FIFA Pro Clubs: AVL Season 9 – AVL Week 1 Power Rankings/Draft Review

WOW! What an amazing couple months for FVPAA! New champions in ACL in Never Unlucky FC, a growth in the community once again, and now a snake draft was introduced in AVL for the first time. AVL will be much more different than normal and personally, I think it was for the better and now it’s time to prove that.


American Conference:

1.) Houston Dynamo – This is a little bold, but on paper, their roster is extremely well balanced and can be the best in their conference with the right ability. The Dynamo are led by manager DiLo l 19 l who is coming off of his best AVL performance yet and looks to keep things going in the right direction. streets1014 and FwC Zombie will be the leading force in the attack but one problem I could foresee would be goals against. The defense is solid but they will have to be special if Dynamo are to win it all.

2.) Sporting KC – Viva Oscar had the first pick in the draft and I think he was able to do well with it even though the first pick may be the hardest to deal with. He drafted elite defender Ramani x and then he really went after offense by picking up x0 Re1uK Xx at striker and Max Munozz to run CAM. The best part of his team is the midfield though with l sT l Prime, Flailinhoo, and Cpt Juizo. His midfield could be the most dominate in all of AVL.

3.) DC United – BigBad’s own WhiteGravy757 takes his crack at managing AVL again and has put himself in a good spot to have unlimited success. For offense he convinced GoodburgermanO to start playing again, and he picked up midfielder Janye l West to control the tempo. Gravy’s team will be anchored by GK That Bottleface and if they make his days easy in the back, they should be able to finish near the top of the table with ease.

4.) FC Dallas – They have already come out and said they will be a crossing team and who better to get for that than Thibeault x? Their manager, Havens l 6 l, is one of those managers who does crazy, odd things that make him unpredictable so this comes as no surprise. The only problem I can see with this team in the long run is their defense which looks a little suspect but their power in the midfield could see them through to the top led by Clutch l 14 l and Barrack87.

5.) Miami FC – This was the hardest team to place because if all goes well, they could easily be at the top, but if it doesn’t go well, they could fall fast. I think Do iT Like Chky did a great job in the draft by picking up Draxler x10, Ikerinhooooooo, and FP l Alaba 27, but their Mexican league players (Xavi ll 8 ll and Magan l 21 l) will be the reason why this team does good or bad. They are the ultimate wild card in this conference.

6.) Atlanta United – Atlanta is a bit of a head-scratcher because this team could be extremely talented but the positions of their players are up in the air. Jeeremy x was able to pick up Aztecas l 8 l, James l 15 l, Joker l 1 l and HIGHCLASS17. They have the pieces to be successful and really challenge for a top spot, but what positions will all these players be playing? Jeeremy better figure out a good, consistent line-up.

7.) Los Angeles FC – iLibero takes a crack at managing this time around and he honestly didn’t draft a bad team. His offense consists of IGI Dom l7l, Viva Reyes, Jackson x8, and Excel Dybala which is elite. But their defense looks extremely shaky and will be a huge key to this team’s record. CAMALACHE11 will be a solid GK, but there is only so much a GK can do if the defense in front of them allows too many chances.

8.) New York City – Unlucky Diggs reps his hometown in AVL this season and brought along a few of his ACL teammates with him. Unlucky Masters and l EvO l come with him and Cannavaro l 5 l and Van der Duke will be joining them. They look like they are going to play a 3-back formation and that is extremely risky in AVL. The rewards of it could outweigh the risks though, and they can sneak up on some people.

9.) SJ Earthquakes – Earthquakes overall aren’t bad, they just aren’t that good either. They aren’t elite in any position, but solid all around. I think the lack of a game-changing player could be rise or fall of this team. Unlucky Dblock will be the main component of the offense and Tripc0unt will be leading the charge in the back. Everest l 42 l and co. have their work cut out for them.

10.) Philadelphia Union – LoCoTrAcK5tAr might have had the worst draft of anyone out there. His team lacks offense talent, and the midfield will be sliced open pretty easily. They aren’t the worst team, but I just don’t see anything special coming from them but Unlucky Dustin could prove me wrong and make the offense click.

11.) LA Galaxy – This team will get it done defensively, that’s not the issue. The problems will happen when they struggle to score. Offense has been the success in AVL as seasons in the past have showed. If they can find some goals early in games, they could be solid.

11.) Minnesota FC – A lot of people are giving hate on Emmy l 11 l for the way he drafted, but I actually don’t think they are all that bad. I could see them having some success with all the Mexican league chemistry or I could easily see them faltering and not being nearly talented enough. Roux l 9 l will need to carry the offense and score at least 12 goals this season for them to even compete.



