A Return To The Top – An Interview With Hungry For More’s Ataraxia


Hungry For More was created after a “rosterpocalypse” ripped apart many of the longer standing teams in SMITE. With Titan disbanding, Ataraxia and PrettyPriMe made a team with the goal of returning to the days where they once ruled the European scene. Hungry For More was not only the team name, but the ideology behind their mission. Each player had something to prove, both individually and as a whole.

Ataraxia himself has been in the competitive Smite scene from the very beginning. Playing both the solo and ADC roles, he and his team of PrettyPriMe, KanyeLife, Repikas, and Confrey enjoyed nothing but success in the first season of the SPL, where they would fall a game short of being World Champions.


Following their runner up performance, Titan would continue their success in season 2, placing 3rd in the Spring Split and 1st in the Summer Split. However, at the Summer Split LAN, Titan would finish a disappointing 4th, and would start the slow downfall of the team going into the Fall Split. Confrey would be let go in favor of BroTuZ and the team would narrowly qualify for Super Regionals, only to be knocked out in the first round.
After failing to qualify for SWC ’16, the Titan organization would go under, and subsequently the team itself, which had been together since their origins in Agilitas, would disband in search of newer pastures; KanyeLife would create the Torpedo roster, Repikas would join Cringe Crew, and PrettyPriMe and Ataraxia would put together Hungry For More.

The start of season 3 would not bode well for Ataraxia and PrettyPriMe and their new teammates Zindurn, Variety (formerly Dignitas), and CaptainTwig (formerly Fnatic). After 4 weeks, the team had only found one win in 8 tries, and found themselves in dead last of the European standings. However, the swap of MANALIKE for Zindurn in the support role and a change in overall mindset found the team hit a hot streak, winning 16 of the next 20 games.
Coming in as maybe the hottest team at DreamHack, Hungry For More will face the number two seed from North America in Team Eager.
We had a chance to talk to Ataraxia and ask him about the Spring Split, his new teammates, and some trivia about the man behind the IGN.

How did you get your IGN?
The name comes from my favourite film, Lucky Number Slevin, The main character has a condition called Ataraxia which can be described as a freedom from anxiety and worry. I was quite anxious growing up, and it reminds me every time I log in to enjoy life as it comes!

Favorite gods?
Jing Wei and Apollo

Most memorable moment in Smite?
Probably the comeback against C9 back in the EU Regionals Qualifiers for the first SWC. I think back to that moment often, because if we lost that set, it’s likely I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Favorite game to play outside of Smite?
Definitely the Witcher 3. I love the Witcher series, books and games, and Witcher 3 is without a doubt a modern masterpiece.

Favorite TV show?
Firefly, Chuck, Arrested Development and of course, Game of Thrones.

Favorite foods?
It’s going to sound gross, but it’s probably noodles with chopped up hot dogs. Gotta love it!

Pregame rituals?
I like to retreat and just sit calmly, getting focused. I can’t really describe it, but I can often get too excited and it’s helpful to chill out and take it step by step.

Favorite role to play outside of ADC?
I love jungle, especially the jungle gods, I’m just not particularly great at it, heh.

Favorite mode outside of conquest?
…is clash, the map is beautiful and I love the chaos.

After missing out on the SWC last year, the members of Titan went their separate ways, with you and PrettyPriMe staying together to make Hungry For More. Having played with the same group for so long, how did it feel to sort of start new again with three new players?

Titan had a long history, and it was tough to part from the guys, we had a great run and a ton of fun together. That said, starting again with three new players for me and PriMe has been a blast. Everyone has a new perspective on the game, and it’s great to play in a new environment with new minds.

Two of the players you brought in to HFM were Variety and CaptainTwig, who were both looked at as the weakest players of their former teams. What did you see in these two that gave you the confidence that they were the right players for the team?
Truth be told, I never saw either Variety or CaptainTwig are weak links in their teams. At the Super Regionals (qualifiers for SWC 2016) both of them were instrumental to how well their teams did. While Dig ultimately ended up in 5th, they had the upper hand in their set against PDG to qualify for SWC, and a large part of that was due to Variety. As for Twig, he’s a beast. I recommend watching Fnatic vs. EGR back at Super Regionals to see just how great he actually was.

The team itself made a huge turn around after being in last place in week 4, including bringing in MANALIKE (formerly of Dignitas) into support. What really sparked the turn around for you guys?
The turnaround was attitudes and atmosphere. Manalike brought a carefree attitude to the team, and I feel it’s bolstered everyone as players, in and out of the game. Furthermore, the mid-season changes to jungle that happened at that time I feel gave Twig a massive leg up on most other junglers in the SPL, which is why he’s had such explosive performances since.

Aside from competing, what are you most looking forward to at DreamHack?
Catching up with old friends! I’ve made some great friends at Hi-Rez and esports in general, it’s always great to see them again, as well as catching some of the MK tournament that’s going to be there!

Catch Hungry For More battle Team Eager in the Quarterfinals at the DreamHack Smite Masters on Saturday at 7:45 AM EST! Twitch.tv/HiRezTV