League of Legends: EnVyUs Obtains Renegades Roster Spot in NALCS


For those of you that may not have known, there has been much controversy surrounding the Renegades organization. Earlier in the split their owner, Chris Badawi, became the topic of discussion among the League of Legends community because of allegations of not paying his players and trying to poach players from other teams. Due to his actions, he was given a temporary year long ban by Riot Games as a punishment. In recent weeks, Badawi is in the limelight once again for violating Riot’s policy. Supposedly, Riot found evidence of Badawi working with the team still as well as an agreement with the current owners, LCK Caster Montecristo and Chris Mykles in which Badawi would obtain 50% ownership of Renegades again once his ban was over. Riot then forced Renegades to sell their LCS spot.

Who is EnVyUs?

This is where Team EnVyUs comes in. They recently bought the Renegades LCS spot and have already been approved by Riot Games to compete in the NALCS Summer Split. EnVyUs is a well respected eSports organization that has seen success in a multitude of games. Their Call of Duty and CS: GO teams both have won majors in their respective games. Their Xbox One Smite team won the first ever Xbox Smite World Championship, so EnVy, as they are known as, is no stranger to success. Hopefully this success translates over to League of Legends where their predecessors, Renegades, have struggled. Renegades were often referred to as “Relegades” due to their poor performances during the entire split until they fought their way out of the promotional series only to have the drama unfold and be forced to give up their spot in the LCS.dDP0gOb

Where Are the Former Players?

Fortunately or unfortunately for EnVy fans, they have elected to keep three of the former players from the Renegades roster in Ninja, Seraph and Hakuho. They lost star ADC Freeze to H2K and their jungler Crumbzz, sometimes referred to as “Dumbzz” for his questionable decision making, to retirement. Ninja and Seraph are fairly decent in the mid lane and top lane respectively, but they are both Korean which means that EnVy will not able to import any other foreign players since they teams are only allowed to have two on the active roster at the same time. Their diverse champion pools give them versatility but they are average at best. Hakuho was a rookie last split and had a less than stellar performance. He seemed to only be comfortable while playing Alistar and even then his decision making was poor as Renegades finished the split in 8th place at 6-13. Although EnVy is in talks with an unnamed ADC and jungler, with the retirement of Crumbzz, they will be lacking a shot caller and vocal leader. Depending on who they sign, nV may end up in the relegation zone just as the Renegades did before them or if they manage to sign a big name, they won’t win against the powerhouses such as TSM, CLG, C9 or IMT, but they will sit comfortable at a mid table finish.renegades