Korean Cross Finals Preview

Korean Cross Finals Preview


On May 22nd Korea will host its very first GSL/SSL Cross Finals. The way this works,A for those who do not know, is that the winner and the runner up of the GSL and the SSL are taken and seeded into a four man tournament in which the GSL champion will play the runner up from the SSL, and the SSL champion will face the GSL runner up. After that the winners of those games will then play which could lead to many interesting results; either a champion vs champion finals, or potential rematches, or even a double upset having the runner ups playing in the winner’s match. For the very first Cross Finals we have the GSL finalists Zest and TY, and the SSL finalists Dark and Stats.

The day actually will start off with an Archon match between the two tournaments, which means there will be Zest and TY in one Archon vs Dark and Stats in the other. This should be a fun and interesting thing to see as I am not too sure if the races have been announced or if it is something that will just happen on the fly, but either way I have to say this seems like a fun way to start off the night. I have no clue which players know what about the other races but with Zest and TY being in the same team house I would have to give them the edge should they choose to prepare for this.

The first game will be played between the reigning GSL champion Zest and the SSL runner up Stats. In this PvP I honestly do not know who will win, but I can say without a doubt this should be a very good series. Zest has shown many great PvP series as well as Proleague games against Protoss. Meanwhile Stats has also shown to be a very good PvP player and recently all-killed SKT, which even though he only played one PvP game, still goes to show he is no slouch in overall shape right now. With how much I enjoy PvP, minus Disruptor wars, I cannot wait to see this series!

The second game is between SSL champion Dark and GSL runner up TY. Dark has not really been in many live games lately; most recently he lost his game in Proleague vs Stats which could be interesting if these two players were to win. TY’s most recent TvZ in Proleague was against Dark which he lost and which could give TY a slight disadvantage going into this series, however the coaches over at KT Rolster must be doing something right with all of these players doing so well, so I think that TY will be prepared for Dark.


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