FIFA Pro Clubs: ACL Season XII – Preview/Week 1 Rankings

And we are back for another ACL, the last one of FIFA 16. The tides have shifted and for the first time, Never Unlucky FC will try to defend their crown. Like Leicester City in the BPL this year, they caught a lot of people off guard but they were able to pull it off. That was only one of the many highlights of ACL XI. This new ACL brings in a lot of the hope that another team can take the crown and the competition will be as tight as ever. Lots of transfers have shaken a lot of teams up and this new ACL could be the most competitive ever.

Most Decorated – An Easy Target

So let’s talk about this for a minute and you tell me if you thinks makes any sense. So yeah, this new combination of FC Serenity and Viva Futbol is now called this new arrogant name. And that’s the only word for it. What doesn’t make sense to me is that, what do you gain? This name is so arrogant that if they do not absolutely destroy the competition and win the league, they will easily be the most disappointing team of all time and would deserve all the criticism they would get. But if they win, then what? You did what you should have? You actually lived up to the absurd expectation you set for yourself? It’s a lose-lose situation, and if we are being honest, I think NO ONE would like to see them win whatsoever. The name is confusing, but hey, good luck to you. For your sake, Most Decorated, show us how good you really are. Title or bust.

Never Unlucky Saved the FVPAA… For now…

The second the final whistle blew in the ACL Final last season, Never Unlucky won but so did the rest of FVPAA. The oldest group of guys finally broke the streak of a Serenity/Viva chokehold on the title and the FVPAA.  Never Unlucky did more than win an ACL though. Unlucky was able to bring hope back to the FVPAA and made everyone in the community think that one day they can win a title as well. NUFC used a high-powered offense to get themselves a title combined with a solid defense. We have had plenty of good teams in the past that gave hope of breaking the Serenity/Viva streak, but NUFC were the first to break it, and it might be the most important thing to ever happen in FVPAA history. But, as we all know, Serenity/Viva will be back (In the form of Most Decorated) and will be looking for revenge. NUFC paved the way for teams like FC Phoenix, Eclipse CF, etc., and now more than ever, other teams need to take this opportunity to prove that they are worthy of an ACL crown. There has never been this much balance in the league, but if Most Decorated come back and win the title, you could see this end up being a false hope going into FIFA 17.

Teams to look out for this ACL:

  • Prestige Futbol – The CB pairing of Vendi l 5 l and Nick l 5 l could be the reason Prestige sneak up a lot of teams this season. They make a solid base for a team that doesn’t have the most offensive firepower.
  • Total Futbol – Elusive 2.0 with a splash a Mexican League players that should be a tough out and pose challenges to many contenders.
  • Revolution FC – Lots of offensive firepower but their backline is a little suspect. Thibeault x and co. look to be the first D2 team to go deep in playoffs.

Players on the Rise:

  • Nick l 5 l – Prestige Futbol – CB
  • Lee l 7 l – Eclipse CF – RB
  • U90 L Robben – Artistic – RB
  • Van der Duke – Never Unlucky FC – CB
  • Taco Bale – The Wall FC – ST


Power Rankings:


1.)  Most Decorated – Wow, just wow. This roster on paper just blows you away. Arguably looks like the best one assembled in ACL history. Definitely title or bust for them but they look every bit the part. Wing play will be huge for them in how they move the ball. Hopefully with the combination of players they have already gained some chemistry.

Player to look out for: Viva Pony – Pony took a quick hiatus last season but found himself playing again in the second half in the season and now it seems like he is back permanently, but at CB again, which is a nightmare to all other teams since he regarded by many as the best CB to ever play in the community.

2.) Never Unlucky FC – The defending champs are back once again and now with a title, are still as motivated as ever and are still sharp. They won’t be able to surprise people this time around but they have made their presence felt. NUFC can easily repeat as champions, even if the roster looks slightly different than last time.

