MarineKing’s Abdication

MarineKing’s Abdication


Recently after another failed chance to qualify for either the GSL or the SSL for the 2016 season Lee “MarineKing” Jung Hoon has decided to retire from competitive Starcraft. While a part of me is sad to see the story officially end, the realist inside me felt this was the correct decision to make on his part as his time has seemed to have come and gone long ago. I do not think most of the newer members of the community could quite understand why this guy was such a big deal and understandably so considering his last good result was in 2014, but I would like to shine some light on why his name means so much in the scene.


For anyone who only joined the Starcraft scene in Legacy of the Void you will definitely not know much of MarineKing’s play as he has not played in any televised matches to my knowledge minus his personal stream which i know never really had more than 30 or so viewers. With that said I would like start at the beginning and talk about how he made his way into the professional Starcraft scene. Upon entering the scene he was immediately noted for reasons other than his skill, as he used the in game name “Boxer” which in case you do not know, was a legendary Terran player from the BroodWar era of the game, but he was often referred to as “Foxer” or Fake Boxer in reference to not being the Boxer people will think of. Upon the original Boxer announcing he would be returning to play Starcraft 2 he changed his name so that the original Boxer could have it,and inspired by his incredible control over Marines he named himself “MarineKing”.



MarineKing’s prime years were 2011-2012 since during these years he would have his best results with multiple finals in the GSL Code S as well as a couple of MLG Championships, which at the time was one of the biggest tournaments aside from the GSL itself. In early 2011 MarineKing would lose 2 GSL Finals to MVP which was the true Terran champion of WoL and even early HotS in WCS: Europe. Even with these results in the GSL however MarineKing truly wanted a championship, which would come in early 2012 at MLG Winter Arena in which he would beat DongRaeGu one of the best Zerg players of the time 4-2 to secure his first major tournament title. Then he would repeat this success again only a month later at MLG Winter Championship also beating DRG again this time 5-2 to take his second and final Starcraft championship trophy. As WoL came to a close, MarineKing really started to fizzle out and never really made a big comeback until he made a good showing at the 2014 Hot6 cup in which he took second to sOs.


There was a short period of time before one of MarineKing’s many hiatuses in which he was suspected by many of match fixing but with how things are, something must have declared him innocent as he was never brought up or charged to anyone’s knowledge. Shortly after this game MarineKing announced he would be retiring from Starcraft to pursue a pro career in League of Legends. (Game in question posted below)



MarineKing is a player who will be missed, and never forgotten. As many people could see each time it was announced that he would be returning to a Kespa team everyone, myself included, would be more than eager to see him back in the booth and playing in Proleague, but I guess that will only be a dream from now on. A little piece of me still wishes he would keep pushing as I was really hoping to see him have some success in Legacy, but with his very well known play style of blind triple CC into double engineering bay not being too favorable anymore, I doubt that would ever be a possibility. In many situations MarineKing would set himself behind relying too heavily on his micro and just purely not having enough units.


I appreciate the many good games that MarineKing played and exciting moments he brought to the Starcraft scene, GG MarineKing and good luck with your future endeavors!


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