1.) Montreal Impact – Fiddleton to me had easily the best draft out of any other team and on paper, they are the team to beat. FHz Vallejos, lMattheww, and DTGxSNUBNOZE will be absolutely lethal in the midfield, and TheNatural21 and HYPE RAZOR will be scoring in bunches up top. The annoying pest Vahllstrom will be in net to lock things down and overall, they would even be a competitive ACL team.

2.) Chicago Fire – Air Japes still looks like he can field great teams, even without his side-kick TGxCFD15. The Fire will be one tough midfield to get through led by OP KNOCK, l Marvinho l, and l Isco l. The defense will be led by l TerryGod l but he doesn’t have the best support around him. I could see them being the highest scoring team, but have minor issues defensively. Regardless, still a top side on paper.

3.) Real Salt Lake – In case anybody was wondering, this team will not speak English, that’s guaranteed. They are full of Mexican league players but still full of tons of talent and many members of the iFVPA Mexico squad. FwC Chucho picked wisely but they will be tested by the USA talent that outmatched and embarrassed them in the Copa America Final. This could be the team that redeems them.

4.) Orlando City – Currently taking bets on who plays on eXo Neymar’s account this AVL. The favorite seems to be Viva Pony. Either way, Viva Suarez returns to manage and has picked a decent team. Live Easily and Vallejo x will be good ball winners, l Marsbars11 l will lead the defense, and Messi sk will help “eXo Neymar” *wink* in the offense. Overall, solid squad.

5.) Colorado Rapids – Offensively, Africa aR really did well, but that defense is very suspect. Paul l 5 l will be able to help out in the midfield on offense and defense, and Zephy l 7 l  will be a nice compliment to the defense and be able to cut out passes in front of them. The offense looks like it will need to be in high gear all season.

6.) Vancouver – AVL specialist Jimmy l 99 l leads Vancouver into the season with high hopes. He started in midfield with Franc11x and Cherry I 10 I, and picked up Owen l 10 l and Criminal Vidic to man the defense. xRav l10l and Huether 10 will be really good pieces in the midfield and this team looks like they have a lot of promise if they can score consistently. The are my Darkhorse to finish near the top.

7.) NE Revolution – FC Phoenix, I mean Revolution come into AVL led by D2 champion Bauer l 43 l and honestly have a decent squad. Led by Midget l 23 and Matic 21x in the midfield, and Itz Hotpants at GK, they could prove to be a tough out to most teams. Scoring could be the issue for them but they aren’t elite there or have enough parts on defense to really test the tough teams. Mid-table is the most likely finish for them.

8.) Seattle Sounders – Air Ronaldo comes back to AVL looking to avenge a loss in the Final to Arsenal last season. He brings Mledda and Viva Ideen with him on offense, and Oh My GADO x will be there to play some tough D. They will be able to score, but their GK is a little questionable. If they can keep opponents off the scoreboard, they should be in good shape.

9.) Toronto FC – Birgerk1ng is back to caring about FIFA and that’s not good for other teams. He picked up ACL MVP lvl 0 arcanine for defense and got habsguy11 to lead the charge offensively. He also picked up Rewind l 7 l in the midfield but he will be out for most of the season but should return late on. If they can hold a good spot in the table until he comes back, they will be in a strong position.

10.) NY Red Bulls – No habla ingles…. xTBx Natsu makes a return to management after a hiatus and decided to pick up fellow hispanics this time around. If all of them can play to their full potential, they could be a darkhorse and certainly make a run near the top.

11.) Columbus Crew – Zlexe decided to pick up Empire midfielders Ronaldonho xl0 (Banter) and FHz Anarchy and then I’m pretty sure he gave up. Good luck Columbus.

12.) Portland Timbers – I’m so sorry o2DaTruth3o and DoN l 2 l…




  • Viva Futbol had the most players picked in the first round.
  • GKs were picked in 2 MASSIVE spurts.
  • CAM was the most sought after position.
  • CAM is also the position where most teams will have a player out of position.
  • Cpt Juizo at round 9 was the biggest steal of the draft. (Sporting KC)
  • xxKRONERxx was the biggest reach. (Timbers)


Sporting KC 2-3 Montreal Impact

Overall, what we saw was a successful draft that massively spread out the talent and this should be the most competitive AVL ever. I guarantee my predictions will be wrong in a countless number of ways.