Kespa Roster Changes: May

Kespa Roster Changes: May


Over the last week or so there have been many changes to the player rosters over in Korea. MarineKing retired and although he hasn’t been performing that well lately his presence and name will be sorely missed by MVP. There was some good news however in that MC has finally returned fully to the Korean pro scene by joining CJ Entus for the next season of Proleague. Just in case anyone has missed it, it was announced a short while before the GSL qualifiers that this could very well be MC’s last show as he would have to retire due to not having a salary/good enough income to continue just streaming. But with him qualifying for the GSL he would be sticking around a while longer; and then after that he announced that he was joining a Korean team and would not have to retire. Being an MC fan the past couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions and uncertainty; however it should be pretty steady for now.




Two of the other players I would like to talk about are two very well performing Terrans in Korea at the moment in Byun, and Speed. Recently Byun tweeted that he has left X-team which leads me to believe he will soon be picked up by some Korean team, however I am not really sure which teams are looking for Terrans. Honestly both of these players have been playing really well recently, and I have no clue which one would be taken first although I would have to imagine Byun would be taken first.


As of right now, MVP has been really Terran reliant in every Proleague series this last season, and while I do think that these two players could improve the lineup I just do not think that they would want to make their lineup so predictable. Last season Afreeca really struggled and may be looking to replace some players which would not be too surprising with aLive and Keen both showing glimpses of their former selves however struggling more often than not. KT Rolster has proven to have two of the best Protoss player in the entire world right now with Zest and Stats, but the Terran lineup has proven to be pretty solid with TY and Jjakji, although Jjakji has definitely seen better days as well. SKT has a very strong Terran presence through Innovation and Dream, although I still have my holds on how Innovation is in Legacy I have no doubt in my mind that he is practicing hard. SKT has shown in the past how much they really like there strong macro Terran players so I would not put it past SKT to pursue at least one of these players.


One of the smallest teams around is CJ Entus. With the recent addition of MC to the roster they have only 7 players on the lineup which leads me to believe they could be in the market for proven players, but maybe MC was all they were looking for to add some depth. However, I would like to imagine that they are down to one Terran player once the Bbyong situation comes to light, leaving them with only 6 usable players. With that being said I see CJ Entus being a big force in going after these two players, assuming they have the means to get them, I see no reason for them not to pursue at least Byun. Samsung Galaxy is a team I really do not see going after these players, mostly due to the fact that they already have 4 Terrans on the roster and if anything I would see them pursuing more Zerg players as they are very light in that department, only having Solar and Armani. Last but not least, we have the reigning Proleague champions Jin Air Green Wings. This team has one of the best Terran around in Maru which would give a great practice partner to either of these players, as well as the fact that they also only have 7 players in the active lineup with only 2 Terran. While they have shown great depth with Maru, Cure, sOs, Rogue, and Trap adding more weapons to their arsenal would not be a bad thing to give them even more options.


All things considered I do believe that Jin Air and CJ Entus will be the two teams that are in the highest interest to gain either Speed or Byun. While these two players could make a good impact on any team they land on, I would like to see how this plays out considering as far as team hunting in Esports goes, just one of these days, the team will have a team picture with the player included, or if we are lucky they use twitter like Byun has started to and announce they have found a team. Either way I wish both of these players the best in the future in finding a team fit for them.


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