Drifters of Starcraft

Drifters of Starcraft


There are many players in the Starcraft scene who are currently teamless or widely inactive, but of those players there are three really standout names that have pretty big followings and no real answer to what they are doing for many of the foreign scenes fans. The three players I am currently referring to are former Liquids HerO, Parting, and EG Jaedong. While these players have vastly different standings in the scene all three of them were big name players in Heart of the Swarm as well as very promising players in LotV. While I may not have any inside sources or anything of the sort, I would like to imagine I am pretty well informed for what the general population knows in the Starcraft scene, and I have to say it leaves me wondering, where the hell are these guys?



The standout of these three players would have to be HerO as he has made it very clear that he has no intentions of leaving the Starcraft 2 scene. While he is the least successful of the three in Heart of the Swarm he has proven to be a force all throughout his career, starting with Dreamhack Championships and finals in 2011-2014, a top 4 in the GSL, a WCS Title in 2013, as well as numerous high finishes at IEM events, this guy has proven to be a player worth watching. He has always been an emotional player, which has been seen in his play when he starts losing games you can tell it affects him, as well as when he is winning, you can clearly see the confidence in his play. Ever since 2011 HerO was on TeamLiquid however he was recently released in the early part of 2016 which started people’s concerns about him potentially retiring. However, that was quickly put to bed as he has stated numerous times he would like to continue playing and has played in all Korean qualifiers. HerO did make it into Code S last season, as well as qualified for GSL this season, which leaves me hope that a team will see him as an asset and pick him up.



Ever since the end of GSL Code A into Code S games Jaedong has been a bit of a ghost in the scene.  People have asked about him and many people have speculated what he has been up to, however no one has any solid answer. Jaedong has had many things come up of late to make it seem as if he is definitely retiring or taking a very long break from SC2. For example there was a short period where he had deleted his twitter account, as well as not participating in the final GSL/SSL qualifiers of the year. However the most interesting part behind all of the questions stirring about are the rumours of him returning to broodwar. There was a very interesting reddit thread about a roughly translated article talking about Jaedong and some broodwar league. People had said that JD had been playing on one of the servers under a random name and tried to just blend in as any other player but many had deduced that it had to be Jaedong. While I cannot recall all of the topics or how they figured it was Jaedong, there were plenty of things that made it look that way. It spoke about how JD had just seen Flash retired and Flash seemed very happy streaming and playing Broodwar and it mentioned that Flash might have offered JD to come and live with him and stream on Afreeca and play Broodwar together. When you think about it in the grand scheme of things it seemed like Jaedong was losing interest in Starcraft 2 for quite some time now, taking many breaks to enjoy life. Jaedong was asked how he felt when Flash retired and he said that even though Starcraft was a single player game and he was never Flash’s teammate he suddenly felt alone, because Flash was always very dedicated and a trusted progamer he could talk to or have good games against. While at the same time from Flash’s perspective, he mentioned in a follow up of his retirement interview, that he said he felt weird since he had lived in team-houses for most of his life, now he would just come home and be greeted by his computer without any teammates or anyone around, and having a pretty much lifelong competitor and friend in JD come live with him could increase quality of life in both his stream and outside of his stream. While again this is merely speculation, I would love to someday find out about what he has been up to as far as Starcraft goes and what he really wants to do moving forward.


(Rough translation: Feeling Empty)

Last but not least we have the Protoss menace Parting. Parting is also kind of like Jaedong in that a lot of things have happened and he has seemingly disappeared off of the Starcraft scene; he has been fairly active on Twitter, and streams off and on but has failed to qualify for either the GSL or SSL thus far, which when you consider the caliber of player that Parting was throughout HotS is very concerning. While Parting is the most active of the three in terms of being able to see him play due to the region locking of many events, as well as Parting streaming on DoYou for a management company called Kongdoo, and many Chinese events do not really make it to America either because of the time zones or the fact that they rarely have english commentators, making their content a bit harder to view then say the GSL. While it may be some failure on my part I have not really seen Parting play in Legacy outside of when he streamed with MC, and I have to say I really hope to see him in the Korean leagues again sometime soon.


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