Player to look out for: Africa aR– Africa has been taking this league by storm but now every has seen him play enough to where they are starting to learn his tricks and tendencies, will he be able to adjust and shut up the doubters once again?

3.) Eclipse CF – l Marvinho l may not have merged like Viva/Serenity, but he got the best free agent available, TGxCFD15. Him along with NotMikeD and EcF Griezmann (Formerly FHz Anarchy 7) make quite the trio and have pushed Eclipse into the upper echelon of teams. They made the semifinals last season and look to be on their way to contending for the title once again this season.

Player to look out for: habsguy11 – Habs has struggled a bit these past couple seasons and Eclipse will really need him to find his old goal-scoring form if they are to accomplish title dreams. He has the talent but needs to piece it all together.

4.) FC Phoenix – Back again after an absolute nightmare in the first round of playoffs losing to #8 seeded Eclipse. Once again, their team is completely remodeled but once again tooled for a title run behind a defense led by Dirty l 6 l and reigning MVP, lvl 0 Arcanine, and a stable offense of Midget l 23, iFarrell and new signings IGI Dom l7l and Viva Oscar. Phoenix is retooled but will they suffer they same playoff fate once again or is this the season they finally breakthrough?

Player to look out for: Dirty l 6 l – Dirty will do his thing defensively, that’s no doubt. His availability is in question but if he plays all the games, he will be leading the Phoenix defense to a potential title chance again.

5.)  Clown Fiesta – This team has been through quite some roller coaster this offseason. All from managers to roster moves, to even the name of their team. Now they seem to have a solid core with Viva Calvo, streets1014, NeNe, James l 15 l, and a couple others. Clown Fiesta will need new GK, Joker l 1 l, to be quality though if thye are to make the title push.

Player to look out for: streets1014 – Streets is coming off one of his “worst” seasons last season at FC Serenity. Personally, I think he played fine and was just a scapegoat for offensive struggles at the club. Expect a rebound from him and to impose his offensive will on others.

6.) Artistic FC– Deen once again went through a lot of typical offseason drama but once again formed a different version of Artistic. This Artistic is a lot of the same from the last season’s team, but just a few people switched here and there. They picked up OP KNOCK who is arguably the best CDM in the game right now so they are really making a push for the title.

Player to look out for: Boateng x – Boateng had one of his best seasons stat-wise for FC Serenity last season and he looks to continue that momentum into this season for Artistic. Boateng will help a lackluster Artistic offense from last season.

7.) Envy  l Batman x l dipped into his Spanish roots and decided to try to build his new team around Mexican league players. He will be asking a lot of his team but they are more than capable of making it happen. It’s a high risk/high reward move but I think it can really work out well and they have an outside shot of making some serious noise.

Player to look out for: Magan l 99 l – He’s fresh off of his first title with Never Unlucky FC and he will be running CAM again with Envy. He has the ability the change games on his own and he will be vital to the Envy attack.

8.) Revolution FC – Welcome back to D1 again, Thibeault x. He once again made another overpowered D2 team and ran through the competition en route to promotion. Revolution have a high-powered offense but lack the defensive sturdiness to make a title push. On any given day they can beat anyone but I think they are still a piece or two away from being serious contenders.

Player to look out for: TheNatural21– The MVP candidate of last year made a name for himself and proved a lot of doubters wrong. Now he will combine his skill with Thibeault to create an electric attack. He will need to create this time though instead of finish.

9.) Total Futbol– Total Futbol is basically the remake of the former surprise team that was Elusive. Their offense doesn’t look as good but their defense looks a lot more solid this time around. Although, last time I made a prediction on them, they blew me out of the water…

Player to look out for: Fiddleton – Fiddleton comes off of his first appearance in the ACL Finals and made his way around a couple teams before settling in at Total Futbol. His defense will be the reason this team succeeds or fails.

10.) The Wall FC – I actually really like what Havens l 6 l did recruiting this team. l TerryGod l is a big pick-up on defense, and Trivela7 x looks like a promising attacker. Jackson x8 and Taco Bale will also help the offense tremendously. The Wall could make playoffs if they play to what they are capable of, but I could also see them missing out due to a huge drop off. This team is up in the air.

