Xbox Smite: SoaRGaming

On March 21st of this year, SoaRGaming announced that they would be venturing into competitive Smite for the first time by sponsoring SPL team, Problem Solved. SoaRGaming CEO, General, had this to say about SoaRGaming when they officially had joined the SPL.

“SoaRGaming started as a Call of Duty Sniping and Trickshotting YouTube Team in March 2011. SoaRGaming has accumulated over 650,000 Subscribers on YouTube, 320,000 followers on Twitter, and has one of the fastest growing fan bases in gaming entertainment. SoaR is starting to get involved into the eSports scene, as it is a growing scene. SoaR’s involvement in PC SMITE marks the beginning of our expansion into Esports. We look forward to bringing a new audience into the SMITE Esports scene, and growing, and working with HiRez Studios.”

So far, SoaRGaming has done nothing but impress in their short time in the Smite scene with their PC team looking to finish out the Spring Split with a first place finish in NA. But more recently, SoaRGaming has made another announcement: That they are going to expand even further into the Smite competitive scene by sponsoring the monstrous SCL team: Erry Day Carry.

While many teams in the SCL have constantly been rotating roles and players throughout the entirety of the Xbox smite scene. EDC has kept a common core for a majority of the time. While some names, both big and small, have tried to find their way into the rotation for EDC. ElAggro, ElChapoo, ElBr0chacho and Uzzy have found themselves still here at the end of the day. The gap left by these four players was found at the ADC role which will be filled by Keegs.

With the Smite Console League starting this Thursday, I have decided to break down the SoarG2A Xbox roster to help you stay informed on one of the summer splits hottest teams.




Uzzy has been at the top of the list for Solo laners for quite some time in the Xbox scene. In the year leading up to SWC 2016, Uzzy spent his time playing for Team eLevate. Uzzy boasted tremendous accomplishments at his time on eLevate including finishing first in the first LAN at MLG World Finals in New Orleans. While Uzzy may not have achieved his goal of playing on the grand stage at SWC in the 2015 season, he is back looking better than ever in 2016 and I expect his play in Solo lane to be some of the reason this SoaR roster is almost untouchable.



I almost don’t even know where to start with chapoo because there is honestly so much I could say but I don’t even know if that would get the point across. Chapoo is the best and that is really all I can say about that. In the 2015 season, Chapoo found himself making a mistake socially that may have cost eLevate their chance to make SWC. However, Chapoo has been unstoppable ever since. Out of all of the players in the Xbox community I would have to say that Chapoo is the one with the highest drive. He has grinded all aspects of Smite in the past 6 months including keeping up with a huge streaming community, changing roles (temporarily) as well as making accomplishments in his personal life. This guy is so much fun to watch and he is going to make the SCL really exciting. While I would love to believe that chapoo is flawless, he does have a tendency to play a tad bit over aggressive and that was some of the reason EDC was unable to get any results against Team eGr in the SCL qualifiers. If Chapoo can tone down his hyper aggressiveness just a tad bit and just allow his mechanical skill and shot calling do the work, I think we could see him being the Summer SCL Split MVP.



Aggro has been my favorite player in the SCL for quite some time and I am so happy to see him still with this roster and even more as the captain. Aggro has proven to be the guy with his head on his shoulders for this team and I think that is a very important balance seeing as his jungle pairing is probably the most aggressive player in all of Smite. Aggro showed in the SCL qualifiers that his god pool at Mid was massive by playing gods in Mid that served purposes of all kind such as Hypercarries like Chronos, high burst gods like Poseidon and Zeus and safer/high push gods like Isis and Janus. His ability to have such a huge god pool will allow SoaR to attack teams at different angles and with different comps to prevent teams from being able to properly prepare for them.



Keegs is a player that I don’t have as much backdrop on because of his lack of time in the competitive scene plus the fact he has only played mid competitively so far. However, I was actually really impressed by him in the Challenger cup when he played alongside Uzzy on the team called Squirtle Squad. The SoaR team is very confident however that Keegs will be a positive impact on their team. While having watched his streams plenty of times he definitely has the mechanical skill needed to be successful in the role as well as he has plenty of experience in Duel with ADC’s.



ElBr0chacho has been a personality that I have thoroughly enjoyed during his time in the SCL. His mentality is honestly second to only chapo’s in my opinion. I will never forget at SWC in the open bracket after eLevate had just fallen short of beating eventual World Champions, Team EnVyUs. He said after getting told good job:  “You know that I’m not happy. I always want to win, I have to do better.” Well this SCL is looking very bright for Br0chacho and this is his chance at redemption, I’m excited to see it. While there have been many moments that I have felt that he may have been able to do better, it seems that he continually gets better each week. The synergy between him and Elchapoo is second to none as these two have been playing together longer than anyone in the SCL dating back to early in season 2 on PC. His god pool has proven to be large but the most important part is his preference to play aggressive supports. I think this point synergizes very well with how aggressive chapo likes to play and I think that if he and Keegs can get some synergy in duo, they will be able to throw their skill in opposition’s faces.

I was able to have a word with Captain Ryan ‘ElAggro’ Bailey about how he feels going into the SCL this week and how he expects to be able to keep up the name of SoaR in Smite.

“We are feeling really confident going into the first split of the SCL. We didn’t have the results we wanted, placing 2nd in five out of six weeks during qualifiers, but with the additions of Keegs and Uzzy and Chapo coming back to the jungle we have really found our stride. NA is looking very strong going into this split but we are confident that we will make LAN and prove ourselves there.

Keeping pace with the PC team is going to be difficult. They have really set the bar high for us but we are excited to prove that we can be as successful in our scene as they are in theirs. Studying their play has been very helpful to us as a team and we hope to represent SoaR in the same way they do, by being one of the best.”

This roster is going to be so fun to watch this SCL. Beyond their insane skill, this team is full of personality between Uzzy’s almost creepy obsession with our feline friends and Chapo’s ‘oh so loud’ voice and adoration for woman feet. If you haven’t had the chance to meet these guys in their streams or follow them on twitter, be sure to do so. As well as be sure to tune in to their first match against Team eGr this Thursday on