FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL End Of Season Review and Playoff Preview

Hello, all, and welcome to the End of Season Review and Playoff Preview. It has been one of the most competitive ACL’s yet and had some insane surprises so far. We will begin with a look back at my mid season rankings and see just how bad I got them wrong. Have a look back at the biggest surprises and failures of this season. Then take a close look at this Playoff race and how I think things will unfold. Without further ado let’s take a look into my “Mid Season Rankings” and see how they panned out.

  1. Never Unlucky

      My Prediction: 2nd

     In what was one of the closest two horse races ever Never Unlucky managed to edge it out and get 1st by one point. Literally the only thing that separated them from Most Decorated is that one point. They had the exact same goal difference. With Africa aR coming in with 21 goals and Unlucky Dustin having 11 assists it was an all around great season for the old boys. Unlucky Masters and Van Der Duke were co clean sheet leaders with 18 each in defense. Z Uh Oh was co Goalkeeper clean sheet leader with 18 tying with FwC Kahn. This team has been solid all season. I expect that to continue with the form they are in.


  1. Most Decorated

      My Prediction: 1st

    Just missing out on the regular season title is Most Decorated. Another incredible season that these guys have had. If you put this group of guys together success is guaranteed. Omar l 1 l came in with 13 goals and Draxler x10 came in with 10 assists. Aztecas l 8 l had co clean sheet leader in defense with 18 total. FwC Kahn as was previously mentioned came in with 18 Goalkeeper clean sheets to get co clean sheet leader. These guys could have easily gotten first and should be treated as a 1st seed. Expect a deep playoff run.


  1. Revolution FC

     My Prediction: 12th

    I mentioned in my “Mid Season Rankings” that a miracle would have to happen for this team to find some chemistry and miracles come true. This group of all stars came together and had one of the most incredible mid season pushes to get third place.TG joining the team mid season is a huge part of their success and caused them to rocket to the top with his composure in the midfield controlling the game. Dylshkin 67x came had a solid season as always with 15 goals. FaintFoal aka LickMyBalotelli was the leader of ACL in assists with 16. Ikerinho came in mid season getting 8 GK Clean Sheets which is more than 75% of the Goalies who played all season. Classic Iker-esque performance. Question is if Iker can avoid his 1st round ACL curse that seems to always happen. With a controversial matchup against The Wall FC in playoffs it will be tough for them but they are a huge threat to go far.


  1.   Eclipse CF

     My Prediction: 4th

     One of the few predictions I actually got correct. They performed how I expected and came in at a solid 4th. A team that can create some magical performances. With Habsguy11 getting 13 goals and 15 assists he is the offense for this team. The play runs through him and if he is shut down they struggle. Marvinho got himself 10 assists That Bottleface had a typical solid season with 14 GK clean sheets. These guys can beat anyone when they get their passing on point. If they get past the 1st round anything can happen. A bit of a wild card team.


  1.  Total Futbol

     My Prediction: 3rd

Finishing slightly lower than expected they still had a solid season. Hype Razor managed to hold RT enough to get 15 goals and 12 assists. ST Energy had 15 GK Clean Sheets. Oh My Gado x, ST Kaws, and Fiddleton all had 15 Defensive clean sheets. This team is solid in the back and solid in the front. Often struggling to catch a break this is a top 5 team and can go far if they can bundle their way through. In all serious though this team puts some nice passing moves together thanks to Ortegon x10 and can be a threat.


  1. The Wall FC

     My Prediction: 5th

This is the team that I run. Yes I know it is difficult being me. It is a difficult job but I manage. I predicted we would finish 5th and that is not what happened. I totally didn’t fix our matches to make my prediction be false.  Jackson had 16 goals and 10 assists. TerryGod AKA The Donald had 12 defensive clean sheets. This team has games where they can beat anyone and games where they can’t score against True Football. At the end of the season they picked up Raiyan and Sir Marcus.  With a difficult game against Revolution it will be a tough playoffs.


