GSL Code S Semi-Final Preview

GSL Code S Semi-Final Preview


There is one last round before the Grand Finals of this seasons Global Starcraft 2 League. The last four players remaining in this season are Cure, TY, Zest, and Dear all arguably some of the best players around with Zest being the standout player right now. With two mirror matchups being the last before a guaranteed PvT Finals anything is possible as we all know mirror matchups can be very unforgiving. Without any further statements let’s discuss the upcoming games.

The first series of the Semis is a TvT between TY and Cure, which I think will be very exciting and hard to call. As we have all seen previously TY is very comfortable and good in the TvT matchup with excellent positioning as well as decision making throughout all stages of the game. While this is comforting to know this also gives Cure quite a bit of material to study for the next few days in preparation for there games. The scary part is that TY played those games very well with little to no mistakes while also making something out of nothing on a few occasions getting more damage than he really ever should have in a few situations.


I personally have a strong leaning toward TY for this series but cannot count Cure out having Maru in the team house to work strategies and as a practice partner should be very good in helping figure out TY. My concerns for Cure however stem from not only TY playing like a madman right now it is also the fact that he dropped a game to Bomber a few weeks ago in Proleague and while Bomber is not bad, he is nowhere near as good as TY especially in the TvT matchup.


The last series in the Semis is a PvP between Zest and Dear which are very highly considered to be the best Protoss players in the game right now. In the mirror however I do not know to much about Zest’s current shape but I cannot help but assume that it is pretty solid, while on the other hand we had Dear just drop two games in a row to CJ herO in Proleague the other week. Both of these games Dear had an advantage or a good chance at winning and let herO back in to win the games, which should give Zest a good idea of things that Dear might be weak against, however I am sure that Stork and the rest of the Samsung Galaxy team has been helping Dear to correct his flaws in the matchup.


As a Protoss player who enjoys PvP, minus the stupid Ping Pong wars, I have to say I cannot wait to see what these players bring to the table. Even though Dear and Zest tend to play really standard they definitely have different styles of play which could lead to some very interesting games especially in a Bo7 we are bound to see some new and interesting builds from these players, and when you add in the fact that the next game will be a PvT guaranteed they have nothing to hide anymore and can lay all of their cards on the table.


I predict Zest to win over Dear 4-2, while TY takes out Cure 4-1 giving us a Zest vs TY Grand Final!


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