FIFA Pro Clubs: Power Rankings Mid Season Review

  1. Most Decorated – Who would have thought? Yes as always the team formerly known as the world beaters Viva is still at the top. Aztecas is the leading goal scorer for the team from CB and with the rest of his teammates are leading the league in defensive clean sheets. They recruited Gringo back to come across the border and he has 2 goals and 4 assists to his name. FWC Kahn has come across from FMVP as well and recorded a league leading 11 clean sheets in net for them. Slightly disappointing is Viva Tracy with 0 games played and rumours have it his girlfriend keeps him locked in a basement with no XBOX. With Most Decorated only losing once and imposing their will upon teams I see no change from them and will finish out the league in 1st.


  1. Never Unlucky – Last years ACL champions are keeping up pace this year for a back to back challenge with 40 points and 5 points behind Most Decorated. Africa aR is their leading goal scorer with 11 goals however he has been able to bark about it because he hasn’t the majority of the league’s Facebook group blocked. Van Der Duke has found a new home after being saved from American Outlaws and has fit in very nicely for Never Unlucky. He is in 2nd for defensive clean sheets tied with his teammate Unlucky Masters. Nobody knows how long they can keep this run up until the arthritis kicks in but for at least the rest of this FIFA I see them fighting for a title. I predict they will keep their current position at the end of the season finishing 2nd.


  1.  Total Futbol – Basically Elusive reborn has found themselves sitting in third just past the midseason point in the season.  Seeking to make a run similar to what the original Elusive did in their first season in D1. Hype Razor is the leading scorer with his RT ability having 7 goals and 10 assists. Fiddleton, ST Kaws and Oh My Gado x are holding it down in the back for them so far this season with 8 defensive clean sheets. This is the last team I see holding their position and as such I think they will finish in 3rd.


  1. Eclipse CF – They currently sit in 5th however I feel as if it is only a matter of time until they move up in the table. With only 11 goals the EcF boys have a stout defense with a diverse attack with several attacking options posing a threat.  The main being Habsguy11 and AirJapes who can turn any team into a top team. However judging by their roster the biggest issue is finding a solid 11 and the devastating loss of EcF Bellerin AKA Traffic Cone at the transfer deadline. Who knows how they will survive. Despite that I think they will manage a 4th place finish.


  1. The Wall FC – The team that has made the biggest surprise this season with many ups and downs yet they find themselves in 4th place currently. Off to a flying start they find themselves two points behind third place and will look to solidify their position in the final weeks. Behind the current golden boot leader Jacksonx8 this team has scored the second most goals in the league. TerryGod in defense has been a stalwart in defense shutting down everything going down his side. In the back they made a major transfer window signing in Stox75x who is the new keeper for them after a chaotic transfer window that saw half the team leave to Revolution(GoldenEye). Despite the unfortunate snaking they will surely fight for a solid finish this season in the Top 5.


  1.  Clown Fiesta – The team whose season is most befitting to its name. Plenty of ups and downs.  They currently sit in 9th but currently on a nice unbeaten streak I see them flying up the standings this week to pursue a top 5 place. After losing Viva Calvo due to playstyle differences they find Luka Lockup and Streets being asked to lead the team up top. In the back it is a great set of names in the back such as James l 15 l in defense and Joker in net. Joker has 6 clean sheets and his performances will need to be superb to keep this team going. With the aforementioned Traffic Cone coming in for emotional support I see this team achieving nothing but great things from here on out.


  1.  Envy – Controversially as we go down to the final playoff spots I have Envy taking the 7th spot. However 7 through 10 are complete toss ups in all honesty and will come down to some key games in the final week of the season. This team has key guys that will have to be carry this team if they want that 7th spot.I feel behind the performances of LocoTrack5tar, The Magan Brothers, and Re1uk they will finish strong into the 7th spot. If these players do not come in clutch do not be surprised to see them missing out on the top 10 though. Putting my neck out on this prediction considering they currently sit in 11th with one game in hand.


  1.  American Outlaws – This spot is yet again another toss up between Artistic, American Outlaws, and Revolution. Everest and Messi l 10 l are currently carrying them up top and Collier l 11 l is holding down the wing for them. Not A Big Deal and Dangles l 23 l must continue to perform at the back to prevent as little shots as possible being taken at Dilo and Symbieh. I see them as they are every year fighting for that final playoff spot and have them edging the other two teams I mentioned. Barring a chaotic collapse I expect them to finish one spot lower than they currently are and clinch that final spot.