  1.  Envy

     My Prediction: 7th

At mid season I called them making a massive push and making playoffs. My prediction was correct and they proved I was right in keeping my faith. Shields managed to hold the troops together and make playoffs.With only one loss the entire second half of the season and they beat Most Decorated. Behind 16 goals from Re1uk and 14 assists from Magan l 99 l. Escan930 got 6 clean sheets in net. This time fought hard to earn a spot in playoffs. However with a nearly impossible matchup vs Most Decorated it will be tough. Praise is deserved for making it this far.


  1. Artistic

     My Prediction: 10th

Well I said the computer backline would have to carry them in order to make playoffs and they did just that. With the manager being non existent for the past three weeks and a roster full of just randomness they managed to sneak into playoffs. I would say other teams such as Clown Fiesta and American Outlaws failed to take advantage of the chance. While Artistic happened to be the best of the worst of the three fighting for 8th place. I don’t see them standing a chance for surviving past the 1st round but congrats for somehow making it this far.


  1. Clown Fiesta

     My Prediction: 6th

A failure of a season to say the least. Between some in team fighting, a lack of chemistry, and just flat out bad play they missed playoffs.Streets had 10 goals.Joker l 1 l had 9 GK clean sheets. I had multiple players from the team message me when I said they would make playoffs I was an idiot. I guess those players were right. I won’t say names due to anonymity but they were some key players within the squad. Unfortunate that this team had so much potential but was unable to harness it. A disappointing season.

  1.  American Outlaws

    My Prediction: 8th

I stuck out my neck for DiLo and the American Outlaws but they were unable to seal the 8th place.  Messi 10 had 17 goals for them but he was unable to carry the team. Everest l 42 l had 7 assists. It was a poor season in which they had several opportunities to take the final 8th spot but were unable to.


  1.  FifaManiacs

    My Prediction:  11th

They were sitting in the top 8 at mid season. I called that they wouldn’t keep up that pace. They fell lower and lower as the season went on. However they must be given credit for achieving this high of a standing.  However after being exposed for boosting stats it almost seemed like things could only get worse. ShadyJ23 had 13 assists however there is some questioning over the legitimacy over those assists. Overall a decent season for a team of average players.


  1. FC Phoenix

    My Prediction: 9th

What a weird season. Not only was it the worst season for them ever it was also their last season ever as they are folding.The biggest surprise this ACL easily and maybe the biggest disappointment ever. It was a bad season all around for a group of good players. iFarrell still managed 11 goals and Midget l 23 l had 9 assists. Itz Hotpants still got 6 GK Clean Sheets in a overall poor season for the team.  An unfortunate end to a great run for Phoenix.


  1.  Prestige Futbol

    My Prediction: 15th

We are getting into the deep scary depths near the relegation zone and teams nobody cares about. It was a bang on average season for Prestige Futbol. Luggy x scored 11 goals for them so that must mean they weren’t entirely awful right? He had 9 assists too. A solid season for being on an average team.


  1. Arrechos SC

    My Prediction: 13th

The longest running team next to Never Unlucky they are not having as much success as them however. They are loyal and often carried by the Cambalache who in my opinion is a top 8 GK. EcuaDT had 13 goals and 9 assists carrying their offense up top. It was always going to be tough for them this season and I was fairly close in my prediction of them being in mid table obscurity.


  1. Caliber CF

    My Prediction: 14th

The team that said they would make playoffs and said I was a fool for not putting them in the top 8th. Clearly I was correct. It was a poor season just avoiding relegation. IF Sonick had 9 goals and 7 assists carrying the offense with his teammate iF Tiki who had 9 goals and 8 assists. Congrats on avoiding relegation and beating Most Decorated.

