quickest ways to catch an unexpected L is not knowing what to expect from your opponent. If they can capitalize on that fact, they may be able to steal a win or two.

Players to Watch: Chuck of Norris – Even though this team is in great need of players, they gain experience and skill with Chuck. He can be a deadly force against many back lines, but he’ll need to carry the squad and hope others rise to his level of play.




MVP: Draxler x10

Golden Boot: Africa aR

Assist Leader: Viva Suarez

Clean Sheet Leader (DEF): Aztecas l 8 l

Clean Sheet Leader (GK): Ikerinhoooooooo