The Benefits of Joining A Team in Starcraft 2

The Benefits of Joining A Team in Starcraft 2


Lately I have seen many posts and threads about different community created teams that are recruiting new players for different team leagues, and with that I have decided to shed some light on what joining a Starcraft community or clan/team can do for you! Similar to almost anything else there will be pros and cons to joining teams as a community player, but I am mostly going to cover some of the benefits you can have from simply joining a team. Now keeping in mind every team is different and every player is different; sometimes the first team you join will not be the right fit for you. If you are a hardcore player with the aspirations to be a pro player you may want to to tryout for a more exclusive team like Miraculous Gaming teams with many GM players, or just teams really active and always working to improve. On the other hand if you are just looking for a team to relax, chat, and play team games with, you should meet with a few teams and talk with players for different teams to discuss how the team runs or operates just to be sure you find a good fit for yourself!


First and foremost, if you are a player like myself who got into the game by myself with none of my friends getting into the game, it is very hard to make friends on the game itself as it is very competitive in nature. With that being said it can be very hard to find people to talk to and discuss strategy and things with, while there are many streamers who will always answer any questions they see in their chat. I can almost guarantee you that they cannot help you very much without seeing a replay of what happened without taking a complete shot in the dark. However in most teams or communities you can almost always find players who are as good, if not better than you are, to help you go over replays and discuss different tactics and builds to try out in the game which can severely increase your improvement process, as well as help stave off tilting.


This leads me into my second point of interest, I am one of the hardest tilting players in the entire world and everyone on my team (Shout out to all players on All-Inspiration) who know me or read the little community discord chats, probably have literal hours of me crying imba about Zerg. I do not know what it is, I have just hated playing against that race since WoL, like literally as every race I have played, and mained each race at different points in time; just something about the way that race is played destroys me. Now I know that what I say is ridiculous and would never put it out on a place like reddit or anything, but I can confidently vent to my teammates, and the players there will tell me things like “well you know you are really just mad because you know your mistakes lost you the game.” To be honest that is probably the reason a lot of players get angry with the game when trying to improve, and having that one terrible game when you are so easily able to just spew whatever toxicity you have in your mind to places like reddit or the bnet forums is probably the cause for half of it. After being a part of a community for a while you start to develop good friends in the team and then you have people that you can just ask things like “Hey man I lost this game I thought everything was good. Can you take a look at this with me?” and you will likely find a few people willing to help.


Similarly if you are in a team big enough that is really active you are likely to have players of all skill  levels as well as players of each race with their own styles of play. What this can mean for you is that if you are a Terran and you struggle against Zerg players who bane bust, or Protoss players who like to do a lot of Proxy builds, you can more than likely find someone in your team who plays that way everyday and get practice trying to fine tune your scouting patterns, and also helping you develop different aspects of your own play to help you win against those builds when you know they are coming.


On top of those things another really cool aspect of joining a team as a lower level player is that there are a lot of team leagues out there for diamond and under players that people may not really know about. This can give you access to playing in a more fun competitive style if that is your thing. As of right now the biggest thing I can think of is the Chobo Team League which is a league of teams fielding players Diamond and under which gives you a chance to play against people in your division and if you win a lot of your games start to test your metal against those in higher divisions. Also, depending on your team management, there could be quite a few in house tournaments or events to play for bragging rights and pride on the line, which is always fun to also hit the occasional teammate on ladder and have that game be more intense than the others. The last form of competition I can think of for community teams are just friendly scrims with other teams; I think anyone can agree if you are on a team you are going to have some pride and want to win and make your banner look as good as possible.


Like any other large group of people on the internet, you are likely to find people from various different backgrounds, career fields, and skills that can help you with random aspects of your life. For example, if you are a young player still in highschool aspiring to be a graphic designer or something of that nature, and in that team there could be people who have knowledge and can give you insights to how that job works, as well as some tricks to help you get ahead in that field. Generally speaking, teams are also usually highly supportive of a member who tries breaking his way into content creation, whether it be writing Articles, Streaming, or YouTube videos, a team of people can really help you improve your content and give you feedback on things that random people will probably either up or downvote, then just go about their day.


The last but perhaps most important point that I have for each of you to think about, is that it can just straight out be more fun to be on a team. Now one could ask, “well I will still just be laddering 1v1 how will I enjoy it anymore?” To answer that I would say while your ladder may not change drastically, you can just find more things to enjoy in sc2; for example, some of the people in my team love going into 4v4 games and doing troll builds.My personal favorite is a Viking drop build that all Husky fans should know. After all what is the point of playing something you really do not enjoy, right? If you are ever just tired of the grind from laddering you can almost always find some teammates to play some troll games or even do large obs games to help each other improve without any ladder anxiety.


To end this article I decided to take some statements from some of the other members of All-Inspiration about what they enjoy most about being on a team!

Lumiya: “My favourite part of being on a team is having like minded, similarly skilled people around who can practise and improve on the game with me

Having people around who can empathise or even bounce ideas for improvement works really well for me”


Siegfried: “I like being part of a team because of the sense of community i get from it, without teammates I wouldn’t really have anyone to talk to about sc2 things, and probably wouldn’t still be playing the game.”


Rhizer: “Fav part of a team. I got a new nickname prodigy :)

FeelsGoodMan, And i get to make fun of exiled, And with the clan tag ppl expect an allin, And i dont get fkin messaged after every fking game to join them.“


MoldedPixels: “the thing I enjoy most about being on a team is the dedication we share towards the game. I spent almost 16 hours playing or watching replays or discussing strategies, and there was never a point during those hours that I didn’t get a response from a teammate.”


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