League of Legends: What makes Edward Gaming so Unstoppable in the LPL?

League of Legends: What makes Edward Gaming so Unstoppable in the LPL?

          Edward Gaming in China’s League of Legends Pro League, are currently sitting atop the standings with a perfect record of 16-0 in a best of three series league format, with only 5 matchups going the full three games. So what exactly makes EDG so dominant this summer split? For one, they have the highest team KDA in the LPL with a 1.74(0.36 higher than second place RNG), have the highest gold differential per minute, and lastly have the most dragons taken per game. With the mid-season changes to dragons, the landscape of league has changed with a much larger priority towards certain dragons such as infernal and mountain drake. These recent patches have put much more of a focus on team play such as, vision control, objective control, as well as team fighting, something that EDG has always excelled in. EDG don’t seem as though they’re going to slow down moving on to playoffs after closing out the regular season with a perfect 16-0 record.

Steering Clear of the opponent

A huge reason why Edward Gaming has just simply outclassed their opponents this split is their jungler, and arguably the best jungler in the world at the moment, ClearLove.  This season he has a 9.3 KDA with the second best jungler sitting at a 5.0 KDA. The recent patches have shifted to much more of a tank jungler meta which feeds right into what ClearLove does best. He’s one of the best at controlling the map and tracking the enemy jungler as well as being able to team fight and set up picks incredibly well. He’s played only 8 unique champions over the course of 37 games, 18 of those games being Gragas and Rek’Sai respectively. His ability to maneuver around the map on Rek’Sai especially is a sight to see, constantly putting pressure on enemy solo laners as well as relieving pressure from his teammates and above all, being the primary shot caller on the team. It’s without question that ClearLove is the best jungler in all of China, but I don’t think you could find a better jungler in the world at the moment. Can this be the return of the ClearLove we saw back in Season 5 at MSI? He’s playing a ton of Rek’Sai, Gragas, and has yet to pull out his pocket-pick Sejuani, but with teams preparing for their playoff pushes with World’s looming might we see EDG take their game to a whole new level, one that we haven’t seen from them yet? Regardless, there’s one thing for sure we do know, a lot of their recent and future success will rest on their captain, Ming “ClearLove” Kai.

What’s Next for Edward Gaming?

With the summer split regular season ending, EDG have already locked in a number one seed in playoffs from their group, they’re looking to clinch a berth into the Season 6 World Championships hosted here in North America. They still will have a bitter taste in their mouths after their collapse versus Royal Never Give Up at the end of the Spring Split Grand Finals. Look for them to seek revenge against their cross-group rivals and win the Summer Split, remaining undefeated in the process. They still feel as though they are at their strongest with Season 4 World Champion, and their seasoned mid laner PawN. PawN has been sidelined since the Spring Split with back injuries. If PawN can return to the lineup in time, and EDG can clinch a spot in the World Championships, don’t be surprised to see them making a late tournament run, especially with the synergy they have at the moment across all roles.