2016 LCS Summer Split Award Predictions

With the conclusion of the 2016 summer split for Europe and North America, it’s time once again to predict who will walk away with MVP, rookie of the split, coach of the year, and the All-LCS Team honors. I’ll list Europe first and then follow up with North America. Let’s dive right in.

EU LCS Award Winners

MVP: Trick

Trick earned the right to repeat as MVP of Europe with his play this split. He showcased the ability to play any champion his team needed and make an impact on the game every single time he stepped onto the rift. Trick consistently performed and rarely had an off game. He once again led his team to first place in the regular season and will be looking to lead them to another EU LCS title. He led Europe in Player of the game awards and led all junglers in KDA and Kills. He finished top 3 in assists, kill participation, and CS per minute for junglers in Europe as well. Trick was the best jungler and best player on the best team in Europe. He should once again be holding up an MVP trophy in the upcoming weeks.

Rookie of the Split: NighT

Giants Gaming had an incredible split where they climbed from the bottom of the table all the way to 3rd place this season. Only Splyce had a more impressive rise in the standings from split to split. One of the main reasons for Giants’ rise this summer was the addition of NighT. He finished 2nd in player of the game votes behind Trick and led all mid laners in that category. He also led all mid laners in Europe in kill participation. Splyce’s support player Mikeyx also had a great rookie split, but NighT edged him out when it comes to stats compared to others at the same position they play. The player of the game votes also pushed NighT ahead of Mikeyx for the award. That being said, both rookies had great seasons for their respective teams.

Coach of the Split: YamatoCannon


YamatoCannon coached Splyce to a  9-6-3 record this split and earned themselves second place in Europe. Splyce were playing in the promotion tournament at the end of the spring split, so their turnaround to the top of the table is rather impressive. Yamato is the man pulling the strings behind the scenes and his efforts should be recognized. He did a great job with picks and bans all season long and helped all 5 players on Splyce improve their game. Yamato easily wins this award for me and will look to help his team take advantage of their first-round bye in the upcoming playoffs.

All EU LCS First Team:

Top: Wunder (Splyce)

Jungle: Trick (G2 Esports)

Mid: Sencux (Splyce)

ADC: Zven (G2 Esports)

Support: Mithy (G2 Esports)

All EU LCS Second Team:

Top: Viziscaci (Unicorns of Love)

Jungle: Jankos (H2K)

Mid: NighT (Giants Gaming)

ADC: Kobbe (Splyce)

Support: Hustlin (Giants Gaming)

All EU LCS Third Team:

Top: Expect (G2 Esports)

Jungle: Trashy (Splyce)

Mid: Perkz (G2 Esports)

ADC: Steeelback (ROCCAT)

Support: Vander (H2K)

NA LCS Award Winners

MVP: Doublelift 


The running for MVP in North America is between TSM mid laner Bjergsen and TSM ADC Doubelift. I went with Doublelift because he earned the most kills for an ADC in North America while learning to play with a new support this split. Doubelift was far and away the best ADC in the summer split and was at the top or near the top in every statistical category for ADCs. That’s not to say Bjergsen wasn’t for his respective position. Doublelift just performed at such a high and was able to rack up kills every game. You can’t go wrong with either player winning this award. TSM finished 17-1 this season and easily locked up first place. The MVP should come from their team regardless of which star it is. I vote Doublelift.

Rookie of the Split: Biofrost

This one is extremely easy. Biofrost or as Twitch chat calls him, BioGod, led the entire league in KDA and had the highest kill participation for all supports. Not to mention his team went 17-1. Biofrost showcased incredible plays all season long and proved that he wasn’t just going to be carried by his teammates this season. He played his part on a great team and helped them dominate the league. It was an amazing debut season for Biofrost and he should without a doubt take home the rookie of the split award.

Coach of the Split: Weldon/Parth

Just like the NA LCS summer split, TSM is dominating the award section as they rightfully should after a dominant split. Weldon is listed as the team’s head coach, but Parth is always on stage with the team and does his work. Although Riot will probably not award both individuals, I will throw both of their names down here out of respect for the great work they put in this split. TSM’s picks and bans have been great this season and helped them on their way to a 17-1 record. Each player on TSM improved from the previous split as well. The team improved greatly and when a team improves, coaches deserve to get their credit.

All NA LCS First Team:

Top: Huni (Immortals)

Jungle: Reignover (Immortals)

Mid: Bjergsen (TSM)

ADC: Doublelift (TSM)

Support: Biofrost (TSM)

All NA LCS Second Team:

Top: Hauntzer (TSM)

Jungle: Dardoch (Team Liquid)

Mid: Pobelter (Immortals)

ADC: Sneaky (Cloud 9)

Support: Adrian (Immortals)

All NA LCS Third Team:

Top: Ray (Apex)

Jungle: Meteos (Cloud 9)

Mid: Jensen (Cloud 9)

ADC: WildTurtle (Immortals)

Support: Hakuho (EnVyUs)

There are probably many players that others feel should have deserved nods on the All LCS Teams and I won’t predict every award correctly. These are my opinions on the players and their performance in the summer split only. Send us your award predictions and we can compare if you would like. The 2016 summer split was an exciting one and playoffs should be even better than the regular season.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy