FIFA Pro Clubs: AVL Season 9 – Power Rankings: Week 2

Week 1 has come to a close and for the most part, teams are right where you expect them to be (I’m not counting Houston Dynamo). Overall I think some people are just now realizing that a balanced league means that you will struggle more than usual. The teams aren’t bad, it’s just that the teams you play against are a lot better than normal and the competition is tougher. The draft has done exactly what it was supposed to do. I think that has benefited the league so far. Anyway, here are the late Power Rankings for Week 2 of AVL:


American Conference:

1.) DC United – DC has come out of the gates swinging and haven’t looked back since they started well. They have had a good enough offense thus far and the defense has really stepped up for them and after the first week they are still undefeated. The offense will be the reason why this team rises or falls. Previous Week: 3

2.) Sporting KC – Viva Oscar has done an excellent job thus far at making every player work in their system. The brightest spots for KC at the moment are the players no one has heard about. (With the exception of Ramani x) The defense has been solid and the offense has held a steady pace so far. This team has a lot of promise for the top spot. Previous Week: 2

3.) Miami FC – Miami is also undefeated out of the gates but that includes 4 draws that all easily could have resulted in wins. Either way, Miami is still in good form for AVL. Ikerinhoooooooo has been coming up big in net and on the field. Miami will have some tough games ahead but they seem like they will be a real contender but the end of it all.  Previous Week: 5

4.) SJ Earthquakes – The Earthquakes are quietly having a good start and are surprising some people. They play a tough style of team defending while doing just enough offensively. Unlucky Dblock has kept up his fine form into this AVL and has helped SJ off to a good start. With a good week this week, they can stick around towards the top and be a tough opponent for most teams. Previous Week: 9

5.) New York City – NYC honestly has had a pretty start. They haven’t quite earned all the points they should have gotten but overall are playing quality soccer. Their defense has been absolutely lights out but if the offense starts getting things going, this team will take off. Watch out for them moving up this week. Previous Week: 8

6.) Atlanta United – Atlanta overall has been an alright team. They had a big win against Sporting KC and finished the week at 3-1-2. Aztecas l 8 l has made a smooth transition from CB to CAM/ST and Joker l 1 l has stepped up at CB when needed. The veteran experience from this squad has showed and when the new guys start filling out their potential, Atlanta could be a scary team to play. Previous Week: 6

7.) Minnesota United – Minnesota isn’t a bad team, I jsut don’t think they are all that special either. They’ll be decent enough to get a couple of good wins but their consistency between results might be where they fall. Emmy could turn this into a solid squad if they can finish off games and they could definitely have an outside shot at playoffs. Previous Week: 12

8.) FC Dallas – Looks like their “Cross and Pray” strategy isn’t quite working out the way they wanted. They may be having the most fun this AVL, but the results still aren’t going their way. Fatal Enjoyment has been a pleasant D2 surprise with 3 assists already on the young season, but for the talent this team has, the results need to show it more or they could be in trouble. Previous Week: 4

9.) LA Galaxy – Their offense has been the reason why they have won or lost games this season. If they have scored more than 1 goal, they’ve won, anything less, they’ve lost. If they can clean up mistakes in the back and score consistently, they can easily rise up. Previous Week: 11

10.) Philadelphia Union – LoCoTrAcK5tAr has built a team from the defense up and so far he hasn’t let in goals. Unfortunately, the offensive concerns I had for this team in Pre-Season have become reality and they are one of many teams struggling to find the back of the net. Previous Week: 10

11.) Los Angeles FC – They only scored 3 goals in 6 games. I honestly wish that was a joke… The offense has to do more if LA even want to sniff playoff contention, if they don’t, they’ll just be an utter embarrassment. Previous Week: 7

11.) Houston Dynamo – I really regret trying to be bold last week. Hot garbage and DiLo has his squad off to a miserable start and have the worst defense in the conference. They have to switch things up fast if they are to even get back into playoff contention. Previous Week: 1



1.) Chicago Fire – Well it looks like Air Japes has come back from his ACL ousting controversy with a vengeance. Him and l Marvinho l alone have 7 goals and 4 assists. That’s better than most teams a week into the season… Chicago easily look like the most complete team thus far and have been clinical in every facet of the game. Previous Week: 2

2.) NE Revolution – The Revolution have come out of the gates flying and they have had a wonderful start. Bauer l 43 l and Midget l 23 have been a synamic duo on offense and defensively they have been solid up to this point. Overall, the Revolution could have had a couple results go a different way but their first week is something they should be happy about. Previous Week: 7

3.) Columbus Crew – The crew have easily been the surprise of the season thus far and have proved me wrong in a big way. It is still early in the season and things can change drastically but they are still playing very well at the moment. Their defense will need to step up if they are to still look like a legitimate contender but at the moment, they will take this start every time. Previous Week: 11

4.) Real Salt Lake – RSL started off the season extremely flat and looked lost almost but finished off the week with 3 impressive wins and seemingly pulled things together. Their momentum going into week 2 could be vital points in a short season. The offense should be able to pull things together and if they do, RSL could be a legitimate threat coming out of this conference. Previous Week: 3

5.) Montreal Impact – On paper they still look like the best squad and at times have shown the talent they possess; but of course they have also had points where they look like they have never played the game before. Montreal has all the talent and pieces to put things together, it just seems like they have lacked focus during vital parts of the game and it has costs them a lot of points already.  Previous Week: 1

6.) Vancouver – Jimmy currently has this squad in alright spot for  having his second round draft pick play only 2 games so far. The defense has actually been immense so far, the offense has some work to do though and Jimmy hopes that with Cherry I 10 I back, his offense will start putting in the goals they need to gather some crucial points here in week 2. Previous Week: 6

7.) Seattle Sounders – Sounders out the gate have actually been pretty good. Nothing special, but for AVL and especially this season where the talent is more spread than ever, they have been pretty good. They have also done all of this without Viva Ideen, which is huge. They could either take off or decline drastically depending on how he plays. Previous Week: 8

8.) Colorado Rapids – Colorado has been really impressive on the defensive side of the ball but the offense has yet to show up. 4 goals in 6 games will never get you good results. Once this team learns how to score and play with each other on the offense, look out. Previous Week: 5

9.) Portland Timbers – Portland certainly hasn’t been as bad as I thought they would be, but they still aren’t great either. Shady J23J has been a beast so far facilitating the ball but their defense has been letting them down a bit. Maybe a formation change or just overall better play can see them take a step closer to where they want to be. Previous Week: 12

10.) Orlando City – Viva Suarez has come out of this season flat like the rest of this team. If he can get himself and other guys going, they can make a run but in the form they’re in, it looks unlikely unless they turn things around quickly. Big egos could be a reason why this team hasn’t had success yet seeing as they gave the Red Bulls their only win so far. Previous Week: 4

11.) Toronto FC – Toronto has been a little disappointing so far but I’m actually pretty optimistic about them. Most of their ties/losses they haven’t played too poorly and they will be getting Rewind l 7 l back soon. Look for them make a steady rise up the table. They can realistically make a run still. Previous Week: 9

12.) NY Red Bulls – Well…. At least they are trying, right? Previous Week: 10

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