Player to look out for: Jackson x8 – Jackson once again leads a mid-table team attack. He hasn’t been bad in any means, but he needs to take the next step and prove himself to be a striker that can beat top teams.

11.) American Outlaws – AO once again come into ACL looking average, or just above it. Specia1 B1end and Huether 10 were huge pick-ups for the midfield but I don’t think the defense is enough to support the offensive potential this team has. Their GK will also be an issue for them. AO could miss playoffs for a second straight season.

Player to look out for: Huether 10 – Huether has always been known as a solid midfielder but he will have to take his game to new heights if he is to lead AO into playoffs. He will have to create plays on offense and create a lot of defensive pressure. He has the ability to be a great player for this team.

12.) Prestige Futbol – Prestige is a tricky team to judge. Defensively, I love the CB partnership of Vendi l 5 l and Nick l 5 l and LuisMfc14 is a solid GK. On offense, they picked up Forevershiek, eXo Neymar, and a DM, they have l Viera l, who I think has some serious potential. This team has the pieces to surprise a lot of teams and if my darkhorse to make playoffs.

Player to look out for: Henriques l 3 l – The manager and now CDM has really built a solid team but he will need to lead the charge and play well himself to make everyone better. His play will dictate how Prestige does this season.

13.) Arrechos SC – Arrechos are back after a heartbreaking season of nearly missing playoffs. Their cinderella-like run was still something to be proud of though. This season they are basically the same team looking to make the same type of run. They can do it if their defense plays well this season.

Player to look out for: cesitarae – Well he won’t be surprising many teams this season after scoring over 20 goals last season. He will need to replicate another strong season and score consistently if Arrechos are to make a run.

14.) True Football– True Football once again try their hand and hope to make playoffs. Last season they had a tremendous start then cooled off and finished mid-table. They are still a couple pieces away defensively for me to take them as a playoff threat but you never know with them.

Player to look out for: Avid Notes – Assuming he is the starting GK, his defense won’t give him the best help so will have to be sharp and help keep his team in games when needed.

15.) Caliber CF – Caliber made it through to D1 via the promotion tournament and the have a chance to give some teams a few scares. I don’t expect a whole lot from this team but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them fit somewhere in mid-table when it’s all said and done.

Player to look out for: AxN Sosa – The CB is going to be crucial for a relatively weak defensive team in Caliber. HE has experience and has played well in the past but I don’t know if he has the ability to carry the rest of his defense.

16.) FifaManiacs  This team isn’t that bad on paper, and they have the ability to play with some better teams on any given day, but I don’t see them making a whole lot of noise. They could potentially finish mid-table but I think that would be their ceiling.

Player to look out for: HIGHCLASS17 – Personally, I rate him very highly. I think he is a very solid player at multiple positions. He alone can help them gain points and he will be the leader of this squad.

17.) Redemption FC – Another team that made it through the promotion tournament, but I think they will get demoted just as quickly as they got promoted. Not enough defense or offense to convince me they are D1 material.

Player to look out for: iLibero – He helped lead Artistic to being one of the best defensive teams last season, and now he’s on this team? What happened??

18.) Notorious FC Congratulations, Notorious FC, for getting promoted into D1. Please enjoy your stay as I think it won’t last very long.

Player to look out for: Killersquirelz – Forget how well he plays in FIFA, the GT alone makes him a player to watch. Definitely a Top 5 GT in the VPN.


MVP – Draxler x10

Golden Boot – Thibeault x

Assist Leader – Magan l 99 l

Clean Sheet Leader (DEF): Ramani x

Clean Sheet Leader (GK): FwC Kahn

Finals: Eclipse CF (3 seed) vs Most Decorated (1 seed)


Enjoy the last ACL of FIFA 16 everyone and player rankings are almost done! Releasing them all at once this time!