SC 2 Ladder Revamp

Ladder Revamp


After a long awaited time the Starcraft 2 ladder revamp has finally been announced! Blizzard released a short video with David Kim talking  about the changes being made to the ladder system as well as a few sneak preview images of the new icons and layout of the menu. The only thing missing from a lot of people’s wish list was the separate MMR announcement, HOWEVER a Blizz official commented on Reddit that it is definitely in the works but will just be released at a later time!


TLDR of announcement:

  • MMR will be visibly displayed at all times
  • Progress bar for PROMOTION!
  • Each League has 3 divisions (Bronze 1, Bronze 2, Bronze 3, Silver 3 etc. etc,)
  • GM league has promotions and demotions (FINALLY)
  • New Promo celereation, New borders, Shows your MMR and your opponents MMR after game



New Promotion Gif (By DTDStarcraft on Reddit)

Announcement Video


Overall I am personally very excited for the ladder changes and I hope everyone else is as well!

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