FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XIII – Season Review/Team of the Season

Most Decorated proved their dominance as they took home another title. The season certainly was memorable and full of moments we won’t forget anytime soon. This ACL ended FIFA 16 and it was a wild one to say the least. Most Decorated won it all, Eclipse fell just short, FC Phoenix fell WAY short, Golden Eye had a momentary rebirth. This ACL is one for the books, that’s for sure.

Most Decorated Live Up to Their Name

Well… Once again the Viva boys won another title. The name grants itself a lot of pressure but they lived up to it. I said in pre-season that they should have won because of the expectations and how they went about their business. They ended up conceding the least amount of goals in the league, finishing in 2nd place in the regular season by 1 point, and still only lost 2 games overall. In playoffs, they were even better and won it all. They may have come into the season with ultimate expectations, but they proved how good they were and ended up taking home the title. Props to you guys for finishing the job.

The Four Falls of Bottle

That Bottleface has had quite the journey this FIFA. Three different teams, three finals appearances, and three of the same results. Going back into FIFA 15’s last ACL, Bottle has been in the last 4 ACL Finals, and lost every single one of them. He has been one of the best GKs this FIFA but hasn’t been able to capture a title and has fallen just short each time. You feel bad for him and just wonder what he has to do to get one. He maybe should start with making sure his batteries are fully charged before the next final. Good luck next FIFA, That Bottleface.

ACL Awards:

Most Improved Player: Cpt Juizo

Honorable Mention – Van der Duke, l Zlatanfish l

Rookie of the Year: DRIFT3R

Honorable Mention – Redinho 9, VD GoE SouL

Biggest Disappointment: FC Phoenix

Honorable Mention – Air Japes, Thibeault x, Artistic

Biggest Barker: zUh Oh

Honorable Mention – Africa aR, Ikerinhoooooooo

Manager of the Season: Unlucky Masters/Unlucky Dustin

Honorable Mention – Pulisic l 22 l/x APUF x, Magan l 99l/l Batman x l

**And now, the biggest award, the MVP. Last year, lvl 0 Arcanine was the recipient. This year the torch will be passed to either: habsguy11, Aztecas l 8 l, Africa aR, FaintFoal128729, or x0 Re1uk Xx**

And the winner of the Most Valuable Player is…: Africa aR

Africa has been amazing since joining the FVPAA and capped off his FIFA 16 as a Golden Boot winner along with leading his team, Never Unlucky FC, to a first place finish. He was vital to them when they won their title last year and this season is no different. He ended his season with 23 goals and 6 assists. Africa may bark a lot, but he backs it up. He brings something different to the table compared to other striker. His incredible success rate of points per game may be due to something about the game he has figured out that other haven’t. Either way, he is your league MVP for ACL XIII.

2nd – Aztecas l 8 l

3rd – habsguy11

4th – FaintFoal128729

5th – x0 Re1uk Xx

Congrats to you all on wonderful seasons. You all played great.

 Team of the Season:

****All stats include playoff stats****

GK – zUh Oh – Never Unlucky FC – 20 Clean Sheets

DEF – Aztecas l 8 l – Most Decorated – 22 Clean Sheets, 9 goals, 4 assists

DEF – Unlucky Masters – Never Unlucky FC – 20 Clean Sheets, 2 goals, 5 assists

DEF – Van der Duke – Never Unlucky FC – 20 Clean Sheets, 0 goals, 1 assist

CDM – Rewind l 7 l – Most Decorated – 4 goals, 3 assists

CDM – FHz Vallejos 8 – Most Decorated – 1 goal, 3 assists

LM – Unlucky Diggs – Never Unlucky FC – 12 goals, 8 assists

RM – Omar l 1 l – Most Decorated – 14 goals, 7 assists

CAM – FaintFoal128729 – Golden Eye – 2 goal, 17 assists

ST – Africa aR – Never Unlucky FC – 23 goals, 6 assists

ST – habsguy11 – Eclipse CF – 16 goals, 16 assists

Utility – Viva Pony – Most Decorated – 2 goals, 2 assists


GK – FwC Kahn – Most Decorated – 22 Clean Sheets

DEF – ZPK v2 – Never Unlucky FC – 19 Clean Sheets,  1 goal, 2 assists

DEF -Ramani x – Most Decorated – 19 Clean Sheets, 3 goals, 4 assists

DEF – Viva Pep – Most Decorated – 17 Cleans Sheets, 0 goals, 2 assists

CDM – Paul l 5 l – Never Unlucky FC – 1 goal, 1 assist

CDM – Cpt Juizo – Total Futbol – 5 goals, 5 assists

RM – l EvO l – Never Unlucky FC – 2 goals, 8 assists

LM – EcF Griezmann – Eclipse CF – 10 goals, 10 assists

CAM – Unlucky Dustin – Never Unlucky FC – 8 goals, 13 assists

ST – x0 ReluK Xx – Envy – 20 goals, 4 assists

ST – iJackson x9 – The Wall FC – 16 goals, 10 assists

Utility – Midget l 23 – FC Phoenix – 6 goals, 9 assists


Conratulations to all chosen. Sorry to those who feel they were snubbed as it was a tough call for some of these choices. And with that, wraps up the ACL XIII Awards + TOTS. Great season to all of you and stay tuned for the FIFA 16 Awards coming soon, including the Ballon D’Or.