League of Legends: Top 10 Champions to Ban on Patch 6.14

10 Champions to Ban on Patch 6.14

With the Summer Split well under way across the globe, and League at a pretty good place now that they have adjusted the meta away from a tank only top lane, it’s about time we reflect and look at a handful of champions that are quite strong right now across solo queue, dynamic queue, and even in professional play. Whether or not all of these are ban-able at every elo is definitely up for debate, but given the current patch, they’re each individually strong champions.

  1.      Hecarim


Hecarim who was has been in and out of the jungle and top lane has become a fixture in the jungle these days because of his quick early clear and very potent ganking ability. With the changes to cinderhulk and trinity force, Hecarim can not only tank a ton of damage, but he can also deal a lot as well. When running ghost you gain the extra movement speed, increasing the damage output he can do with his passive which allows Hecarim to gain attack damage equal to a percentage of his movement speed. The biggest utility Hecarim brings to his team is the ability to use his ultimate in teamfights to get to the backline and drag the enemy carries back into his own team with his devastating charge. He most certainly is one you need to look out for in champ select because that jungle item into trinity force rush can snowball a game very quickly.

  1.      Vladimir


What more needs to be said about Vladimir? This champion since his rework has been an absolute monster on the rift, with his sustain being the best of just about any mid/top laner in the game. Because of his passive that gives 1 AP per 25 points of bonus health and 1 bonus AP giving him 1 point of health, building items like Rylai’s and Spirit Visage are very effective in this meta with such an emphasis on playing high AP mid laners like Malzahar, Azir, Ryze, etc. If your team can make it to late game with a Vladimir on your side, in the right hands this champion is virtually unkillable whilst also dealing a ton of damage. If you’re not going to have someone play him, I would definitely ban him to avoid the risk of someone picking him up on the enemy team.

  1.      Illaoi


Illaoi for me when she first came out just didn’t have much of an impact into the game like Jhin or Kindred did. She wasn’t really cutting it in any lane, but through recent buffs to her E third ability where she takes the soul from the enemy champion and applies both a slow and making the enemy champion into a vessel that her tentacles can attack over time. Because of these buffs, we now see a black cleaver into full tank Illaoi bullying lane opponents with her 3rd ability trading as well as her massive AOE ultimate that if you’re caught in the middle of it, you’ll probably die. She’s been seen in professional play but Illaoi for sure is a go to ban in solo queue.

  1.      Irelia


With not many counters in the top lane outside of Shen, Irelia is a force to be reckoned with the changes to trinity force. Once she gets that item, you better hope laning phase ends quickly or you may find yourself being constantly bullied out of lane. Her early to mid-game power spike can turn an even game into a stomp real fast with one good teleport from an Irelia. Her sustain with her 2nd ability makes her very hard to bully out of lane and if she gets her Bladesurge resets onto minions she can be very hard to chase down. She’s another champion if you don’t plan on playing be sure that your enemy won’t be playing her either.

  1.      Rek’Sai


Rek’Sai is by far one of my favorite junglers to play and one of my least favorite to play against. In the right hands, a good Rek’Sai will be ganking your top lane on minute and then after some strategically placed tunnels, can be ganking your mid laner from your own raptors the next. Her ability to navigate around the map, counter gank, and also sustain with her passive that when burrowed, she consumes Fury that heals her. If your team needs a tank and initiator, there aren’t many better champions than Rek’Sai. With an ability to close down on enemies and knock them up, she can tilt teamfights in your team’s favor. You really are never safe under your own turret when the enemy has a Rek’Sai because of her kits utility to show up out of nowhere as well as her ability to tower dive due to her durability.

  1.      Fizz


Fizz is one of those champions that you’re never safe from. With one of the best gap-closing kits in the game he can get onto and dunk on your backline quite easily. He can also use his Chum the Waters to engage and disengage as the AOE knocks up the champion it hits and slows anyone else in the AOE. His AP output can hyper carry a game and with max cooldown reduction he can hop around the rift and catch anyone out. If you’re not comfortable playing against an assassin that can 100-0 just about any squishy, I would ban him.

  1.      Azir


Azir is by far one of the strongest champions late game, his soldiers melt tanks and squishies alike. He also has one of the best engage tools in Emperor’s Divide. It takes a lot of skill to master the “Shurima Shuffle” as most people call it but if you can get it down, it could change the tide of a team fight. Even though he can be heavily countered by assassins such as Le Blanc and Zed, if your team can survive to late game, expect to see a huge damage output from an Azir. Along with his passive that summons a turret that has fallen, a full build Azir is nothing to laugh about as his range is hard to get to and makes him a huge reason why you should ban him.

  1.      Bard


A bot lane’s worst nightmare is coming up against good Bard. He gives the lane sustain both sustain and is also a lane bully. If you have a bard that can land his cosmic bindings you can be in a lot of trouble. With his magical journey, the team can engage from out of nowhere, disengage from baron and dragon fights, as well as rotate from lane to lane and put pressure from multiple lanes at a time. With a well-placed ultimate, you can catch out a member of the enemy team, engage a tower dive by ulting the turret, or even ulting a teammate so that your team can catch up to save them. One perfectly timed tempered fate can change the course of a game. I had to show some love to the support role, but out of all the support champions in the game, the most well-rounded one at the moment is Bard.

  1.      Ashe


The only AD Carry on this list of champions is Ashe. The reason she’s up here and not the likes of Lucian or Jhin, is because of her utility as well as massive amounts of damage per second she can output in teamfights. Her ultimate has a maximum duration stun of 4 full seconds which in the midst of a teamfight or a pick, can lock down an enemy champion until they die. The Essence Reaver into Hurricane build does a ton of multiple target damage and in many cases with the addition of Ranger’s Focus, can melt enemy tanks and carries at the same time. Her utility combined with her insane damage-per-second is a huge reason why she should be one the lookout when you’re in Champion Select.

  1.  Gragas


Last on the list, but certainly not least is Gragas. This champion fell out of the meta in preseason when junglers were forced into playing carry champions such as Graves, Nidalee, Kindred, etc. However, since the tank meta has come and gone, we see many people looking to junglers to be the teams front liner. With runic echoes being in a pretty good place right now, Gragas can be a huge problem for anyone early game. If you can get ahead on him, mid to late game you can be virtually unkillable. There really is nothing more satisfying than seeing your Gragas flash body slam the enemy ADC and ult them back into your team. He’s is a very good gap closer when you combine Iceborn Gauntlet, CDR boots and Dead Man’s Plate along with his kit. Gragas is definitely a top tier jungler at the moment and if you’ve run out of ideas on who to ban and don’t want this drunken madman body slamming you to death I’d go ahead and slap a ban on him.

I really hope in Patch 6.15 they give a closer look at the Top 4 on this list as these champions really don’t need to have the best player on them to do well as they are that good right now. However, with that being said League is at a pretty good place right now as far as playing a variety of champions and succeeding on each and every one of them. The couple honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list were Malzahar, Cassiopeia, Lucian, Anivia and Swain.