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Gauntlet SC2


GauntletSC2 used to be an up and coming Content/Tournament organizing channel, and the reason that I say used to be is that in my eyes, if they keep the content up and keep the quality improving at the rate they have they have already made it. Every time I watch the events that they put on I fall a little more in love with the events as well as the chemistry between the charismatic BobbyAwesome and Element. Events and things like this are the lifeblood of Starcraft right now outside of the premiere tournaments.

GauntletSC2 hosts numerous events the main event that they run is a weekly Gauntlet series that is a qualifier to a Gauntlet tournament at the end of the month. Anyone can play in said qualifiers and they do like to cast some of the people that are not expected to make it out of the first round to give you a good experience in the tournaments. On the third of June they hosted the Global Showdown which had plenty of players from all regions playing against each other which had some amazing games and upsets. Seeing more and more people coming up with these ideas and funding these games, SC2ReplayStats sponsored the prize pool along with Matcherino, to continue giving Starcraft fans everywhere more content to watch which is always a great thing.

Personally my favorite part, aside from the level of players that they attract to the tournaments they put on, is the casting. BobbyAwesome and Element have really good chemistry together and are very entertaining throughout the longevity of the broadcasts. Between that and Bobbyawesome’s very upbeat town and always happy to be alive attitude, it makes every cast a feel good cast that is entertaining, enjoyable, and leaves you excited for the next one.

With the viewership for each event rising more and more every time it leads me to believe that as long as they do not start slacking off now for some reason, they have truly made there way into the community and are here to stay. So if you have not yet checked out a Gauntlet event please please do so, I promise you are doing yourself a great injustice as a Starcraft fan and viewer if you are skipping out on these events! Thank you so much Gauntlet and staff for your hours and hours of great content, and please keep up the goodwork!


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