The Comeback

The Comeback


On June 17 world renowned Protoss player Jang “MC” Min Chul made his return to GSL to battle with Journey in Code A for one of the 32 spots available in Code S. Recently MC has signed with CJ Entus bringing himself out of retirement and officially back into the Starcraft scene. Upon his return to Proleague he was immediately put to the test by having to face off against the reigning GSL champion Zest, and no one knew what to expect going into the game. However MC showed that he still belongs by taking out Zest and finishing it all off with a celebration at the end. However even with that we still cannot say anything about how MC has been performing considering he took one game off of Zest in a mirror matchup, and this was going to be a Protoss versus Terran.


With this being the return of MC it was undoubtable the most hyped match of the night, unfortunately it was the last series of the night as well. However Byun and Gumiho made quick work of their opponents beating them both 3-0 leading us to the game of the night. It had already been a quick night and the speculation had begun about whether MC had what it takes or not to beat Journey who has been playing very well as of late. Everyone was still riding the buzz from MC defeating Zest but Tastosis definitely did not put MC in an untouchable position Tasteless even mentioning that MC definitely did not have this in the bag, and that either one of these players would make a great addition to the Code S lineup.


However the dream of seeing MC in the Code S again was quickly put on the rocks as MC had played a very old style of Adept Immortal which was very vulnerable to the drop heavy Liberator/Bio style coming from Journey we had Journey constantly being able to drop MC without him being able to do much through counter attacks due to his lack of anti air, we found MC down 0-2 against Journey who had been playing fantastic PvT all night and it was looking like another potential 3-0. In game number three we saw MC really switch it up and decided to go for a more aggressive style of play, as we could see Journey was going to win the lategame against MC, setting the pace for the rest of the series would be MC’s only chance of making it into Code S!


Starting in game 3 MC started using very strong Warp prism harassment as well as excellent Blink Stalker control to take back control of the series. Game 4 was another really aggressive move proxying a Stargate for two Oracles followed up with a big gateway/Voidray attack which ended up killing Journey.In the final game on King Sejong Journey tried to abuse the rocks next to MC’s natural base and MC was able to flank the small army with Stalkers killing a Medivac, Tank and some bio, setting him into a good spot for the mid game. The way MC closes the final game is much like how it started sending his warp prism behind Journey’s army he warps in a handful of Adepts and collapses onto Journey’s army and his expression said it all, he knew it was over. GG and MC makes the reverse sweep to make it into Code S!


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