  1. True Football

    My Prediction: 18th

I mean did I call it or what? Congrats Isco for ruining what was a semi decent team with a good group of guys. Not only did they get relegated they went down after losing to the best team in ACL Leche Boys in a playoff. Isco who is in his eyes a top quality player in VPN and only succeeds on good teams. Well here is why. He gets carried on good teams! Managing 5 goals and 4 assists Isco did very poor. However he had 274 dribbles unsuccessful and 132 dribbles out of bounds. A very typical Isco season. Shoutout to Sanders for scoring 10 goals. Unlucky for the rest of True Football for having to play with Cancer such as Nehzo and Isco. Maybe D2 can be a bit more of their skill level.


  1. Notorious FC

    My Prediction: 16th

Xxmobgetmoneyxx scored 10 goals for them. That’s a whole third of the goals for them. I don’t really have too much to say for them. I predicted relegation and it happened. They have a guy called killersquirrelz. Never heard of the name before but it is probably the most interesting thing that happened to them besides blowing a chance to beat Most Decorated.


  1. Redemption FC

   My Prediction: 17th

Yet again they are in first place if you base it off of player names with JesusHaxYou and PineapplePotPie. Olaf is a top 10 barker in the VPN but the quality does not transfer onto the field. Hopefully, the FIFA trainers can help the team in D2. Unlucky boys.


With that, we end our Season Review! A whole lot of banter and surprises. Some interesting finishes and a few quality runs to end the season. Let’s take a look at the Playoffs, shall we?


Playoff Preview:

(All Games below will be played Tuesday, August 2nd. 10:00pm EST)

Never Unlucky(1) vs Artistic(8): 

If Never Unlucky lose this might be the biggest upset since the old school Jamaicans making a run to the finals way back at the beginning when ACL started. Never Unlucky should dominate this game in every single way. They are better than Artistic in every position and aspect. No point in pointing out a strength because every single player is a threat.

Prediction: Never Unlucky wins 7-1 on aggregate.


Most Decorated(2) vs Envy(7):

A matchup that is a tad bit closer but should be a tough win for Most Decorated. Envy have the potential to cause trouble if they can withstand the pressure of Most Decorated. Envy beat them once in the regular season and will be interesting if they can be an issue again. Viva Suarez will be pulling the strings. If Envy can’t close them down quickly the potential for an upset is there but I see Most Decorated pulling it out due to the all around all stars in every position. A game to watch for sure. An upset is on the cards if Most Decorated get caught sleeping stay tuned in.

Prediction: Most Decorated wins 4-3 on aggregate.


Revolution(3) vs The Wall FC(6): 

In my opinion, this is the closest and toughest game to predict. Two teams with history in the regular season. Two teams who know each other very well. Revolution has a well-rounded squad with no weaknesses. The Wall has a solid defense and a tough midfield to break down. With recent additions such as Raiyan and Sir Marcus it will cause some havoc to Revolution and cause a tougher time. This could go either way but due to the history between these teams I see The Wall pulling it out in Golden Goal.Don’t be surprised if Revo wins it with ease due to a lack of cohesion between The Wall. But for the sake of predictions I see The Wall winning it. In my opinion, this is the game everyone should be watching on Twitch.

Prediction: The Wall FC wins on Golden Goal 2-1 on aggregate.


Eclipse CF(4) vs Total Futbol(5):

Many see this matchup as the closest with two very even teams who play similarly. However due to Total Futbol and how they play I see this being the perfect counter vs Eclipse. The solid defense of Total will shut down Habsguy11 and cause Eclipse to panic. However, if they fail to play that solid compact defense I can see a blowout if Eclipse scores early. I expect this one to be wild and well worth the watch. I see Total Futbol taking it though.

Prediction: Total Futbol wins 6-4 on aggregate.


Thanks to everyone for competing and making this ACL the most competitive yet. It was a joy to be apart of and cannot wait until the next one in FIFA 17.Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed the article. Best of luck to everyone in playoffs and remember. Don’t be an Isco!