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This season of the GSL has already been an amazing one so far, and has had many heartbreaking moments as well as amazing comebacks and with our lineup of players in Code S it is looking to be a great show. There are 8 players who were seeded directly into Code S from last seasons GSL those players are: Zest, Dear, CJ.herO, Losira, TY, Cure, Dream, and last but not least Taeja. Alongside those players we had 24 players qualify through Code A with one still being undecided with TRUE forfeiting his Code S spot to compete in the WCS Circuit which will have a mini qualifier tournament of fallen Code A players to fight for the last spot.

I really just wanted to do a notable participants list for this group considering the number of players but honestly leaving any of these players out would be a bit absurd, so instead of that I will be talking about some of my predictions as well as concerns for this group. With the star studded Code S there are a few front runners like reigning champion Zest, Stats, Dark, TY, and Maru. Each of these players are doing extremely well in individual leagues as well as Proleague.

My biggest question mark of the entire group is formally retired Taeja, after his last run he announced his retirement, with that in mind I am not sure if this is like a last hurrah for him where he will give it his all or he just kind of plays here and there and is just going to have fun in the games. Either way this is looking to be the last show for Taeja before the curtain call, and it will be a sad for those of us who were around for the summers of Taeja. While I am sure Taeja will do his best I just hope he goes out with a bang.TaeJa_BlizzCon_2014

Another huge question mark to me is sOs with how off and on he has been since Legacy has released I just honestly have no clue what to expect from him. After his shocking elimination from SSL a while back I am not too sure how he has worked to improve his PvP but it definitely did not seem to be as good as it once was. sOs is a player I have always liked outside of the time he proxy gated CJ Hero multiple times and got away with it winning 100,000 dollars at IEM. He is widely known for his very creative builds and understanding of the game which leads me to believe that as LotV is being figured out he will begin to keep getting stronger and stronger with newer builds.800px-Sos_iem_toronto14

The reigning GSL Code S champion Zest is still looking as strong as ever, however he does seem to have a bit of a weakness as he has been dropping a considerable amount of PvP matches one most notably against MC in MC’s Proleague debut. On the other hand Zest has looked absolutely unstoppable in the PvT matchup. In his group for SSL he played against Reality and Maru and had good games against both players beating them both 2-0. With this in mind I personally feel like the only way Zest doesn’t have another top four finish at least is through a PvP group of death.Zest_iem_toronto14

Maru is a player who desperately needs this GSL run to go smoothly, for those of you who watch all of the Korean leagues and tournaments know that Maru has not yet clinched a spot for Blizzcon and was just eliminated from the SSL which leaves this to be his last announced chance to really get some points for himself. Last season Maru did not even make it into Code S thanks to running into the eventual champion Zest in Code A getting smacked down 3-0. With that in mind this tournament is very very important for two reasons now. Every time we see Maru fielded in Proleague he always does extremely well in the Bo1 format with time to prepare I can hope he finally gets this to translate into the individual tournament, and that he can get himself to Blizzcon.Maru_IEM_WC_2015

Similarly we have Byun which is another widely renown Terran player who is making his first Code S appearance this year which is important to him for many reasons. While winning the GSL is always a priority for any player Byun is currently team less which means the better he looks in this run the better odds of him finding a team to pick him up, and not to mention he is just outside of the top 8 for WCS points in Korea. Unlike Maru however Byun is still in the SSL which gives him twice the opportunity giving him great odds of making it if he plays half as well as he is capable of.399px-GhostKing_IPL4

Another top tier Terran player remaining in the GSL is TY. TY and Maru are usually the forefront names when arguing the best Terran in Starcraft right now. TY was the runner up in last seasons GSL and that was the first grand finals he has ever participated in in his career, and I am sure he is still hungry for more. In the recently played SSL challenger series we saw TY absolutely demolish his group of players consisting of: Cure, Bomber, soO, Trap, and Hush without dropping a single game. After seeing TY have an 8-0 run through this group I can only imagine he will come out of his group in first place over solar, sOs, and Super.ty

Another returning player is MC with the roller coaster of emotions he put fans through having to retire and then finding a team while also qualifying for the GSL has been on the up and up since his near retirement. Ever since he joined CJ Entus he has been fielded a few times in Proleague and actually won his debut game against Zest, and in his Code A match was down 0-2 before reverse sweeping his opponent 3-2 in true MC fashion by turning on the aggression and bullying his opponent. While MC was able to get out of his Code A match I do not foresee him making it any farther in the

With all of these big names still remaining in Code S there are also some people who are a major upswing since the release of LotV. Ryung is a player who has been around for a long time and has finally caught his stride recently in Legacy. He has been a lynch pin in the minimal success from MVP in Proleague, as well as doing fairly well in individual leagues. If Ryung has good TvT he actually has a fairly good chance of making it to the next stage of the GSL, with this being his best finish since 2013 WCS America 3-4 place finish. While I really really would like to see him advance looking at his group Dream and aLive have some very scary TvT.Ryung_20140109

All of these players with so few spots to move on makes it a bittersweet feeling moving forward. I would like all of these players to be champions but that is not the nature of our beautiful game, and only one will be crowned champion. Will we possibly have a two time champion right out of the gate with Zest winning it again, or could we have TY finally win a GSL after coming so close last season? Only time will tell as the first group kicks off on July 6th.


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