Shoutcraft KotH

Shoutcraft KotH


Before I say anything I want to say that there will be a few spoilers throughout the article, so please do yourself a favor if you have not seen this event in its entirety go and watch it. This event has been from start to finish one of the best events in LotV by far. Between the delivery on announcements, and the anticipation of each announcement as well as the quality of every player and the pure excitement generated by this event you can tell it was a TotalBiscuit organized event. While I don’t want to take away from other event organizers I can honestly say that the way TB used youtube and other things to bring attention to the starcraft fan base as well as using his biggest fan base to get the word out.


For anyone who may have missed the player announcements you can find them all: Here along with the games. This was a very interesting and exciting way to reveal players and every time it was a good player you were excited to see competing with the others. The hype for this event was as real as it could be with everyone finally getting to see a good number of top level foreigners playing up against some of the best Kespa has to offer we can see perhaps a preview of what could be in store at blizzcon. While these were only slated to be best of 1 games it still had a limitless number of possibilities with who could be playing who and what would happen if one player just hit a hot streak.


Now here come the spoilers so if you have not watched those games please just go find the vods in the earlier link and watch all of them, you will not regret it! The viewership for this event was astronomical pulling in at least 25,000 viewers to the main English stream and according to a reddit thread around 32,000 total concurrent viewership. The whole series was kicked off by Polt who started off with a pretty sick run starting off with killing Super in a very convincing game even killing 5 probes with his initial reaper showing the potential nerves from super. Moving on to another Korean opponent he played against Ragnarok who is another Code S player who just did not have what it took to beat out Polt. The next opponent brought a ton of cheer from the Twitch chat as TB announced Hydra to be the next challenger for Polt considering this has been a finals caliber match up that has been seen time and time again but this time it would be a best of 1 for $250. However Polt killed the hype by hitting a very clean timing against Hydra and took another win. Eventually Polt did fall to Dear but not before scoring 4 kills against 3 Koreans and Kelazhur .


With Dear coming up it was looking like a tough road ahead for any challengers. Following the victory over Polt Dear played against Dark widely considered the best Korean Zerg at this time it was definitely a good match up, but after a long game of back and forth action Dear finally pulls out a win over Dark securing his second win. After playing against Dark he got a foreign challenger known as MarineLord! There was a little bit of pregame banter from both players in typical Marinelord fashion however Dear was unfazed as he proceeded to dispatch Marinelord securing his third win. To follow up with another Korean vs foreigner match up we got to see the recent Dream hack champion Nerchio. While a lot of people have speculated lately about how good Nerchio has been playing he got his chance to prove it and he pulled Dear apart putting an end to his reign.


After taking out Dear, Nerchio was looking to be a very scary opponent to have to take on. Byun has openly expressed that he would be afraid to play Nerchio after playing Snute. However Nerchio would play the towel Terran Gumiho! Gumiho opened with a very Heart of the Swarm type Reaper Hellion push with a Banshee to follow it up. From here Gumiho actually opted to go mech on Apotheosis, and put Nerchio in a very uncomfortable position from the gate. After holding Gumiho was setup to defend his third and Nerchio just lifts all of his Roaches and Hydras into overlords and doom drops into Gumiho’s main as well as sending an army into the third crushing Gumiho! Unfortunately for Nerchio he had a short run scoring only 2 kills before losing to Stephano. Stephano would be the biggest surprise in the event by beating Byun and CJ herO in his 3 game streak, only to be upset by TLO in a tense ZvZ. Unfortunately his prize for beating Stephano was a game against none other than Innovation. While Innovation seemed to be in a bit of a slump lately that day was a special day for Innovation for another reason in that it was his birthday. Innovation would go on to slaughter the remaining 7 players in his run he beat TLO, Snute, Maru, Scarlett, True, Harstem, and Solar taking home a cool 1,750 USD for his birthday and efforts as well as qualifying for being the starting King for next month’s Shoutcraft!

©2014 Kevin Chang

©2014 Kevin Chang

All in all this event was absolutely amazing with great production and game quality. I can honestly say that I cannot wait for next month’s event! In case you did not know the event has been funded for the next 6 Months!


Here are some of TotalBiscuits thoughts after the event.


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