League of Legends: Team Dignitas: The End of a Dynasty ?

As many followers of the NA LCS know, Team Dignitas (aka DIG) was recently relegated from the top flight of the NA LCS after finishing in 10th place. DIG had a shot at redemption during the promotion tournament, but that dream quickly faded as they suffered a series sweep at the hands of Team Dragon Knights (TDK). TDK would then go on to lose to the eventual promotion winners  Apex Gaming, who ironically enough, want to purchase DIG’s challenger slot in order to have a second team. Some may ask, “Why does it matter that DIG was relegated?” The answer I give you is that DIG is a team with a rich history that any eSports enthusiast can appreciate. As one of the four original teams remaining from the original LCS which includes the likes of TSM, CLG and Team Curse (Team Liquid), DIG has had a plethora of popular pro players have passed through the DIG roster. Some of these players include popular Twitch streamers Imaqtpie, Scarra, IWIllDominate, VoyBoy and CLG’s Darshan. Despite this quite possibly being the end of DIG as an NA LCS team, their players are all talented enough to be able to find teams that they could make in impact on and some of them already have accepted offers from new teams.

Currently, Shiphtur, BillyBoss and Apollo all remain on the DIG roster. All three players are currently active in solo queue with Shiphtur building a fairly decent Twitch following. None of these players have announced any immediate plans for the future and it remains fairly uncertain whether or not they will stick with the team during the Challenger Series when Apex eventually acquires their roster spot. On the other hand, the two players not mentioned are support KiWiKiD and jungler Kirei. Both players have moved on to greener pastures. Kirei will be making the jump across the sea to the EULCS with Inspire eSports. He will be joining the likes of NoXiAK, Woolite, CozQ and Satorius as they try to compete for an EUCLS spot during the Challenger Series. Also moving on to a new team, is fan favorite KiWiKiD. KiWiKiD has joined veteran players Quas and Santorin at NRG eSports whose initial roster did perform as well as they would have hoped. KiWiKiD’s playmaking ability from support and shotcalling ability will help NRG tremendously as long as they do not throw at Baron. :)

Hopefully this is not the end of DIG and that maybe in the near future, they will be able to make a return to the LCS. It feels weird knowing that they will not be in the Summer Split after being a part of the LCS for so long. Maybe they will “dig” themselves out from this failure and come back better than ever. No one knows what the future holds for this historic organization. Only time will tell.