GSL Code S Semi-Final Review Zest vs Dear

GSL Code S Semi-Final Review Zest vs Dear
Dear vs Zest

After an explosive set of games from the four players that remained at the start of this week, we are now down to two final players for the Grand Finals. This week we had a TvT between TY and Cure, as well as a PvP between two GSL Champions Dear and Zest. While I knew these players were really top notch with two clear favorites, I was not prepared for the end results of the games. Before continuing I would like to say that if you have not yet watched the games you should do that first, especially if you are a Terran or a Protoss struggling in the mirror matchup, these games are perfect for studying.

Our second Semi-Final bout was between Zest and Dear-two of the very best Protoss in Korea right now. All though Dear is being highly praised for his GSL performance thus far, and Proleague performance from the first round, I think it is safe to say pretty much everyone is favoring Zest not only for this series but to win the GSL all together. This series had many different styles of play from both sides with exciting back and forth games.

The first game started with Dear fully walling off on Dusk Towers and Zest upon scouting this decided to proxy a robo outside of Dears base to try and bust it down. However this is stifled by Dear’s MSC which kills the first pylon, but is quickly replaced by Zest so just minor delays on the Immortal. Using Stalkers and Sentries at the top of his ramp Dear kept Zest back, and Zest was forced to just contain Dear. In an attempt to get some damage in Zest made a Warp prism to drop Immortals while containing Dear which did not manage to do much either as Dear was able to split his units well. Meanwhile back at home Zest dropped his own Nexus and double Stargate to start pumping out Phoenix while Dear also got a Stargate but only having one was going to be behind in the Phoenix count.

At around the ten minute mark we saw Zest continue making Phoenix while Dear did as well, but the difference was that Dear was investing into Phoenix range while Zest started to transition into his ground army getting Blink and +1. As Blink finished up Zest sent his Phoenix into Dears base to trade them for as many workers as possible, and also had Dear start working towards Carriers. These Carriers would never reach the mass they needed as Zest hit a killer Blink timing before too many Carriers were out which killed Dear putting Zest up 1-0 in the series.

Game 2 was on Lerilak Crest which had both players scout each other last with horizontal spawns. Both players did open with safe two gate openers into two Stalkers and a Mothership Core. Both players also expand at about the same time, the main difference being that Zest kept making Stalkers while Dear made two Adepts and two Sentries. Zest applied a light pressure with his Stalkers to the natural of Dear. Zest is able to snipe the MSC, both Sentries, and some Stalkers for the cost of a few of his own Stalkers which puts him in a decent position. Behind this Zest teched up to Disruptors and Warp prism speed for Disruptor drops, with good Pylon placement from Dear however he was able to keep the Warp prism out of his base. After a while of subtle blink Stalker wars Dear tries to get DT harass in but Zest holds it well. After this Zest launches an attack on Dear and with Immortals supporting his army and great lifts on the active Disruptors Dear gets pushed back to his base and is pushed out of the game.

The third game on Orbital Shipyard starts very different from the others with Dear opening with a Nexus first and Zest steals one of Dear’s gases to delay his tech even further. On the back end of this Zest gets a fast Oracle while sending in an Adept which gets a whopping 8 Probe kills on its own. After that the Oracle flies in only getting a couple of kills but added with the Adept’s kills has a decent amount. Zest gets a second Oracle as well as a very fast third base off of the pressure from the Oracle. Dear manages to get his third up as well considering the only real pressure is an Oracle. Dear starts moving into more gates with Charge and Storm as well as a storm drop, however Zest has been producing Immortals and Phoenix which snipe the Warp prism with two High Templar which only got two probes. Dear takes a fight near Zest’s fourth base and Zest gets a huge flank with a lot of Immortals and Archons which kills off a good bit of Dear’s army, but Zest also loses almost everything but a few of his Immortals. After this fight both players regroup and recover their army supply. Dear takes a bad fight with a really heavy Zealot count while Zest had more Archons and Immortals in better postions which ends up allowing him to bully his way into Dear’s fourth and fifth base forcing Dear to take a final engagement and lose the game.

The final game was a bit anti climactic as we had Dear go into a fast Stargate as Zest went into fast Twilight which led into a Dark Shrine which went unscouted by Dear. Unfortunately for Dear he made Phoenix from his Stargate and the DT’s walk into his base as his Robo starts and is repeatedly unpowered forcing Dear to tap out sealing the 4-0 for Zest!

With both series ending in shocking 4-0 map scores I think it is safe to say we definitely have two of the best players in the world competing for the Title of GSL Champion,


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