iFVPA Copa America: USA Cup Run

USA wins the iFVPA Copa America!  Congratulations to the USA squad on one of the toughest runs in the knockout stage in iFVPA Copa America history.  The final was USA vs Mexico(classic match-up).

USA and Mexico were in the same group, playing each other twice. The first match ended in a tie, while Mexico went on to win the 2nd game.  For this game, USA was focused and came out swinging in the final.  The first game went to the Americans 3-0. The second game had the US dominating most of the game but ended losing 3-2, coming out ahead on aggregate 5-3.  If you want to see if you have what it takes to compete at the highest level of 11 v 11 FIFA Pro Clubs, join us at fvpaa.com or fifamexico.net.

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