  1.  FC Phoenix – Oh how the mighty fall. Currently sitting in 15th but they have three games in hand. They win those three they rocket up to 9th place. Thats where I see them finishing this season.  They signed Viva Calvo and Destefano AKA the yung tilt lord at the window on a dramatic deadline double deal. Led by their big chin leader Lahm l 21 l who was too lazy to do these rankings himself. A team with talent just unable to put the pieces together. They could finish strong and sneak in at that 8th spot which wouldn’t surprise me but I think the start to the season was just far too bad to recover.


  1. Artistic – This is a toss up between them and Revolution(GoldenEye). They somehow managed to get 15 players after having essentially their entire team leave at the window. Deen has a project on his hands. They currently sit in 8th but I simply don’t see this team with the roster they have making playoffs. Like I said it is possible but they will have to be carried by their computer backline to secure a playoff spot.


  1. FifaManiacs – Wait who? Exactly what I thought when I saw them sitting in 6th. They have managed results with little to no star names on the roster. Led by Texas Tenant who has 7 goals they somehow find themselves fighting for a playoff spot.  This will be a all hands on deck to finish this season in the top 8 but I see them just missing out. They must be given props for whatever they achieve and they are a wild card team for sure to cause a few upsets.


  1. Revolution FC(GoldenEye) – Clamps,FC Serenity, Revolution FC, and GoldenEye. All different teams this core group of players have played on. They all snaked their teams to join and form what was supposed to be a super team. However having 11 players with household names doesn’t guarantee results and this proves that. Talent all around the field but no chemistry.  This team basically made up of Artistic and The Wall FC players are seeking to be the super team they claim but this season that won’t happen.  Between massive inteam arguing and a clear communication issue between the players I don’t see this working out well at all. Far too many egos in one starting lineup trying to be the best player. Barring a miracle I don’t see this team finding that chemistry or that final playoff spot at this rate as they sit in 10th place. Maybe next year super team.


  1. Arrechos SC – The longest running team in ACL history besides Never Unlucky these guys are a loyal bunch. However despite the loyalty they are a consistent bunch of mid table finishers with the occasional playoff push.  This year I see them doing the same.  Having ToniG starting on your backline automatically means you are out of playoffs and will severely struggle with clean sheets. So with that glaring managerial mistake I see the iFVPA Ecuadorian Team finishing 13th where they currently sit.


  1. Caliber CF -Another wild card team. With wins against Most Decorated and Never Unlucky they are off to a solid start to the finals stretch of the season. It will be close to see if they sneak in at a high spot.  A large roster full of a little bit of everything. Old school VIFA legends and established FMVP players this team is an interesting one. Behind iF SoNick and the drunken legend himself Sadow10 they look to carry the team into the top 10 but I simply don’t see enough quality for them to achieve that. I expect them to finish two spots lower from where they currently sit.


  1. Prestige Futbol – The team that Henriques got relegated last season but were promoted back up through the promotion D2 tourney they have found themselves struggling yet again this season in D1. TheNatural21, ForeverShiek, and Nick l 5 l must perform in order to avoid relegation.  It will be close but I expect them to do just enough to slave the drop and finish one spot from where they currently sit.


  1. Notorious FC – Well their team motto says Bums United and I must say it is quite fitting.  They have struggled to save the least but managed to snag a draw against Most Decorated which surely must be the equivalent of winning the ACL for them this season. I think they stay D1 somehow Who knows in all honesty these bottom three teams could go in any of the three positions. They all lack any sort of talent or skill to be in D1.


  1.  Redemption FC – Well they have Olaf and Mountain Jesus running the team.  If it were for best manager names they would surely win the ACL.  They have players such as PineapplePotPie and JesusHaxYou playing for them. I hope these guys stay D1 because I would love to see these gamertags another season. If they all play with their fifa trainers on they might just be able to make that dream come true. In advance I apologize to Olaf for putting his team in 17th please do not roast me.

    18. True Football – Well I don’t have much to say here. They have Isco on the team and he isn’t surrounded by any good players to be carried so they sit in 18th due to his down bringing.  Unlucky for Maestro l 21 l and Islandrast who are two respected veterans in the community to have brought a cancer to a team that already often struggled with relegation.  Isco said he succeeds on good teams and that he is a good player in this league is about as true as a thread with Hype Razor not having an explicit picture posted.  Clearly what Isco meant by that statement is that he succeeds on good teams because he is carried.  A lot of trash talk from a player who sits on the last place team.  Times will only get worse for the Jamaicans and it is a long final two weeks for them i think.