YellowStar Departs From TSM: Looking to Move Back to Europe

After falling one game short of becoming North American LCS champions, TSM is now looking for a new starting support player. TSM announced today that Bora “YellowStar” Kim has expressed interest in returning to Europe to play and that he will no longer be playing for TSM. This also came with their news that they are holding tryouts for support players. YellowStar’s contract is still controlled by TSM for the remainder of the year, so teams will need to work with TSM about acquiring the longtime veteran support player. TSM finished the regular season as the sixth seed but managed to claw their way to the finals of the spring split. They lost to CLG 3-2 in the finals.

What’s Next for YellowStar?


The first thought in everyone’s head is, “will YellowStar go back to Fnatic?”. YellowStar was a longtime Fnatic member before leaving for TSM in the off-season, and could return to his former teammates Febiven and Rekkles on Fnatic. If Fnatic is interested in replacing Klaj with YellowStar, I believe the deal will get done. The other 5 playoff teams in Europe are happy with their support player and most likely will be sticking to their current lineups. I do not believe YellowStar would join teams like Splyce, Giants, Elements, or ROCCAT. If I were to put money on it, I’d say YellowStar ends up back on Fnatic or decides to start up his own challenger team. This, of course, is if he wants to continue playing professionally. Retirement could also be a possibility for YellowStar, but no indication of that has been seen or heard of. YellowStar would be an upgrade for Fnatic and would instantly make them a contender for the summer split title. The move makes sense for both parties. YellowStar finished 2nd in KDA and 1st in Assists for all North American supports this past spring.

What’s Next for TSM?


With YellowStar’s departure, a void in the lineup opens up for a team that was one game away from taking home the spring split championship. TSM stated that they would prefer a fluent English speaking player, but don’t count out the possibility of a foreign player coming over to take YellowStar’s spot. I don’t see any European support coming over to TSM again, but I believe TSM will have their sights set on Korea. TSM fans have been longing for the rumor of TSM Piccaboo to come true and I see it as a possibility. I fully expect TSM to bring over talent from another region and use their foreign slot. TSM has always been a “win now” organization and they do not like to nurture talent or potential. They will go out and secure the best support available for their team and be ready to compete for the summer split title. Be on the look out for TSM’s new support player and what YellowStar decides to do with his career.

By: Jeff “Gravy” Miskin

Twitter: @BigBadGravy