GSL Code S Semi-Final Review TY vs Cure

GSL Code S Semi-Final Review TY vs Cure

TY vs Cure

After an explosive set of games from the four players that remai
ned at the start of this week we are now down to two final players for the Grand Finals. This week we had a TvT between TY and Cure, as well as a PvP between two GSL Champions Dear and Zest. While I knew these players were really top notch with two clear favorites I was not prepared for the end results of the games. Before continuing I would like to say that if you have not yet watched the games you should do that first, especially if you are a Terran or a Protoss struggling in the mirror matchup these games are perfect for studying.

In the TvT between Cure and TY I had already expected TY to be dominant in the series with his display of power over Dream in his last performance, however nothing prepared me for the clinic he put on against Cure. TY said coming into Code S that TvT was his best matchup and after his last few TvT series I doubt anyone will try to discredit that as he has shown his near perfect positioning as well as being able to mind game and manipulate his opponents movements on the map to best benefit him. By the third game it was clear that TY had gotten inside Cure’s head by some of his facial expressions between games as well as some of his in game actions.

In the opening game of the series Cure opened gas first, and TY opened rax first, but both players did opt to go for a Reaper expand build. The follow up was different for each player as Cure went for cloaked Banshees while TY went for a Cyclone with a Viking. While Cure gets a good bit of damage in with his Banshees he also gets his third down way sooner than TY. Both players get decent damage in from drops while trying to keep a good position.Game one becomes a slugfest and if you want to study TvT this is a good game to watch both players getting great positions, as well as drops in on top of production lines until TY’s multitasking just becomes too much for Cure and gets a good fight winning the game.

Game two had a very standard opening from both players doing the same builds until TY actually proxied a Starport for Cloaked Banshees. Cure has a small break as he made two Vikings, but has no Turrets for defense when TY hits with two Banshees, splitting the Banshees TY baits two scans onto one Banshee which leaves the second to get free damage until cloak runs out. TY starts to pressure the front with a small bio force while a third Banshee comes into his main, and then retreating the bio. After clearing the Banshees Cure launches a counter attack with his Tankivacs and Vikings, which does manage to get a bit of damage before TY hits the tanks and Medivacs with a Marine flank. TY still has another Banshee going into Cure’s main which picks off even more SCV’s. From the beginning Cure has been fighting from behind, but with TY playing safely Cure manages to catch up in supply as they both max out, Cure manages a good fight at the ramp of TY’s third while losing one of his Planetaries. Through constant harass and a tango between marines and tanks in the center of the map TY constantly snipes bases while Cure just has to struggle to stay in a good position after losing all but 2 command centers Cure dedicates to a fight which TY wins and Cure is forced to leave the game.

On Prion Terraces TY opens for another Cloak Banshee, but Cure opts to make a Cyclone with a Raven and thwarts any of TY’s damage opportunities. Ty follows up with a Tank bio push and when Cure comes out of his base to meet the army TY sends a Banshee into the main and picks off a few SCV’s and when Cure sends back his Vikings and Raven TY has his own Vikings waiting for them and giving TY air control. Cure goes for an attack at TY’s natural base, but

TY was already in a very defensive posture with tanks sieged and holds the attack easily. TY continuously delays the third of Cure with the Banshee and once the third is finally finished by Cure TY moves out and snipes the base with his army. Cure finds himself down to one mining base and down 50 supply to TY which is putting TY in a strong position to take the game. TY keeps pulling further and further ahead until the fight finally happens, and then Cure gets his army annihilated and leaves the game.

TY is on game point and has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. Cure opens with a Cloak Banshee this game, and he does not get any damage as the Banshee arrives just as the Turrets finish allowing TY to be completely safe. TY manages to find a sweet spot as he drops Tanks outside of Cures base and is able to snipe Stim while its upgrading as well as every add-on that Cure has on his Factory and Starport. After TY finishes Stim he does a doom drop into Cure’s main which is impossible to hold without stim GG TY takes the 4-0!

After these games I am really glad to see a non TvT finals because I think we would have a winner already, the question becomes which Protoss opponent could take on TY?


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